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  1. I have a solution to virtual logging just to get the icon in your profile. They could change the profile appearance to one that would show ALL the icons in EVERYONE'S profile, on both sides. But those that you never found/owned, would have a zero next to them.
  2. When do you plan to start shipping these?
  3. The one on the right is the regular one. There is a noticable difference when they are together, (And when the silver starts to tarnish, it will be even more obvious! ), but if I was doing it again, I woiuld have gone with plain brass on the standard screw so the difference would be greater. Now though, I think I should stick with the same scheme for the nuts. Otherwise, some of you obessive compulsives out there will go crazy if your screw and nut don't match! I'm glad I didn't order the silver one. The regular screw is the nicest. EDIT: What material is the regular screw?
  4. A standard letter or an air-mail small packet sent by Canada Post usually takes 5-10 days to get to Europe. Shipping to United Kingdom or Germany can take as short as 5 days. Eastern Europe and other "distant" parts of Erope take 7-10 days. No too bad compared to how long shipping from USA to Canada takes.
  5. I have a question. Did you have to pay duty and taxes when you received these coins from Coins & Pins from USA?
  6. When I was selling the Canada geocoin on Ebay, I charged $2 for shipping worldwide. I sent it as a standard letter for up to 30 g for CDN$1.55.
  7. When I received the invoice for my Ontario coins, there was a link to click on "Pay Now". When I clicked on it, it just asked for my password, not my Paypal email address. Seemed kind of weird, but I guess it was legit, because Paypal already knew the email address this invoice was sent to. But it was weird nevertheless. Or an invoice from The Caching Place included a link to click on to pay too. I guess sometimes you have no other choice just to click on some links in some emails.
  8. Where on earth are you seeing $4 per coin shipping? When I tried to order 1 coin last night the total came to $8. This morning it was back down to $6.60. I guess I must have put 2 in for the quantity last night. $2.60 to ship 1 coin within the US is still more than necessary, but I can deal with that for this particular coin. The $2 might be the handling fee (?) Coins from The Caching Place usually have a $2 fee per order. It is, but to me charging $2 to walk to the post office is ridiculous. When I trade with people I don't say "By the way, you're going to have to pay me an extra 2 bucks", so I fail to see what makes them any different. I've never even seen a single state coin where they charged that much to mail 1 coin. I guess I just need to realize being a business comes first over being a cacher. I don't know why people mind the $2 handling fee. You have to cover the PayPal fees and the cost for the envelopes, paper and whatnot somehow. Not to mention the pain in the a$s packaging, labelling and stuffing envelopes can be. Just look at the ridiculous overpriced shipping charges on Ebay - that is a ripoff, not this $2 handling fee. BTW: I ordered 2 Lowracer coins to Canada and the shipping & handling fee was $3.10, that means they charged me only $1.10 for shipping costs and that is as fair as it gets. Try finding a seller on Ebay that charges $1 for international shipping!!
  9. If the cost to make these "gold" or "silver" or whatnot coins is the same as others metals and still they charge you extra, maybe it's not a ripoff, but it's kinda strange and silly at least. But by buying these coins you only support it.
  10. That is the most annoying aspect of geocaching. I released a few of my own white jeeps http://www.geocaching.com/track/search.asp...cc-24df227a60a3 which I BOUGHT AT WALMART FOR $1.97(each). In part to illustrate the fact that the White Jeep contest bugs are the same as the ones you can BUT AT WALMART FOR $1.97. The first one which I placed was stolen anyway! And it was stolen from the first cache it was placed in! I have found another which I BOUGHT AT WALMART FOR $1.97 and will re-release it with the copy tag. I have no idea why someone would steal a contest (or any other)jeep TB when they can go BUY one AT WALMART FOR $1.97. What is the point of stealing a TB that can be bought at a crappy dept store for 2 bucks? (rhetorical question) Note to potential thieves: cough up the cash and buy one if you like them! What? These Jeeps are $5 at Canadian Walmart. That's not fair . Nevertheless, I've only seen a red Jeep (which I bought as a replacement for a stolen contest Jeep) and some other colour, which I can't remember at the moment. EDIT: Haha, actually, no. The Jeep I bought for $5 looks bigger. I've never seen the actual contest white or yellow Jeep in person, so I wasn't sure about its size...
  11. I use ACDSee to capture screen shots. You just have to click on Acquire -> Screen. Other picture viewers can do it too, including IrfanView, which is free. Nielsenc: after you press Alt-Print Screen, where is the image saved?
  12. Hey, Cornerstone4, one of your pictures was on the "front" Geocaching page today (the one on the right) :
  13. I don't really like the idea of releasing laminated copies for travelling. Whenever you see a coin icon by a cache and you go out to find it, you don't want to find just a piece of laminated paper, but a real coin. I am planning to release an EU geocoin in a difficult cache (you have to find 5 mini-caches to get clues for the final one) and I have attached a tag asking people to drop it off only at difficult caches and I ask them not to steal it. I wonder how it will do, since I haven't drilled a whole in it (I don't have a drill), just punched a whole in the plastic coin case.
  14. Where is this coin being manufactured? Is there a coin company in Canada too or are you having it made by a US company?
  15. Canada Post totally sucks compared to USPS, because when sending letter post by USPS, they only care about weight. Canada Post checks the thickness too. If it's more than 5 mm thick, it is a non-standard letter (more expensive) and if it's thicker than 20 mm, it has to go as small packet (even more expensive when mailing stuff that doesn't weigh much). I was sending a Canada Geocoin to Europe last week and I just put it in a standard envelope (not Jiffy/padded). I wrapped it in a piece of paper and taped it onto another piece of paper almost the size of the envelope, so the coin does not move in the envelope. I have a digital scale at home and that letter weighed 32 g. Standard (the cheapest) letter is up to 30 g, so I just bought a $1.45 ($1.55 with tax) stamp and dropped it into the mailbox. Even if they check the weight, they will not return it to me because of 2 grams more. If I used a padded envelope, it would be thicker than 5 mm and I would have to pay $3.40 + tax for shipping.
  16. No, I did not get a confirmation of shipment from USA geocoins. They just emailed me roughly when the coins were shipped, because I asked them what's going on after 12 days of ordering.
  17. Received mine today after having to wait for 18 days for the post to deliver it from Ohio to Ontario (roughly only 600 km "as the crow flies").
  18. I picked up my EU geocoins at the Post office today. I got a notice in my mailbox yesterday, because I had to pay customs fees . But it took unbelievable 18 days to receive them from Ohio to Ontario!!! Canada customs sucks big time!!!
  19. The funniest thing is that there are only 72 geocaches in China, yet they manufacture geocoins like crazy.
  20. I have received my bronze coins today. I must say I like them, although Made in China.
  21. I got my Mt. Everest coins today. Took 8 days from California to Ontario by Global Priority Mail. Wow, incredible. It must be because of the strict customs inspections on the Canadian side, because when I send something to Europe by standard air-mail, it doesn't take that long.
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