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  1. Thanks for the input. I looked at the recommended page and thought what do I have that is robust enough to make it, but not desirable enough to keep and how to I attach them? As mentioned earlier, I had the hard drive platters that were going to be a part of a different GS meeting about technology. Well, they would be perfect after all. Plus, right at my feet in my workroom were some unused clips - those look good. Add a drill and the travel bugs were born. Thanks! The only problem is the sharpie on the hd platters probably will not hold up even though they are in baggies :-(. I also wish I had epoxied the screws on the clips. http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=1643236
  2. Great tips. I have been out of caching for long enough, I did not think this through . The trinkets I was going to use are perfect size, but not robust enough, plus they are functional so may be kept. So I thought what else can I use - how about a platter from inside a hard drive? But probably too big. Arrgh, of course the GS meeting is in about an hour!!!!
  3. I have a couple of TB dogtags for our Girl Scout Troop. I actually thought the dog tags were the way to go. Now I realize that they typically have something attached to them (some item). Therefore, is the dog tag with the chain good enough or should I attach something to it?
  4. I will jump in on this too. I bought my Legend in 2001 and it has been back several times, including (techinally)out of warranty. Their service is the fastest I can possibly expect and the courtesy is unmatched. Thanks Garmin.
  5. OK, I have not posted in a long time, but I need to double check something. I have a couple of Virtual Caches that were logged in the same week by a couple of people. They did not send the 'confirmation email.' I sent them queries asking for the requested info and they have not been answered. Therefore, should I delte their finds (and reinstate later)? One of them claimed it on 6 Dec, therefore, is 'statute of limitations' up even though I have been trying to contact them?
  6. Yikes, that is what the black box is that I found on my car! She is on to me - I had better stop going to Best Buy ;-). You are right, that is interesting but not exactly what I am looking for - yet! BTW, definately looking for the transponder route that is going to recieve and transmit realtime. But that ebay deal at several hundred makes me realize that any transponder ain't gonna come cheap.
  7. I was casually talking to someone about the coke advertisement that we heard about where they are putting GPS devices into coke cans and when you get one, they come to you and you win fabulous prizes ;-0 (not exactly sure what the promotion REALLY is) I am suprised when I searched that this has not already been discussed - maybe I searched on the wrong words! The point of this post though is about using GPS as a locator for something that is lost or stolen. Assume I have a high value item that is left outside for all to enjoy but I actually put this GPS transpoinder on it so I can find it if it is ever stolen. I realize that my item with the GPS unit is stolen, and I activate the transponder and it tells me where it is and I go and retrieve it from whomever "found it." Is this something that exists already for a low budget? Writing this I have more questions about this coke deal - if I am in my office building and I get the winning coke can - how is their GPS transponder going to work? Anyway bottom line question is are there low cost GPS transponders that can be remotely activated and then 'phone home' and tell the owner where it is? Hmmm, this is seeming even more of remote possibility as I type!!! Thanks in advance.
  8. Hmm, good question. I guess I could figure out the general area. Then are you saying that I can search for X miles close to given coords and figure out that way?
  9. I am trying to determine if there on a cache in a certain island (St. Barthelmy). On the initial seek page, St. Barts is listed, however, on the more 'refined' search page it is not listed. Therefore, is there a cache on St. Barts? If so, what am I doing wrong that I cannot search for it? THANKS!
  10. I absolutely recommend the RAM Mount system for a GPS. In the old forums I posted a discussion on this, but I can’t find it now:-(. The takeaway is that I was looking for a mount for a Garmin Legend. I decided to spend the extra money for the RAM mount. I have crashed enough times with NO problems to the RAM Mount. As a matter of fact, I think it is the most solid thing on my bike.
  11. In the old forums I remember a long post (old) on rechargeable batteries. I am searching the new forums for "rechargeable battery" and I am not coming up with anything. Permutations of the search don't bring me anything either :-(. So, my question is, what are the GREAT/GOOD AA rechargers out there? Both in charge speed and charge longevity? Thanks.
  12. Thanks All! Great Info. Hey Rob (from Virginia!!), some of us don't make your big money ! So I will go with Rocket Man's advice (BTW, Rocket Man, how did you know I was lookin on Ebay?). Capitalpete, that was a great email from Garmin -funny stuff.
  13. Can the stock Garmin cable use a >cheap< adapter for USB? Or do I need the Garmin USB cable? I would like an adapter that I can use for my Garmin Legend on an available USB port. Thanks
  14. I am looking for input on what to do with scans that I made from the first log of W&O Trail Mile 29 Cache (Virginia). Specifically, I have about 50 images (small size) and I would like to add them to the cache page. However, the form a single column when I put them onto the page. I think they would be fun to have, but if they are in one column, then it would be a pain in the rump for people to navigate the cache page. I am not interested/willing to put it onto a separate web page. Therefore, does anyone have any suggestions what to do with the scans to share them? Or is this something people would not even be interested in?
  15. Hmm, I received an email confirming the purchase. Nothing saying we are sorry for the mixup(yet). I am a size 10.5 Merrell, but for $10 I will give these a try (if they show up. . . ). If not someone will be getting a sweet gift. BTW, I tried to email them, there is no email link. The customer service email bounces back too. So I shall see what happens. Perhaps this will be like the Klondike Land Grab where you could get an inch of land or whatever it was (see other discussion forums for more details!). One more thing, if you REALLY want these boots - there is a tremendous upsurge of the exact boot on ebay for cheap. Hmmm, correlation - me thinks it is. Addition - I looked at the "reviews" on Amazon for this product = A LOT of PO'd people. My CC has been charged. . . . I know, I know too good to be true. [This message was edited by otterbuff on October 15, 2003 at 04:22 PM.]
  16. NEVER MIND - I went searching through logs and found it. It was disabled in 2002. Guess I need to keep current on my waypoints in my unit!
  17. Greetings, Did there used to be a Potomac Falls Micro Cache near NOVA in the Sterling area? If so, is it gone? I do not see any info on the cache pages for it. Can anyone tell me about it? Thanks!
  18. THANKS FOR THE INFO! I am currently trying to do this with Mapquest and thought - "hey check geocaching for the answer." Sure enough here it is! And thanks Markwell for the great FAQ!!!
  19. I received the RAM Mount and attached it to my bike (no instructions came with it - and there are 3 extra screws - oh well!). It is rock solid - probably the most solid thing on the bike! I am very happy with it and you can get to the buttons on my Legend easily enough even with my full fingered gloves.
  20. I got a follow up response from the vendor. It sounds like the Zinc will rust and the stainless steel will not. Thanks!
  21. Oh, and I got a response back from the dealer re: the description. Sounds like it is a typo!
  22. Thanks for the info re: zinc. It appears that there are several of the same mounts, but with different materials. OK, now I think I get it. It appears that only the U BOLT is different (steel or zinc coated) I am looking at the RAM-B-149Z-GA5 (it says zinc coated). The other is RAM-B-149-GA5U and it is steel. So it looks like that is the difference - several $ one at that. If there is no measurable issue with zinc, then I will vote with my pocketbook. This application will not be weather intensive (rain showers, little mud, splashes, etc). Thanks Again.
  23. I am considering the purchase of a RAM Mount for my Etrex Legend for use on my bicycle (mountain bike). Sounds like it has more shock absorbancy than the Garmin mount (at twice the cost). On one of the suppliers web sites it states that model RAM-B-149Z-GA5U “This mount is perfect for rail mounting out of the elements.” Does that mean this unit should not get wet or dirty? I have determined that it is Zinc. So what is the deal with zinc? Willing to listen to any other recomendations as well. THANKS!
  24. I received a nice email back from Garmin Tech Support. The word is what you see is what you get! However, they did not close the door that we may see more icons in future updates - but did not know when that would be.
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