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  1. Thanks for the reply. I apologize for the delay in getting back to you. I went to school Summer semester with a full load and there was barely any time to come up for air. Again, my apologies. Yes, you gave me a good idea for a layout method. I also tend to program on the fly, but when in the classroom, pseudocode is required so I use it when being graded. Also pseudocode does in fact help organize the direction to the end. Your post was a big help. I will use your tips. Thanks! -oprystar
  2. I have experience with C++ and VB. Although it gets redundant at times, I was taught to ALWAYS use pseudocode to plan any program or code structure. To date the projects I have worked on have always been straight forward ( A + B = C). While sketching out ideas for for a Wherigo build, I often find myself adding more and more to the original concept. We all know how large projects can get doing that. I was wondering if others use pseudocode and how they manage to stay focused on its outline. Would anybody be willing to share their pseudocode? Thank you. -oprystar
  3. Not too familiar with the unit, but looking at it and reading the specs, I would say its a great unit! Absolutely carry it with pride! As for what you are confused about, you didn't really specify. Why log finds under a different name then you post in forums? Anyway, where ever you are, I am sure there are some other members there that you could personally contact that would be willing to meet up with you and give you a quick hands on tutorial on the GPSr. They are all different, but they are all the same. I have never had a GPSr just drop its waypoints for no reason, but I have had a wife delete all waypoints by mistake. LOL
  4. Great! Welcome to an exciting outdoor adventure!
  5. Your on the right track but it goes a but further. You can actually download all of the info from the geocaching.com pages to your PDA. You can set parameters to controll things like distance, types, not yet found, etc. It is called paperless caching. No more printing out site pages.
  6. Makes clear sense to me too. I curious why this so important to some? It is clear, unless one just wants to argue the analytical details, and avoid the escape clauses like "may".
  7. 210 finds, 0 Geocoins, 1 Travel bug, and 0 hides... Hmmm, do you feel like a newb?
  8. I use the method of paperless and I LOVE IT! No more printing ANYTHING. No more writing ANYTHING! I use cachemate on my Palm, it is the only prog for the palm I have used but it does everything I need. I use GASK for an all in one application to manage files, upload to my GPS, and convert formats.
  9. I think there is only 1 PM cache in my 60 mile radius. I am a PM, for two reasons: 1) I see the advantages of the perks involved. These perks provide ease and enjoyment to me, thus I feel ok paying for them. 2) It costs money, lots of money to run this kind of web site. I am ok helping provide financial support to keep it running. Look at it this way; at the bank, Advantage customers get priority and perks, ...at the hotel, the folks paying to stay in the high dollar suite get the limo, butler, and perks, ...at Sam's, the paying member gets reduced price shopping and perks. This list can go on and on. Here on Groundspeak, the Premium Member pays to get perks. If you want the perks, pay to become a Premium Member. Knowing the terms, if you don't want to pay, then you obviously miss out on the perks. This is only a game! Can you hide a cache and limit who finds it and when? I say yes, following the rules. I think it is highly unethical, but within the rules.
  10. Consider it this way, you can have an extremely accurate GPS, that is hitting true and dead on. It is still only going to be as accurate as the GPS of the person who hid the cache. If you find a cache with cords dead on, be thankful. It does happen, but it is not often the case.
  11. Although I also go by the same means as JamisJockey. (I am licensed and trained so that is a plus.) I do understand this issue, and I do believe it to be an issue. Early on I guess I was a bit intimidated by the more experienced cachers in the area, but as I met them, I found most (not all) to be very nice, willing to help, and very patient with me. These are cachers who had logged finds of 200 on up to 4000. On occassion I would email some of them thru their profile, and actually met some at cache sites. I think if one tries to meet fellow cachers, they will find honest, patient, safe cachers to hunt with. I have since become the person I needed when I was a newbie, I have and continue to help those who are new. I try to contact them as son as I see a newbie log a cache in my area.
  12. Hmmmm,..... Wow! This may take a while. -oprystar
  13. Hmmmm,..... Wow! This may take a while. -oprystar
  14. Could any traditional and typical cache container (ammo can, flare tube, film canister, altoids tin, etc) absolutely pass for NOT being a threat to the uninformed? NO! Not even if properly labeled, and not even of its location. The answer? I don't know, but the lightly marked, see through lock and lock containers would sure help eliminate suspicion about ether the container houses a threat, as anyone could clearly see through them to see the container's contents. Another idea is to bring back the Reverse Caches, even if only in selected areas (maybe in NH if containers are banned or maybe even only in ultra urban areas). Then there is no container hidden to pose a threat to anyone, just pop off a few photos to submit for a smiley. Unless the CIA decides you are a covert spy, then it’s back to the drawing board!
  15. No guilt! Be happy you had fun. Consider the FTF as a perk for that particular day. Some ppl will complain, however probably not loud enuff for you to hear. But so what! Everyone has different levels of drive. Not everyone wants to get a FTF at 12:05, not everyone wants to hike all day to get a string of 11 out of 12 FTFs. Not everyone is free to hunt on the same days or at the same times. What if the cache was an extreme cache, on top of a water tower, or 25 feet below the suface of a lake? Now the outlook changes, but a FTF is a FTF. I keep up with my FTFs but I do not specifically chase them. But I sure ain't going to sit around and wait for someone else to log a smiley, then deem it ok to go look for it. I am going caching when I can. That doesn't usually result in FTFs, but when it does, thats great. I'll proudly take it. As for the swag, I think you know that answer.
  16. Listed on Ebay: http://cgi.ebay.com/Palm-III-xe-PDA-Palm-O...1QQcmdZViewItem
  17. I think the cache is only limited to your imagination. The rules are pretty lax so most pass through. I have seen a cache require the internet to obtain cords. It would be ok by me. Look at it this way, there are caches hiddenunderwater for divers, on top of ridges for climbers, so why not on the net for geeks? -OpryStar
  18. I noticed Georgia was covered by ones with multiple resposibilities. If a Georgia only cacher is needed, I am would be glad to help.
  19. My .02 cents, please: I am a paying member, and I fully support the member cache option. Even though I should at times, so far I chose not to use it on my hides. I prefer to have cache available to new cachers. I would rather they have the option to find and log my caches while they are still learning about what geocaching is all about. Then, hopefully they will join as a paying member. There is only 1 member cache in the 180 caches surrounding my zip code. Should there be more? Probably so! The original post pertained to a requirement of having 99 finds in order to log a find on a particular cache. I think the whole geocaching thing is an optional sport. For me, it gets me off the couch, and gets me outside, and it allows my wife and I to spent some QT, while geocaching. Which particular caches we hunt are secondary. I am doing this for me, not for the person hiding the caches. That being said, I agree with someone's request to want a 99 cache minimum. What is really wrong in that? Nothing. Either you meet the criteria, or you will soon. Then accept the challenge as a rewarding milestone. Many people select certain caches to be there milestone number caches. If it bothers you that much, then skip over it don't do it. There are some caches that I just skip over and refuse to do. I go geocaching with my wife, and for some reason there are caches in some very rough neighborhoods that nobody wants to go into anyway, and I refuse to expose her to the risk of being there simply searching for a cache. It's just a plastic box, a log sheet, and smiley face. We can find another one somewhere else. The point is, even though the area is a known rough area, should it be banned from hiding caches? No. I relate to what I call extreme caches. I also believe in Extreme Caches, that might be hidden 120 yards in cave, that is 2 miles in the woods, or might be on top of a 8 mile mountian trail. Or it might be underwater somewhere. Obviously not everyone can or will go after these, as they have certain requirements that have to met before logging them as finds. The question is, do you meet the requirements, are you willing, and conditioned, to hike 2 miles throught the woods to crawl 120 yards into a spider infested cave to look for a plastic box, and a log sheet, just to get a smiley? Not everyone meets the requirements. Still, the cache has a right to be. Some caches are hidden with children in mind. Some caches are themed. Some caches are wheelchair accessable. Some caches are for puzzle solvers. While different caches exist for most people to enjoy, there should also be caches for those who like more difficult, or even extreme challenges. Now, in geocaching, as in probably every other daily interaction, you will find all sorts of people. Some who are playful. Some who are retentive. Some who are willing to help others. Some who just want to get a head of all others. Some who hide for others. Some who hide for themselves. You will be challenged by personlity indifferences, you will have to rise above it and remember to have fun at all times. Don't let the small, petty things get to you.
  20. On some GPSr units, there is a page/screen that shows how many satellites are linked to the unit, on that same page there is usually a +/- range of how accurate the unit is at any given time. The accuracy can be constantly changing. It is not uncommon to see even +/- 43 feet. Keep this in mind when looking for the hide. Also the person who hid it could have been +/- 43 feet, making a total range of error around +/- 86 feet. And yes caches have been found more than 100 feet away from their posted coordinates. -OpryStar
  21. Thanks! I had to submit first, then found the link on the next page. I had never noticed it before. Thanks again, oprystar
  22. I live in a very woodsy part of the country. Heavy tree coverage is common. the new HirF recievers are excellant in staying locked in heavy tree coverage so I opted for that. I also wanted a unit I could download waypoints to - instead of entering them one by one by hand. I decided on the Garmin GPSmap60Cx, with it came all the other bells and whistles.
  23. I have completed a virtual cache that asks for a photo to be uploaded with the log, and NOT emailed to the cache owner. I can not find any means of adding an attachment or including a picture with my log. How do I do this? Thanks in advance. -OpryStar
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