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  1. Congrats to PAL HMP NO KA OI on her 1,900th find yesterday!!! 2,000 will certainly be a reason to celebrate!!! PO, T. MORE.
  2. Congrats to Old Bald Eagle on his 3,300th find at Chief Sealth's Birthplace!!!
  3. Congratulations to FunnyNose on getting #5,200 licked yesterday!!!!! Pasta On!!!!
  4. Nice work FunnyNose!!!!! You really are a Washington State Caching Icon.
  5. Thanks PP on the 1, congrats. As far as I can tell it was just another cache and nothing compared to the big numbers that most of my caching buds have logged. A good feeling regardless.
  6. Thanks for the kind words. Carry on the TUS tradition while I am away in Hawaii . I will try my best to be tiresome over there. Some of the gems I plan on hitting are GC23 (yes geocache #23, one of the oldest still left active), GC76F and GCR5PH. Aloha.
  7. Nice job runhills. Even did it at a cache in the neighborhood.
  8. A loud Woo Hoo for Moun10Bike who hit the big 3500 last night on the latest WNW escapade.
  9. Whatever you do, don't cache like my friend fishiam!!!!
  10. Yawn!!! I'm thirsty. How's that Seattle Nighttime cache coming along fishy? Are you going to pretend like you are on a "video store" run?
  11. hydnsek, I want in, if space is still available. How do I pay you? Thanks TMP
  12. Woo hoo! I'll be getting all kinds of malty prizes and all I had to do was throw out a little Apple Cup wager. No caching limitations!!!! Cougs 26 dawgs 22. BEER ON!!!! Cache On!!!! Thanks nolenator and especially fishiam. Maybe you can pay both faux steve and I at the same time, huh fishy? Cougs 26 dawgs 22
  13. Please put me down for 2 or 3 if you run across any spares. Thanks The Mercury Project
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