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  1. Well hmm 12-12-12 is Wednesday December 12, 2012 so yes the date is decided. But I would guess that doesn't mean that someone couldn't have their event on another day if needed. Here it is easier to get a venue during the week so we will be celebrating 12-12-12 on 12-12-12. Thanks, that answered my question.
  2. We're in for Boise. Has the date been decided? We would prefer a weekend to coincide with a new geoart release.
  3. Count us in for Boise, ID again.
  4. I have to agree the new maps are awful. This is one upgrade I could have done without.
  5. I definitely fall in the camp of not deleting logs on adopted coins. Deleting the logs has no bearing on the value of a coin if you are collecting it. I personally believe it is rude to the rest of the community to delete the history. I have recently adopted several coins and while I have changed the mission, adjusted the name and the coin page I intentionally left the logs alone. I like the idea of a tick box or radial button selection whereby a new owner may indicate whether they want a fresh slate or allow the existing logs to remain. But even if they choose a fresh slate my personal take is the logs should remain in some sort of archived state where they cannot by deleted.
  6. Put me on the list for one of each. Nice work.
  7. If anyone has them I am looking for the following coins. Figueira da Foz, Portugal O'ahu, Hawaii Nebraska Dunedin, New Zealand Phoenix, Arizona
  8. Grabbed a big bag, I have enough for everybody. You like salted or light?
  9. The Western Idaho event in Boise went really well. Turned out to be one of if not the largest event held in the state. It was a great time for everyone and everybody loved the coins. Could have sold a couple more than we had so that turned out well too.
  10. We will host an Idaho event in Boise. Probably just one coin.
  11. Nope, for me geocaching is about finding geocaches. The icons the logs generate in my profile are irrelevant. I realize that some people "collect" icons, but that's a sub game that is only tangentially related to the sport. Unfortunately for the collectors, not every icon will be available to them. Many here will not be able to add locationless icons to their profiles because they started caching after they were removed from the site. C'est la vie. Do you have evidence that there is an anti geocaching group involved with this? That's an angle I haven't heard. It would special treatment because every other A.P.E. cache was treated differently when it went missing. They apparently do have backbone. They made an unpopular decision and so far have been sticking with it. I was trying not to make this about anyone but you do come to mind. You are one of those cachers that seem to think it's your way or the high way. Glad you are not a GS employee or owner. I won't bother with rebutting your arguments since it would obviously be wasted.
  12. Perhaps it's just me but isn't collecting the little icons and pixels as much a part of geocahcing as logging caches. And if you think not then direct your comments at GS, they are the ones who promoted it by making them available. I think it's rather disingenuous of some cachers to dismiss what other cachers like just because it isn't important to them. Not only that it's rather demeaning and pompous. Back to the subject, IMO, it would be nice if GS would allow someone to adopt the cache and restore it if for no other reason then not caving to a anti-cacher group. It's sort of like giving in to the demands of a terrorist. You gain nothing from it, give up everything and they still do their dirty deed. In this case those who wanted to find this cache whether for the little pixels or not loose and if the cache is not restored all cachers loose and the ant-cachers win by default. I would like to see GS get some back bone and stand up for the hobby. I've been to the areas around the placement of this cache, it's beautiful but cachers have no more impact on it than the hikers, photographers or any one else going into the area to enjoy it. I fail to see why geocachers should be singled out over hikers for instance. In the larger picture I'm sure hikers out number geocachers and it would be interesting to see by just how much. The point being these people (anti-cachers) have far more negative impact on the area than the number of cachers frequenting this area to log the cache. As for special treatment, why would it be special treatment to allow someone to adopt it and continue this particular cache. If that is truly the case them perhaps GS should not allow any caches to be adopted or if they are then perhaps they should remove the smiley icons or provide some suitable sub standard icon for them. Of course that's absurd and I think the logic applied here is equally absurd or at least bordering on it. How about it Ground Speak, have a little back bone.
  13. At the last event I attended I heard a couple of different groups that were planning their vacations/hotel/airplane reservations so that they would complete the E.T. highway. A lot of money is spent in that area by cachers. But if the shoulder of the road is being damaged by cachers driving on it... well, I doubt that the money spent by cachers is generating enough tax revenue to cover those repairs. We've seen plenty of pics of these shoulders. Where's the damage? I haven't seen any pics of these shoulders, I'm going by what is quoted in the thread. It has been said that the dirt tracks along the side of the road are visible in satellite pictures. It was mentioned in a previous post that cachers are driving on the shoulder instead of pulling back onto the road. Driving on the shoulder kills the vegetation. The vegetation prevents erosion. Ergo driving on the shoulder will cause damage. Your statement is totally bogus. Had you even taken the time to review a satellite image you would know this. I did and I concentrated on both the Alien Head and the caches placed near road posts as well as the caches placed along the straight section of the highway where the caches are well out of harms way and ample shoulder is provided. Guess what, no damage is visible from space. Second, vegetation does not grow on the shoulder, the shoulder is groomed and graded gravel. In most cases there is plenty of room to pull completely off the road without causing damage to the shoulder or risk hanging out on the road. In the cases there is not there is room within a car length or two of the cache. In rare occasion I had to park farther away and walk back to a cache but never did I have to risk myself, my car or the precious environment. Please get your facts right and if you can't because you haven't been there then don't bother spewing lies.
  14. I've held off saying anything in hopes that Mike might actually beat the cancer. I'm not sure how I would deal with knowing my time was short but Mike handled it with class. May you rest in peace Mike.
  15. I really don't think you can place that kind of requirement on a cache. And as far as I am concerned the TB mission supersedes any cache criteria. I run a coin and TB hotel and I don't care about anything other than if you take something then log it. I don't see any reason why you can't have someone stop by, pick up the coin and have them move it on, it's your coin. Just my two cents.
  16. Dittos, having the same problem. Outside of the site being offline for or unresponsive for extended periods of time. I'm just curious but you guys do develop updates on an offline server first and then test them before migrating to the live server, right? From what I see your development process could use some serious upgrading since you tend to break more than you fix with each upgrade. Just a thought but it would sure eliminate the heartburn after the fact on every one's part.
  17. I bought a set but I did not like having to pay a VAT when I don't live in your country. That's just wrong, guess I'll start having to add local sales taxes for our overseas friends from now on.
  18. I was wondering the same thing. I've recently come across one of your coins for the third time and it hadn't move a lot until I swapped it out with another item. I took it with me the rest of the trip and dropped it and retrieved it from a bunch of caches and then when you told me about the "visited" option I used it. Though I would like to adopt the coin I can understand your concern. Perhaps if someone is willing to take it on a few months of travels with the new visited feature? Or just make everyone do it the old way and log the visits. Either way, it's your call and generosity so my personal view is we should just live with what ever makes you happy.
  19. I've noticed the same thing in our area and I think I may know who the culprit is but can't actually catch the person. For that reason I do proxies and I really don't care what anyone thinks about it. I have gone out of my way to: 1. Label them with "Proxy" at the end of the coin name on GC.com 2. Make them as cool to find as possible by making high quality images of the front and back and printing them myself. Attaching them to a heavy washer and encasing it in a coinment container. Of about 30 I put out about eight months ago, one has gone missing the rest are traveling nicely. Only two logs out of a cumulative 100+ logs were negative. Far more were positive about the coin and how it looked. They actually fool a lot of people. Those who throw a fit I really have to wonder what their motives really are because IMNSHO they are no different than moving a travel bug except you get the nice icons in your list.
  20. Have to admit I like this design.
  21. Got one of the Mardi Gras coins too, very pleasant surprise.
  22. You are at best delusional about this. In essence you are trying to assert (long after the initial sale I might add) that you sold a license to keep the merchandise and not the merchandise itself. Microsoft does this with their OS, however, a coin is not intellectual property, it is a material item and you did not require the buyer agree to any disclaimers when the coins were purchased restricting the coin, it's ownership or it's saleability. In short you have no legal bearing or as we say in Idaho "a leg to stand on". Not sure what you intended to accomplish with a statement like this but now that you have played your cards I can't see myself buying any coins from your store or from you again. It's one thing to control an artistic copyright but you do not control the market place or people's private property.
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