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  1. You have got to be kidding me. I just needed to view a specific cache, pasted the GC number into the new "Find" cache search bar and GAH! Why is it that Groundspeak feels so compelled to turn the site into a caching for dummies graphics orgy. I just cannot even begin to express my disgust with the changes to the site over the past several months. I get it, it's your site, you hold the cards you can do what ever you darn well please but the does not make it good or more usable. For once, I wish you would make a test site where your paying members could try it out for a while and provide valid feedback without having to wait to after you've sprung it on us with no consideration to what we think or how we are really using the features. In this instance I don't care about any of the other caches listed. I just wanted the ONE cache I already had the GC code for. Instead I get a full screen of information I now have to look at and decide if the cache I wanted is really the one at the top of the list. Just so much unnecessary information when I knew exactly what I wanted. Sorry for the rant but really, someone has to start telling you exactly what we think about this gibberish.
  2. I would automatically have second thoughts about anyone using the moniker "J Grouchy". Just saying, there's more in your handle than you care to admit and this post is just an example. If you really wanted to be a friend then why not contact the CO directly. The CO may not understand how to use "tax" maps. Or the CO may have gotten permission but either way you chose to just post a nasty gram to this site. Way to go, you just made an enemy of the CO. I am guessing that was your intent all along. It's part and parcel for the GS forums.
  3. fortunately I got one of each. Those I could find on ebay are from CW88 !He's also selling them there ! Before even in the store Best regards Well that actually makes my point. Why bother even having a store, then short stocking it and listing them on ebay if that was what you were going to do all along. I like the coins but I am not going to be forced to pay 2 or 3 times the price for them on ebay. Bosh, I'm outta here.
  4. Did anybody get any of these. I was there when they went live and couldn't even complete the order because they sold out before I hit the submit button. Yet, the scalpers are already selling them on EBay for 2-3x's the price. Something really smells fishy about this.
  5. Replied but to be double sure, add me to the list. yes i have you on my list Johnny Rango!!! for at least one, Nevada Nick is up to 37???? LOL, I want a whole set, provided my piggy bank doesn't break first.
  6. Replied but to be double sure, add me to the list.
  7. I don't see the sets, are they available yet or do we have to get them one at a time. Or are they out already? Only the Shadow version is still available. The other ones are sold out already. Will there be another run or is that it? I checked yesterday afternoon and evidently shortly after I checked you released them. I checked again this morning, saw they were released and they were already gone. Guess that's good for you but sucks for the rest of us. Since the other versions are LE I don't think there will be another run. Maybe other versions later, but I don't know. Just to clarify, because you wrote: "Guess that's good for you...": this is not my coin and I don't have anything to do with it nor do I have any benefits of the sale. I only want to keep this forum alive and post once in a while coins I hear of at Facebook. By doing that I think you have at least a chance to get your hands onto these coins (if you are lucky). In addition (as I wrote before) I ordered one set for the people here in the forum, because I know that shop is only in German. Trade or money (no additional costs, only the money I paid + shipping). I owe you an apology then. I thought you were the one releasing them for some reason. It is frustrating though when something is completely gone and it didn't even get started.
  8. I don't see the sets, are they available yet or do we have to get them one at a time. Or are they out already? Only the Shadow version is still available. The other ones are sold out already. Will there be another run or is that it? I checked yesterday afternoon and evidently shortly after I checked you released them. I checked again this morning, saw they were released and they were already gone. Guess that's good for you but sucks for the rest of us.
  9. I don't see the sets, are they available yet or do we have to get them one at a time. Or are they out already?
  10. Really want to get in the fun with this one. Do keep me in mind.
  11. Wouldn't mind this one but I am not always so enamored with your designs to want to pay that fee for the luxury of buying coins from you. Just seems a bit odd to penalize potential buyers.
  12. Love this design, hope to be able to get in on purchasing them.
  13. Guess I am going to add some more fuel to this fire and rant a bit. After five years I feel entitled to do at least that much. I just set 34 trackables as missing. I waited for two years on many of them hoping they would turn up. Out of 55 TB's, coin proxies and one actual coin I now have 40 that have gone missing. The coin I released was gone right after it was found. It didn't even get 10 miles on it. You absolutely cannot chalk that up to absent mindedness. A good share of it has to be out right theft, Harsh or not that is a reality. I can't tell you the number of times I go to find a cash that supposedly has a "coin" in it and the entire cache is missing, even though the cache was found "recently". This has happened enough times that I don't believe it to be coincidental. As for people getting in and getting out I will concede that. Of the 34 I just set as missing 15 were from people who had less than 50 finds and hadn't been active for at least two or more months. Bottom line is I rarely find TB's in the wild anymore let alone coins. And instead of releasing more TB's into the wild which I was considering I will now not release anymore. Proxies or otherwise, it doesn't make any difference, they just disappear. To the argument that you have to consider it like throwing money away, my answer is why put tracking numbers on them then? That would be swag not TB's. The idea of a TB or Coin being released is to rack up the miles and share the item not have it turn up in some child's toy box or collectors junk drawer. I also don't accept the argument "they don't know or understand". To that I just say bull. There is no excuse for not knowing. When I first started I didn't need a manual to tell me there was some reason an item had a dogtag with a number on it or the coin had a number on it. I figured that meant something and took it on myself to check why. Honestly there just isn't any excuse for it. Whew, I feel better now, rant off.
  14. Thanks, is there any way to limit the search to say the past 5 days or something more manageable?
  15. There's your solution. Use a real browser. You're such a help.
  16. Hi Groundspeak, Any follow up on this? It's really annoying. See my post above to see the steps to reproduce.
  17. I waited to see what might happen but this is what is still happening for me. OS - Vista 64 Bit Browser - Chrome 31.0.1650.57 m Duplicateble - Yes This also happens on a friends PC using the same browser. It does not happen with Firefox. Have not tried it with IE. Issue: From the quick view page the browser hangs. Will eventually load after several minutes (five plus) Everything loads but the following. "Hello XXX" "Stats Bar" "Favorites" "Premium Features" "Account Options" "Your GPS" "User Routes" "Field Notes" "Geocache Google Earth Viewer" "Your Inventory" Side Bars Ads also do not load.
  18. Anyone besides me noticing the website is lagging? It's like pulling teeth for the last few days just to get pages to refresh.
  19. I will be traveling to Perth WA the 18th and leaving the 10th. Would love to meet up with some local Geocachers while I am there. Also wondering if anyone in the area will be doing an event for the "Rockets into Space" for November 6th?
  20. So here's a novel idea that won't be popular with some but how abut, there's a cache there with a log. Log it and move on. Frankly I'd be glad there's a cache there to log rather than having wasted my time but how more a waste of time to get all caught up in some esoteric witch hunt. Honestly, just enjoy the game and quit all the whining.
  21. I did one challenge, when I realized they didn't count towards my finds I circular filed them just like I did waymarks. (rant warning, if you decide to get offended that's your decision, I am just choosing to say what I think for once) With the cost of gas and the price of everything going up and only so much time to devote; caches and cache runs have to count for me. I understand there are those (very vociferous) cachers who insist on having fewer caches with some sort of wow factor and that is cool for them. For me I enjoy a good power trail as much as I do the "trophy" caches but on my own terms. I certainly don't see why what a few want one way or another should preclude the rest of the group from doing what they would like to do. I enjoy the virtuals and my vote would be to bring them back. But it's been my experience GS only listens to what they want to listen too and logic has little to nothing to do with it. SFAIK, it really boils down to this, if you don't like power trails then don't cache them, if you don't like virtuals don't cache them. For me, I don't like Challenges and Waymarks and I don't cache them but I don't ask for them to be banned because I think they stink. And I think it should be the same for Virtuals, many of us like them so why should we not be able to have more? And don't use the tired worn out argument of "WOW", "LamePoleLightCaces", and so one. We have all those problems right now with traditionals let alone Earth, Puzzle and other caches. If we can find solutions for those then surely the Lackey's and Management can figure out how solve it for virtuals. If we applied the "WOW" logic to traditionals then we should just ban all traditionals because of the requirements surrounding political, not being asked to respect someone or something (after all we might offend someone and how terrible would that be), no commerce and etc. My point is the criteria is already hugely subjective and varies from one reviewer to another and is often ignored when the reviewer knows the CO personally. We have seen it locally and partiality does exist in the reviewer ranks. With that how do you then make the argument that it's ok for traditionals but not for virtuals? You can't and you shouldn't. There's no logic to it at all. The decision is purely subjective as is most decisions on the part of GS. The chances of GS actually doing something a large part of the membership wants is null to zero so this is all an effort in futility but I do feel better for having vented.
  22. A "Friends List" that really means something. If you aren't on my friends list you can't view any of my details including caches I've found and etc. let's get rid of geo-stalkers.
  23. I think this would be a great addition to PQ's. I've often wanted to search by a specific owner.
  24. Yes they have stamps, very small ones but stamps none the less.
  25. We usually don't bother playing on the forums but someone pointed this thread out. Thanks for the kind words and noticing. We worked closely with the BLM to place this art and it was a few months in the planning. A lot of that was deciding where the art could be placed and what size would allow enough detail to be recognizable. Working with the BLM allowed us to get direct input on where boundaries were and make sure we were off private property and out of sensitive areas. We went to the area and reviewed it before deciding to place caches. As someone mentioned the terrain is fairly forgiving but not always. There are several spots where you are going to have to climb a half way up a hill to get a cache. About 50 percent of the caches are accessible by motorized vehicle, another 20 percent are about 100 to 500 feet of motorized vehicle access and the rest are walkers well outside of 500 feet from vehicle access. We placed this art (The General)- http://coord.info/GC3FA3B and the Owyhee Uplands Byway trail - http://coord.info/GC3JQ03 and released them as part of the Locomotion event on the 28th. 2012 released during the two weeks up to and including the day of the event (1000 of them (the geoart) released the night of the event. If you include everything that went into preparing containers, the art, the trail, reviwer time, etc, etc, etc, about 2500 man hours from ouver 30 people went into the trail ,the art and the event. Here is a good satellite overlay of the art, the image we prefer since it shows the use of cache types to create color art.
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