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  1. About the AE: the thought is "snowy taptap in a snowy snowstorm in snowy Minnesota"...ya know...chameleons blendin into the minne"snow"ta background! Well...I realized no one would get that...(which was confirmed by reservations...this was the least reserved)...so only ended up making 20. Now...this sounds like just a few...but it IS 4 times the reservations for it! Oh and reservations close tonight midnight central. Thanks for those that have reserved! Looks like I'll have around 40-50 for GCF (250 minted, 190-200 reserved). These will also be available in Germany and the UK (not all versions though). ~Z
  2. Ok this almost made my coffee hit my monitor...from my mouth! I need to group cache more, cept I don't know anyone. I'm like a lonely Eore.
  3. I'd recommend buying 50 codes from GC.com and just telling them a bit about your project and their thoughts on the approval. The GS folks I've worked with are all real cool down to earth folks and I'm sure they'd give you some creative liberties here. And just be sure to tell them that none of your designs would be offensive, adult natured, or destructive to their logo (which I assume is the case!)
  4. I just had a baby, so I'm digging this! I kinda wish it was hard enamel, but I'll get over it . Reserved 1.
  5. I think it might have to do with the coins released since last GCF have been like pristine works of art! I wouldn't want to release one of them into the wild! What we need to see more of is cheap, fairly well designed (but secondary to cheap), smaller coins that fit inside a medicine bottle. Vanelle's seasonal series hits this mark pretty nicely ($6, 1"), except its too well designed! Cant...release...it...but...kinda...want....to....so...badly! http://www.geocoinstore.com/index.php?main...a87b9c9e7cefc24 ~Z
  6. Are you considering any antique metals for a future release? Sure would love an anti-silver or anti-nickel version!
  7. Little bit of a delay...mass production should start Monday. The delay is related to the glow coin (anti-copper sample had 3 glows in front which is not recommended by mint). I'm still fighting for 3 glows!!! If it were to change, the glow yellow would become glow white. Should have these mid August and will be invoicing then. Reservations open through Sunday 5pm Central (see post #33). The rest will come with me to GCF 2010. Have about 50 unreserved at the moment. Note: Vanelle helped me optimize my colors, so a few other minor changes too. The theme was to deepen the background colors so TapTap pops out at ya a bit more! ~Z
  8. In all fairness, the ebay auction pics do look MUCH better!
  9. Osiris is lookin good too! TY for ninja, or if the ninja wasn't the heads up then thank you anyways because my mind made it into the heads up. Clearly I need the weekend to be here!
  10. Got a heavy package, thicker than I was expecting, very nice and hefty! I should read them there descriptions every now and then shoudn't I heh!
  11. Oh its 3d, nice! That makes it really sharp looking.
  12. Reservation placed. For me, I just needed 4 platings to get a feel for what the translucents look like in all the other platings. Nickel (cool shade), covers Silver, Chrome, and the antiques/satins/sandblasts Gold (warm shade), covers Brass, Bronze and the antiques/satins/sandblasts Copper (warm shade variant a bit different shade than gold/brass/bronze), covers the antique Black Nickel (just a wacky one where the translucents look different from all other metals)
  13. Hot news, I will be (HD) video releasing TapTap (and ZeeZee) after mass production is complete. Here is a appletastic test. I'll be at a much cooler location for the real release though
  14. Haahaa Avroair! Awesome thread, I'm bumping it out of the old ages.
  15. Love it! That is a really cool coin design / mailer too!
  16. Sample pics added of 3 of the 6 coin faces. These are mint pics...samples haven't quite arrived yet. There is still time to reserve (read above), closing that down at the end of the week. About 190 of 250 have been reserved. I'll be holding some back for GCF 2010 too. Note: There will be some minor color alterations when these move to mass production. Purple (the standard coin, with transparency covering background sun & hills): Glow (these are colored glow enamel): Artist (this is the only one with hard fill in all areas)...taptap in a snowstorm?: The other 3 coins have slightly larger color changes needed but are pretty close (Bling, Green, Pink). Will post more pics a bit later.
  17. Eek get your registrations in today, looks like its the last day!
  18. I'll send ya some coins too, some of my limited taptap/zeezee coins.
  19. Thats a beauty! Nice one, to whomever gave life to it!
  20. Foolin' with a vector:
  21. Zelanzy

    Icon Cointest

    Transparent background gif's of the detailed icon: Heddal 32: Heddal 16:
  22. Hmm missed these first go around. Just grabbed a silver/copper. Thanks for the bump!
  23. What Mike said, with this to add: I'll go crazy here and say that there is a 80% chance that even a non-commercially appealing coin will sell 100 units. That's because there are people with tastes all over the board, and some % of the population will like it and buy 1, and the rest of those that like it will want to own it in all platings. Hey take TapTap for example (a gecko-creature). It's basically a "niche" design, a simplistic, slightly cartoony creature. This type of coin has a pretty small market & the design has 160 on reserve (out of 250 to be minted) with all special editions fully reserved. Not a super duper sensation, but a fun little coin that I personally knew some people would like. Whatever doesn't sell I'll release or trade. I'll probably break even. Just a random thought
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