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  1. Some remnants I threw on ebay: TapTap The Geckomeleon Geocoin - Pink/Charity - Nickel http://item.ebay.com/140443704901 TapTap The Geckomeleon Geocoin - GLOW - Antique Copper http://item.ebay.com/140443710482 TapTap The Geckomeleon Geocoin - BLING - Gold - 1 of 30 http://item.ebay.com/140443713534
  2. Not a glitter fan, so just ordered the set and the other glow 1. Thanks! Been waiting for these.
  3. Woe is zeezee...ooooverbookin limiteds...sooo soorrry. ... ... Waiting List Update: I didn't have my brain on right...should of limited the special editions to 1. I'm not one to change the rules halfway through the game, so I will honor the current waiting list amounts (limit 2 if you ordered 2 full sets). Limiteds have been "turned off" as of now. The good news is that I learned from this and will limit it to 1 at GCF, that should help cover some of the virtual waiting list. Kindly reminder that the "waiting list" doesn't guarantee you coins if I sell out of various versions at GCF. I will let you adjust your quantities if you ordered 2 full sets just to get the 4 SE's though. I'm flexible! ~z
  4. Haahaa track my cats!!! The back is pure genius.
  5. Woe is zee...zee... Livin...in.....thaah.....oil... Livin...under...thaaaah.....water... Livin...an...eating yemons...and thaaah occasional yime... Livin...an...sometimes bumpin into...caches....placed by...ohh cant read....hmmm...king boreas... Woe is zee...zee... ------- Minting Numbers: OIL - Antique Bronze - 80 WATER - Antique Silver - 80 YEMON YIME - Black Nickel - 40 KING BOREAS - Black Nickel - 40 A secret greater than any other secret - 10 Stats: 2" wide, 1.5" tall, max diameter (head to tail) 2.25" 3.5mm thickness Copper/Brass base metal Get some: ZeeZee will be released at Geocoinfest 2010, in the Twin Cities, on September 19th. The leftovers will go to the folks on the waiting list: Click here to get on it! /\ NOTE: This is a waiting list, not a reservation. You are not guaranteed what you are "waiting" for. /\ Then the leftover leftovers (?!) will placed on my web store (see sig) on September 20th. ------- Regular Edition Pic (Yemon Yime and King Boreas pic coming soon): Additional Images:
  6. Hmmm, I googled those mailing seals...thats a WAY better idea than the tape I was using. I'm gonna go get some. Thanks for that! Based on my coin collecting site research: Mylar flips are the best in terms of long term storage. The issue is that they are pretty expensive (SAFLIPS = $14 for 100 at Brent Krueger), but researched some coin collecting sites and they say the 2nd best is "Saf T Flips" which are a bit cheaper (SAFTFLIPS = $7 for 100 at Brent Krueger) and still "pretty good" for long term storage...MUCH better than PVC (oil based, and can leech green stuff on your coins...over time). ~z
  7. Yeh...pretty much all my coins look better in person. I think that is because...either...I am horrible at taking photographs...or its just the nature of my designs I am EXTREMELY happy with how the background turned out on PINK. In the samples I used a peachy orange (thinking it was a pink) and it was horrible...I changed that to a light purple which looks pink on nickel. Also about PINK. That is a charity edition. $1-2 of each coin will be donated to cancer research. It is the only "special edition" of that series that I will remint since its a charity coin and I didn't want to limit it. That is also why I didn't number it, but I did number BLING and ARTIST (Zelanzy Zedition) which will never be reminted. So basically, anything I number...will never be reminted Ok, now I'm rambling...
  8. Awesome, so I can finally meet who all these japanese packages are coming from and going to! Also quick question: If we can't make early registration to pick up our preregistrations on Sat...when is the regular time to pick it up (so the "non early" registration time)? Couldn't find that on the site. Is that just during the main event? Thanks, Zel / Tim
  9. Coin Design Page - Zelanzy. I have some videos uploaded there, feel free to check them out! Vanelle and I will be in the corner of the room, next to anne.and.eli and River Cacher. Stop by for a free carabiner, while supplies last!!! 2010 Stuff: 1. ZeeZee The Turtle Geocoin in 4 versions: Oil, Water, Yemon Yime, King Boreas 2. TapTap The Geckomeleon Geocoin: Bits and pieces are left (namely Glow, Purple, Green) 2009 Stuff: 1. Tribal Sun Geocoin in 2 versions: Warm, Cool Here are the regular editions of ZeeZee (Oil and Water): ...and TapTap Glow:
  10. Only 2 men on earth can pull off pink...Donald Trump and Zelanzy. Get PINKIFIED at GCF 2010. 4 pink taptaps left, first come first serve!!! This is what remains of the Tapulous TapTap Geocoin, which I will bring to GCF 2010 / Twin Cities: 4 PURPLE 3 GREEN 20 GLOW 4 PINK 3 BLING 0 zelanzy zedition (aka artist) If anyone would like to purchase any of these, feel free to email me as I will not be loading these to my web store online (until after GCF 2010). ~z
  11. This post reminded me to check your web store...grabbed a flower of life, thanks!
  12. OPERATION HACK GS DATA CENTER SUCCESS!!! VICTORY TO THE TAPTAP ARMY!!! Activation code change from random pattern of chaos to "HAGGLE". PROOF OF SUCCESS TapTap Peon #222 Over and Out.
  13. Thanks! Pink, no GLOW, no...no...BLING....eep... Also, there is a problem with the custom activation code: "haggle". Groundspeak is working on it. I'll keep you posted.
  14. A bunch more boxes away! Spent 1 hour at the post office yesterday...mailing a 7lb box to the U.K. is a tricky task if you want to insure it! Email sent.
  15. Anyone that paid through right now, was just shipped: 14 packages / 60 coins away! Also these coins will be carried at frabert (Germany) and Geotastic (UK). Their coins are pulled from my mint run so are included in my mint numbers (see Post 57). One of them doubled their order, so Purple and Green are almost sold out too. Should still have about 5 each for GCF, and lots of GLOW. THANKS EVERYONE!!! I had a LOT of fun with this wacky design with nice big text on the back. I love large text in metal (did it on my prior 2 coins too). TapTap is my most fun design to date since it really is something that lived in my mind for so long (11 years now). Its great to get this beast in metal. ZeeZee the Turtle is next up....but meh...I need a breather. Versions are: OIL / WATER / YEMON YIME / KING BOREAS. It has a subtle (ok not so subtle) message on the backside (oil over world, water over world). Poor sad oil turtle...poor sad civilization...poor sad wallet ~z
  16. Invoices sent out. If you didn't get one, but were expecting one, please let me know! No worries Crowesfeat! At GCF2010: I'll have about 10-15 of each RE (Purple, Glow, Green), and 2-4 of each SE (BLING, ZZ, PINK). They'll be first come first serve, my normal dealio applies (order 2 regulars to unlock the specials).
  17. Mass production is complete & I have coins in hand. I will invoice tonight and ship upon payment. BLING and ZZ (Zelanzy's Zedition aka Artist Edition) will be paper numbered. Mint Info Here: http://hagglecoins.com/index.php?act=viewDoc&docId=3 Whaaaat Z...how do I get some TapTap love? TapTap likes hugs...that or...Email hagglecoins at gmail dot com. I'm not putting these on the web store since I need some stuff to sell at geocoinfest!!! Some are sold out (bling, pink) via the reservations but if you REALLY like one let me know. I held some of each back for personal use. Purple & Pink: Numbering Thingy: ~z
  18. Got it today, I didn't request a number and randomly got 36 of 36...that is TOO PERFECT! Mint luck has already been bestowed upon me, thank you for your offering!
  19. Thanks for the suggestion to submit that deign all, it was approved.
  20. The box says "Numis" on the lid, but that's the only identifying mark. The trays come with compartments of several sizes - I have two trays that hold 15 regular coins and two trays that hold 12 large coins. There are trays with smaller compartments, too, I think. Four trays per box, so a box only holds about 60 coins. If my collection ever gets as large as Sweetlife's, I'll need a LOT more boxes! After some quick Googling I found the following site: http://www.safepub.com/catalog/coins/aluminum.htm#jewel Which looks like the box in your picture. I don't have any experience with this vendor, it was just the first one I found. The Aluminum Coin case also on that page look interesting. Terrible Ts I went ahead and placed an order from Safe Pub, I'll let ya know how it turns out! The folks there are nice and helpful. You call in your order, they ship UPS daily (so my order is shipping UPS out tomorrow), and their prices are pretty decent. The guy explained all the shelf configurations to me for the specific product I was getting (there are like 20 shelf options for some cases) and recommended some things I hadn't thought of (a "blank" shelf for holding odd shaped stuff). ~z
  21. Whats the top middle coin? The one with the intricate back and colored dots (gems?) z
  22. I just did that to someone elses coin, but because it couldn't fit in the cache. Eh, who am I kidding, TapTap kidnapped this coin...
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