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  1. This is impossible for me to do...so I'll give you my top 3 of the year, in order 1. Sunshine Freedom Flower 2. Lotus Compass 3. Tie: Avroair 2010 vs. Tsuns Dragonfly vs. Old Timer
  2. Woohoo it's on a Saturday!!! As a vendor that my heavy preference (fly in Friday, fly out Sunday). Plus you dodge church & football
  3. Thanks for the suggestion, that is a great idea. My site is a bit more limited than most (the cart doesn't have an account system) but I believe I just found a plugin that would work out great. Will test it out this week!
  4. Received, yes it 2" nice and hefty. These are just GREAT coins, nice work to all involved. They have a nice "feel" to them too, with all the leveling.
  5. That penguin (made by coiner in the UK) inspired my moon dipper which led to tribal sun which led to taptap which led to zeezee...which is also in your picture . Hence, without that penguin, there would be no zeezee. Just some fun facts for ya
  6. "When Franklin went to bed, he knew what to do. He said a brave "good night", crawled into his shell and when no one was looking, he turned on his night light."
  7. If your design is strong...selling is the easy part. In order of time consumption: 1. ebay 2. post here (1 coin, 1 post) with your coin price and email, then paypal invoice everyone 3. get hosting, register domain, build a quickie e-commerce website (zencart, cube cart, oscommerce)
  8. They will be sold on my website: http://www.hagglecoins.com. I'll post more info as it becomes available. I haven't finalized artwork yet though, so its a ways out.
  9. 3 of the 4 samples are under intense debate at the hagglecoin factory. But I'll release the one that is locked in! This is the artist edition, which I call Zelanzy Zedition. So...that means this version is ZeeZee Zelanzy Zedition (ZZZZ). Also I just updated my website quite significantly (hagglecoins.com) feel free to check it out! Links to both facebook and this website are in my sig. ZeeZee Zelanzy Zedition:
  10. I've been WAITING for this one! Just ordered a set and props on the pricing! Thats a good deal for a 2" 4MM.
  11. With all your hesitation I'm guessing that you aren't very comfortable with the design. In which case, I say to just have someone else fund it. Why not post the design here and get some focused feedback on it?! That will help you much more than asking us to blindly give advice
  12. 2x pearl! All the sample pics will be on my facebook page (see sig). The artist edition mint art was just released there too. Some call it ZeeZee the Albino...
  13. I agree with the above on the time frame being extemely long...so long that you really have no obligation here. But one item of note is that doing geocoin business internationally is very risky. Even if you had the customs form, that is not considered proof of mailing or proof of delivery or proof of anything. If an international buyer files a claim with paypal or their credit card they will always win. That is because it is not affordable to add tracking information on international packages from the US. Shipping with USPS you'd need to do registered which adds at least $12 per order. Shipping with FedEx or UPS is extremely expensive as well (much more than 12 per order). I have added to my budget a 5% loss rate on all international orders and just refund any claims. If losses creep higher than 5% (1 order in 20) I would consider making the business decision to stop selling internationally or to raise my prices. In my eyes, international losses are simply a business expense related to offering my product to a risky market. If this happened within a few months, I'd just offer the refund and be done with it. Since this is 7 MONTHS ago, as stated above, I see no obligation here on your part.
  14. That is such a great book! No sleep for the weary: I'm sampling ZeeZee in some of those pearlescent enamels, a glow version and an zelanzy zedition. I'll show ya the samples when they arrive (end of Sep). My tentative plans are to remint in these amounts: 1. Oil (~50) 2. Water (~70, and will brighten the green body color a shade) My guests, who provide coloring for special versions, control the minting on their versions. Hence why I call them special editions and not limited editions. 3. YY: No plans to remint at this time 4. KB: King Boreas wants to remint (amount TBD, perhaps just for personal use, he is #1 in caches placed in world). New: 5. Pearl 6. Zelanzy Zedition ZeeZee 7. Glow Due out around the end of the year. Might even have a ZZ prefix on the new ones
  15. Is it Look Twice?? DING DING DING!!! We have a winner! I thought I made that hard!!!
  16. Hello everyone, I just invoiced everyone that was on the waiting list. A few notes: 1. Yemon Yime and King Boreas versions sold out at geocoinfest twin cities this weekend. 2. Oil & Water sold out through the waiting list just now. Thanks for your interest in this coin, it was a fun project!
  17. You are welcome and I'll get some better pics later if someone else doesn't first. About the butterfly, its hiding right now, but I was digging through cache kitty's traders and just picked the first butterfly that wasn't pink heh. So its a non-pink earth toned one with copper plating. Not sure if its new or not, so sorry! Someone else might know better on this one. Robert, those are the pins from this year. Get 4 of 1, trade for rest. And thanks for donating all those coins. Anne reminded me to split them...after I gave out all but 2. I gave them to all the bikers I ran into...the orange went first (harley colors) and a few kids that couldn't afford any coins. There were a LOT of bikers there this year.
  18. Hopefully these blurry iphone pics will hold you over until someone has the time to post some better ones . Feel free to visit my facebook page for more pics (link in sig, click the Photos tab). Zelanzy's Haul #1: Zelany's Haul #2: Event Coins & Pins: Through all the events I gave away ~20 coins to events/kids, sold ~170, and bought/traded ~70. It was a great event!!! I cheated and only had to drive 20 miles from home, so it was a pretty easy one to attend and vend at (thanks NOSNOW and Friends!!!) I normally can pick a favorite coin or 2 (last year was anasazi spirit dweller and yemon yime V3) but this year it's much more difficult!!! I'd say a toss up between Anne's wolf, Vanelle's Flower, geocoinstores Angel/lotus compass event coin, cache addicts netsuke or hogwildes plane or trojan helmet, and oakcoins avroair 2010. If I had to pick just 2 though...I'd probably go with avroairs turbine coin and vanelle's flower. ~z
  19. Soft trans dark geen on anti brass for the win.
  20. Also now available in Germany. Frabert.de and I bumped into each other in the land of tweets. They are a pretty small company with a nice owner and they let the artists do their own branding (labels on coins). They are on the vendor list at geocaching.com too. ~Z
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