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  1. I recently researched some copywright stuff for fonts and bumped into an interesting loophope which might apply: parody as fair use. If you do some of the things above (wand to gps) the courts "could" side on your favor provided there was ever a case. The courts have recently struggled with fair use and really go either way on a case by case basis. I would recommend you research this before proceeding. Fair use applies if your take on a subject is somehow making fun of or challenging in some way the original design. Just changing the colors, the scene, or the background is likely considered a derivative work, which the original copyright has the exclusive rights to.
  2. Thanks for the responses, they have been most helpful. Also I learned from the mint that the center ones (glow) do not have epoxy yet, so will be a touch different. I'm planning to run 3 regular editions (about 70 ea) and 2 zz's in a more limited number. I call upon puzzle cache lovers to find out what zz means
  3. Pics from Mint. Top left and across: Brass with yellow moon (pms 461), Nickel with glow moon, black nickel with light gray moon, Bottom left and across: Copper with white moon, gold with glow moon, Antique silver with no enamel. Back of the Nickel coin. Strangely, I really like the all metal one...that was just a test. Feel free to weigh in on which color combinations you prefer!
  4. Hmm AP, I must've drafted in the 1 slot. Which coincidently is also the slot I will place this year in this tournament!
  5. Woo hoo, glad you liked the black white thing I did. I'm a purist yin & yang'er what can I say?!
  6. One in dev (moon dipper), one on deck (tribal sun). All in my goofy cartoony style that I'm sure some will love and some will hate.
  7. Free priority mail (ie $4.95) shipping on the auction, so that answers one question. The price isn't too bad with free shipping. It is 3D, could be 2" and could be hard enamel. That would justify its price in my book.
  8. bah, gatoulis has my new favorite design...although I'll admit my mind changes daily. Post 110. /\/\
  9. I think I just figured out why I love the design of this coin. It looks like it use both hard and soft enamel, that is just a great idea! That works awesome on the face where the letters (?) are soft and the outer is hard. And if not, well maybe I just like it because I like it Great work. And I agree with you on Oakcoins, Sarah helped me greatly with my first coin, I'd be lost without her.
  10. If I may inquire, what texture is that on the back (the lowered metal texture)? Looking to use something like that on a future project.
  11. This is a great combination (especially if your bright blue was a bit darker, maybe darker than the blue used on legs or maybe more pastelly). Although in looking at my 285 chart, its a bit darker than how my screen is showing your 285. Nice work.
  12. I agree with others here so won't repeat anything. But I did want to offer some of the things I did before entering the market as I am currently producing my first coin. The first thing I did is heavily research what others charge for both coins, shipping and handling. I found standard coins generally are priced at 8-10-12 ($8 for 1.5", $10 for 1.75", $12 for 2"). Obviously cutting edges, stamping side, using glow, using antiquing, hard enamel, etc adds to the price but the 8-10-12 trick certainly is a good baseline comparison. I also, very quickly, found out that there is no appetite for anyone funding a new artist. I decided to bite the bullet and self-fund. You have to balance the risk of not selling out to the profit gained if you do sell out and come to a good balanced price point. I'll probably fail miserably, but am keeping a positive attitude Good luck to you, your art is great. ~Zel
  13. It is not yet available. I am not doing a presale or reservations. When I have the coins in hand i will give a few days heads up and then post them at my site. The pricepoint will be around 8 bux (a touch more for the glow one).
  14. Various Updates: 1. Samples ordered in Copper, Brass, Antique Silver, Nickel, Gold, Black Nickel. Artist edition will be antique silver no enamel. 2 glow samples ordered (gold/nickel w/epoxy), 1 AE sample ordered (antique silver no enamel), and copper with white moon/stars, black nickel with gray moon/stars, and brass with light yellow moon/stars. 2. I've been playing with e-commerce systems and recently picked CubeCart over osCommerce. 3. My site is being developed at: Hagglecoins.com : the art of zelanzy. Haggle with me...arrr. Note the waves in the coin image will be darker, I changed that without re-requesting new artwork. 4. Next project -- Tribal Sun -- has commenced. Artwork is 25% complete (sneak peak shown at above site on main page. Thanks for following.
  15. Nickel (updated using below template)
  16. V1 Artwork from mint. Changes lined up for V2 artwork: 1. Confirm engrave plate is at least 3 x 12mm 2. Lighten blue waves 3. Tweak "Trackable" text to ensure it is equally between the metal edges. 6 samples will be ordered: 1 Black Nickel, white moon 2 A. Silver, glow moon (expoxied) 3 Nickel, white moon, orange back (Artist Edition will have orange back, ala V1 of this coin) 4 Brass, white moon 5 Gold, glow moon (epoxied) 6 Hmm either A. Bronze, Copper or A. Copper. Leaning towards A. Bronze.
  17. Bottom left is AWESOME! Nice work good sir.
  18. This coin gets better daily...and completely unintentionally! What is really interesting is that both my coin and this flag have the north star as the largest start, but the north star is actually a medium brightness star and almost all the BD stars are brighter than it.http://www.50states.com/flag/akflag.htm The reason the flag and my design has it in this proportion is because the north star is 5 "big dipper edge" lengths from the corner point of the big dipper. That is the trick I learned in scouts to always know where North is at night. The north star is hard to find due to its medium brightness, but the BD is always easy to find, helping you spot the N star. Draw a line down from N. Star, and BAM, you have found north at night, without the sun. Note: The N star is also equally between the BD and Cassiopeia, but I couldn't fit all that!
  19. I've selected a company to produce my coins. I'm leaning towards a 1.5" height. Initially I wanted to run it in 2", but the final charge would have be be like $11-12...which may be too high. The 1.5" coin puts it into the 8 dollar range...and I can run 300 vs 250! I get charged extra for under 100 runs, the 300 number lets me run 3 metals with few "extra" charges (just extras for glow and antiqueing). Changes: 1. Big Dipper stars were overlaid on an actual photo of the big dipper to achieve more proper layout. 2. Changed the N within the North Star to moon type N. 3. "*moon type" added. (this could get removed in a mint revision, but for now I'll leave it) 4. "wonder" changed to "wander" 5. Yellow changed to white (since one version will be glow in the brightest white glow color, did not want mint to be confused and use the yellow glow color which glows less than the white glow color). Final art:
  20. I like it. One suggestion would be to use 2 different greens, a darker one for either the border or the tree. The green used a few posts up would be a good one to use for either.
  21. First off, thank you, and everyone else, for your feedback. I appreciate it all, and changed my design for the better, based on some of it. I have completely accepted the fact that this coin will not be liked by all since it is very inorganic, cartoony, and a bit...well...simplistic. The biggest reason for that is because it is how I draw, but I also wanted to create a simple, yet commercially appealing, first coin. About the quote, I agree completely with what everyone said above. My spin on it is the cryptic text. The line is overused, but I'll admit right away that I'll never get tired of it! I love it when I see it on cache cards, coins and various other trackables. That said, I will not likely use it again on a coin. About the original design. This started off as a personal coin. As such I used one of my favorite fonts and my favorite color, orange. I then came up with a much more personal geocoin design (WIP). As such I turned this coin into a non-personal. Black works a bit better as it relates to the theme of the coin. That said, I will be running some coins with a orange back (trading, placing into caches, maybe selling a few, giving some away to people that helped me, etc). Carry on! Still waiting to hear back with quotes on minting costs. YIKES, fixing.
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