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  1. I will not be taking reservations. I'm so sorry but my time is very limited due to running for public office this election cycle in addition to being in grad school in addition to being a new dad in addition to working full time. If I receive the coins ahead of schedule I will be running a small sale online to help fund my GCF trip. I will give a few days heads up in this post if that were the case. Now...that said, I openly admit to having a soft heart, feel free to email me at zelanzy at gmail dot com and we might be able to work something out! But please first try to get a geocoin buddy to purchase for you at gcf. Thanks everyone, I've gotten a lot of great support from you all through pm's, emails, and this thread.
  2. I would recommend reading this post: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=229831. It was very clearly explained there just a bit ago. That should get ya going! Post 6 by Ford Freak.
  3. Some better pics of the ones I'm taking to gcf. I'd post fronts and backs of all but I'm still getting the hang of taking closeups and they didn't all turn out so well! And I think these are a bit too high res...and I think next time I won't let my son drop, scratch and bang these on things Also I created a facebook fan page (it will be where I give updates, post photos, etc): http://www.facebook.com/pages/zelanzy/272486720400 The, not previously released, original hand drawn artwork has been loaded there. Enjoy!
  4. I LOVE the white one! Great job, they look great in IHE.
  5. Can't wait to meet you all! Thanks to everyone for squeaking my little operation into the last table.
  6. An antiqued all metal one would be saweet.
  7. Update: I will be attending geocoinfest, there was one vendor spot left. So this coin and my Moon Dipper coin will be sold there. Anything leftover will be sold online. I will just be selling the 2 coins at the festival, 650 total, I'm grassroots baby! Mint Run 1 70 copper with warm gray clouds 70 gold glow with epoxy coating 70 antique silver with no enamel 40 zelanzy zedition to be revealed at festival
  8. Update: I will be attending geocoinfest, there was one vendor spot left. So this coin and my Moon Dipper coin will be sold there. Anything leftover will be sold online. I will just be selling the 2 coins at the festival, 650 total, I'm grassroots baby! Mint Run 1 of this will be: 160 Red/Orange in Copper 160 Blue/Blight Blue in Nickel 80 zelanzy zedition - color/metal to be unveiled at festival
  9. Yeh, I wanted stamped metal vs. printing so decided to redo the art. I thought for sure the original art was stampable, but they checked with the factory twice and they said it was too jagged and some of the lines were too thin. I'm very impressed with their smoothed artwork though, I'm running with it.
  10. Yeh I lived in MN my whole life, then about 6 years ago I moved to AZ for 3 yrs. No clouds, bright blue sky though. I missed the gray, slightly dreary, MN clouds. Needless to say I moved back. I've been back in MN for about 3-4 years. This will not be a preorder, it is funded by myself. When I receive the coins in hand I will give a few days heads up in this post and to my customer list at my website. They will then go on sale directly on my site which you can link to in my signature. I have 5 projects planned, 2 WIP (Moon Dipper, Tribal Sun) and 3 in the ideation phase (GLOCKOIN, Yabo Yabo, and Low Cost Kroner). I'm quite new around here, just started geocaching last fathers day when my son (wife) got me a GPS after researching hobbies for new dads. Found a coin, fondled a coin, fell in LOVE with THE COIN! Lot of ideas in my head + a little uninvested money (since the market is scary) = new business venture! My other, much further along, project can be found here: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=226890 So, my original back started out as being impossible for the mint to do. I manually removed "squiggles" and resent, which was still impossible to stamp. So their artist then smoothed all edges, and I tweaked their smoothing below, and BAM we are almost there! See below:
  11. I sort of randomly added this coin to an order very recently. Well it just landed and this was my favorite of the 4 I ordered. Whoever designed this, nice work! Does anyone have minting info on this?
  12. Mint says my back is too detailed to raise metal the text and are recommending a screen print of the black text on white hard enamel with raised engraved plate. I can do that or redesign. Note to self: scribble fonts not so good for geocoins! I'm also working on removing the scribbles around the text, ugh taking soooo long! Mint Art on Face:
  13. Looks good, are you thinking hard or soft enamel?
  14. Size: 1.75" diameter, 3.5mm thick This will likely be around a $9 pricepoint. I did just add a 3rd color/metal version (zz) which might change my quote, so I'll say 9.50 for now.
  15. zelanzy > haggler...as such he will be funding this. This is a GO, mint is working on art. 3 versions: 1. blue / light blue grid, yellow ray, white back 2. red / orange grid, yellow ray, white back 3. the zz (zelanzy zedition, my personal color choices) will be fully disclosed on opening day of sales (hint on site) and will not use any of the above colors. 1.75" diameter, hard enamel, 6 samples to be ordered, 3 of #1 and 3 of #2. exclusively available at the only site with a split personality (haggler and zelanzy)!
  16. I just picked up the last 4 of these from a HD in Minnesota for 11 bucks each...and then found a MILLION more at Menards for just 8 bucks. So, if you are in the midwest, checkout Menards. They are on sale right now. Both stores had the stanley branded ones. GREAT box by the way, thanks OP!
  17. I just received 4 non-glow sample coins, the other 2 are getting epoxy and will be sent later. I finally figured out what I don't like about the copper...white moon and copper = eww. I'm changing that to Warm Gray 3...I was inspired by this image...and I realize the object is very ugly, but the colors are great! White and copper , gray and copper . Its a very subtle change, but one that makes me a bit happier with that metal. The AS one is much cooler in person, I was going to run that one as a limited edition, but might change my mind. So leaning towards these for the regular editions (RE): Antique Silver with no enamel. Run of 70. Copper with Warm Gray 3 Moon and White stars. Run of 70 Gold with Glow Moon and Glow stars (coated with epoxy to protect glow finish). Run of 70 the zz (zelanzy zedition) will be: black nickel, i will release the colors on the sale date (website has teaser, see set of 3.33) it will be available in a set only (the 3 above + this). run of...a few...it will not likely be commerically appealing...
  18. ...oh nothing Those are the colors I originally saw this coin in when it was just in my mind and not on paper (er computer). They are tentatively the colors for one version. My wife hated them and made me change to blue or she wouldn't provide consultation...
  19. Added a self hosted pic, since I can't FTP at work I had to restrict to 500pix due to how I have my cubecart site setup.
  20. Hello folks, since Moon Dipper is in its final stages I decided to start my next next project --- PROJECT TRIBAL SUN. I figure if I print the moon I have to print its counterpart...the sun! I just finished the rough draft of the front and back. The mint is probably going to remotely smack me in the face when they get to the back! I hope its doable or I will change to a more simplified font. The bottom of the back says track this sun at geocaching.com ... its hard to read in the image since I resized to down a bit and lost some resolution along the way. But honestly I don't care if it isn't easily readable in the final print since that's the whole point of using this font . A keen eye may recognize this font as being the one I used on the rough draft of moon dipper. Size, color and metal selection...ok the WHOLE COIN...is tentative! Dark gray is level 2 (the sun rays). Geek Stuff: I learned a new program for the face, inkscape...which is free (open source) and amazing. But it is not so great with text, so for the back I went back to my old standby: Fireworks. This coin will move to production if moon dipper does well (PLEASE OH PLEASE). Edit: added new image, self hosted (but only 500pix wide so fairly small, will upload bigger one tonight)
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