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  1. Did MN win yet? Er um I mean, is the counting done yet?
  2. When it rains it pours. 42lbs of fun is landing at my door tomorrow. I suppose I should get that icon submitted and codes loaded! Icon debauchery, help! V2: V3: Still leaning towards V2!
  3. Sale is 10/24 4pm central us as the thread title states. A post above of mine stated wednesday...ignore that and sorry for the confusion.
  4. Thanks so much, good on my sites end and on paypals end. Things appear to be running well. I'll stop spamming posts now, sorry about that.
  5. You are my first order, thanks so much! Let me know if anything funky happened when ordering.
  6. 10 coins loaded to test my ecommerce site. See link in sig. Also, if anyone experiences anything odd please let me know!
  7. These landed, loading a few for sale in a little bit to test site. If everything is working fine I will be running a small online sale Wednesday September 23rd at 4pm Central Time USA. On Wednesday: I will be selling 10 sets (4 coins for $33 + shipping, this includes the 3 RE and 1 ZZ) and 30 singles (10 of each RE). The rest will be going to GCF with me. Stats: 1.5" tall oval, 3mm thick, custom icon. Mint Info: 70 of each RE (copper, glow, antique silver) and 40 ZZ (bright) They are not in oakcoins database yet, but they are working on it. Everything should be good to go soon! Here are some better pics of the ZZ to hold you over.
  8. Icon WIP's, a bit more colorful than my last. V1- V2- Leaning towards V2 atm.
  9. Jackal and Tsun you are sooo nice and helpful, great contributions. I just wanted to second what Tsun said about telling them your deadline. On my 2nd project, I'm not sure how, but it got rushed for no extra cost after I mentioned that I needed the coins for a convention (GCF). I'm not sure they can always do that, but it certainly doesn't hurt to ask. Also, you can scan a hand drawn image and they will concoct mint art for it. Personally, I also hand draw, but then create the vector graphic myself and send that to the coin company (using illustrator or fireworks or inkscape). I'm not saying you need these program, but I guess I am saying to just do what feels most comfortable to you! Z
  10. Is this a cutout or white filled? Cool design.
  11. Very nice, I'm interested! The rainbow coloring you did seperated by tall lettering is a fantabulous idea!
  12. Thanks, I'm a pretty big fan of using text as art and the mint artists and I had fun toning it down and making it more our own. Also the back of the ZZ is in the same yellow as the front of the RE so as to unify the set. I'm still debating not calling the ZZ a ZZ since I want to mint it again (its my fav)...but I will hold to my policy: if on sale day it's a ZZ, it will not be reminted. Note: I have a policy that ZZ coins are LE by default and will never be minted again in the same metal/color combo. I should also point out this is as complex as my editioning policy gets. No XXXLE-AE for me!
  13. I present to you: Tribal Sun! These are mint images, I will upload better ones when I have in hand early next week. The B&W with Yellow Back (Black Nickel) is the Zelanzy Zedition (artist edition).
  14. Yes I am very happy with them. Actually I kinda wish I epoxy coated them all but I'm trying to keep the cost of the non-epoxy ones (all but the glow) at 8 bucks. the glow/epoxy is 9, because both glow and epoxy add to cost. Oh and the ZZ's (limited edition, never to be minted again, zelanzy zedition, the BRIGHT one) will be 8 too, never been a fan of seeing them priced higher. I am also not a fan of the "fastest trigger finger" getting them. As such the ZZ (bright one in BN) will be only available in a set of 4 online (or in a set of any 3 at GCF). The logic being: I feel my strongest supporters should be entitled to the LE ones above all else. Thanks everyone, these really did turn out so much better that even I imagined. My 6 sample coins have been activated and will be available to fondle and be discovered in SLC . (Assuming that is allowed, the 6 sample coins have the oakcoin icon the 250 mass production ones have the custom icon in post 55).
  15. It has totally been a couple hours...with rounding.
  16. The mass production run is complete. Zelanzy Zedition Revealed! Yes...its bright. I will be running an online mini sale soon (to help raise some funds for GCF). 1. 2. 3. 4. 1. gold glow, epoxy coated (so smooth) 2. black nickel, and bright colors 3. copper with warm gray moon 4. antique silver with no enamel
  17. Ugh, started 3 dead players...helps to have AP who counts as 4 players!
  18. This is my favorite of all your coins! Real nice work on it, I meant to post earlier but got distracted
  19. I went straight to mass production to have them for geocoinfest. 400 ordered, 160 red/orange, 160 lblue blue, 80 Zelanzy zeditions. Final mint art at website. They are landing end of sept.
  20. My thoughts, being a new producer and all. My first coin was through a US vendor that worked with the mint for me. While I certainly had a great experience, I found working directly with the mint slightly advantageous on my 2nd coin. And that is because I was able to stay up late and trade 2-5 emails with my Chinese rep in succession. I was not able to do that when working with a US middle company. I could just relay 1 message, which was sent to China and I'd hear back the next day. But I certainly did get some good advice from the US company, and for my first coin that alone was PRICELESS! Also, for those curious, their markup is not as much as I thought it would be, so for new coin people I highly recommend the folks on the list. Oh and working with the mint directly will drive you NUTS the first time! I tried so hard to get one tiny little thing done. It took me ~1 week to figure out how to tell it to them in the way that is understandable after translation. But we eventualy figured it out . If you are curious, I was simply trying to get text stamped DOWN into metal and IHE filled. This was a bit different than how they commonly get text on a coin. I was offered laser engrave, screen print, raise text, move text, edge stamp text, edge engrave text. I simply had to increase the size of the text! Also, US companies accept credit cards, which gives you HUGE recovery rights if something messes up. China mints prefer money to be wired, if a problem arose I'm guessing it would be difficult to collect. But I have no experience here, so far so good for me!
  21. Unique Icon. A little play on negative space, enjoy.
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