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  1. I'd also recommend to mint smaller runs. I did 250 moon dippers and then for some reason I did 400 tribal suns (???) what was I thinking?! My next few coins will have smaller first runs (and then if its popular do more runs later). I sell enough basically to break even and pay the webhosting of my site. Its been a fun run so far, I shoot for 2 coins per year. My first project was run though a US based company and they basically did all the work for me. I heavily recommend going that route. I happen to have the benefit of knowing adobe illustrator pretty well. So I design all my coins myself and then the mint just takes my illustrator file and the mint art is almost exactly the same as my submitted art. Less to lose in translation!
  2. 'taptap for the cure' version (this version also shows the revised artwork: tag added, head raised, handprint tweaked, etc): proceeds of this version will go to http://www.nationalbreastcancer.org/
  3. Been away for awhile so this is the first I've seen of this. Very cool design, loving it!
  4. Them are excellent ideas! I took a blended approach...for some reason I love "track" being big, perhaps because it helps point out that the purple shape below is a "track" or "paw print". Which really begs the question: Do gecko-meleon's have paws or feet or flippers? Still fine tuning the "track" to best fit in its new space, but you get the idea with this: Also a few folks asked where the tracking code will be. The front is still being worked on, and I'll be giving TapTap a "tracking bracelet" on his left arm (top right side of coin). That way people that are tracking him (for education, research, evolutionary studies, etc) can be sure to find him Of course the bling bling gold version will be different (the code will be on his teeth, and the bracelet will be used to tell you which # out of ## you have: so 1/15 for example). Also, the yellow and green colors on front will be translucent (there will be some texture added below and the sun shape will be at a lower level, so you'll see it "through" the translucent).
  5. 2 Alternative TapTap back designs, thoughts? This is a little bit more in line with my "text as art" style which was present on my previous 2 coins: Tribal Sun and Moon Dipper. A few versions of those are still available at my site (7-8 bucks each)!
  6. TapTap just poked me and then pointed at the computer... More like..."it". Also, a circle coin simply "can't" contain a TapTap, its not possible since TapTap is so energetic and quick...like a puma in a way although don't tell TT I compared it to a mammal please. He is 110% amphibian. Wow good catch! Them be keen eyes, I'm surprised them good ol eyes haven't already seen a TapTap in the wild! Yes, it is a little disturbing I must admit. Not everyones cup o tea. Wait until you see bling bling taptap (all gold, with gold teeth, with the tracking numbers engraved on the teeth). Only 15 to be minted of blingblingtaptap (courtesy of an idea that came from my fan club member: WRITESHOPROBERT). 150 total will be run, doing smaller mints now since...um...I cater to a niche crowd
  7. Introducing my next project: TapTap. TapTap is a slightly strange creature, no one really knows if he is a frog, a gecko or a chameleon. I like to call him a geckomelon but I'm not sure the "frog" in him would be OK with that?! You can follow the progress of this coin by following me on facebook (see signature). But for now, attached is my current progress. Shoot, my taptap just got loose... ... ... Ah here he is...ohhh TapTap, what am I to do with you? ~Zelanzy Moderator edit to change image for the OP.
  8. Have there been a delay with the icon or is it me having trouble with icons? I can't see the icon on pages at geocoin.com. This is my fault. I've been procrastinating on the icon design. It is still coming soon although I suppose "soon" is a relative term! Many apologies, but I'm currently leaning towards the one with the black border around the coin (a few posts up). Thanks so much everyone for your support, about 3 of my 7 designs are now sold out (across both Tribal Sun and Moon Dipper). Zel
  9. Thanks for all your orders! I just lowered my prices to $8 each for all the Tribal Suns. The B&W limited edition (Black Nickel Zelanzy Zedition) is down to about 20'ish remaining. Purchase at my website: www.hagglecoins.com. S/H: Shipping Info US & Canada: $2.50 for first + $0.50 per additional (1 = $2.50, 2 = $3.00, etc) All Else: $3.50 for first + $1.00 per additional (1 = $3.50, 2 = $4.50, etc) Remaining Moon Dippers are also on sale for $7 each. Just click www.hagglecoins.com, create account and place order (payment via paypal). Thanks again for supporting me and Happy Holidays!
  10. Gold Glow and Limited Edition Black Nickel are now sold out on my site! (www.hagglecoins.com). There will be just 4 more ebay auctions in addition to the current ones running to get the Glow and Black Nickel coin. Search "zelanzy" at ebay. Thanks for all your orders! I just lowered my prices to $7 each for the remaining Copper and Antique Silver Moon Dippers. S/H: Shipping Info US & Canada: $2.50 for first + $0.50 per additional (1 = $2.50, 2 = $3.00, etc) All Else: $3.50 for first + $1.00 per additional (1 = $3.50, 2 = $4.50, etc) Tribal Suns will also be going on sale for $8 each. Just click www.hagglecoins.com, create account and place order (payment via paypal). Thanks again for supporting me and Happy Holidays!
  11. One memory I'll remember awhile is my last hand of geoconfest poker. Three people all went all in. When we turned over our hands we had: A8, A8 and A9. Guess who won? A9, he eventually went on the win the whole tourney!
  12. If you could pick just one favorite coin (commercial or personal) from geocoinfest, what would it be? I'm going with Yemon Yime #3 in Nickel. A close second was a tie between tsun's Anasazi Spirit Dweller and this very awesome orange bug with spreading wings (hogwild stuff I want to say). ~Z
  13. If you mean the three in the bottom right of her pic, that is my Tribal Sun! The black nickel one was my number one seller at the festival, a few are left at my shop. Oh and great news, my paypal stuff is almost resolved. Funny how everyone got locked out and received fraud alerts. I assume that had to do with folks signing into multiple computers. My transactions "to people" are all resolved, just 4 pending ones "from people".
  14. Well said nosnow and nice to meet you this weekend. Let me know if you need any local help!
  15. Glad you like! The gold glow was my #2 seller this weekend (right after tribal sun b&w bn).
  16. Oh the land of salty lakes! As a first mega AND a first time vendor and very new coin developer it was quite an adventure. Coins aside (can I say that???), the BEST part of the event was meeting a ton of new people that I can truly call new friends! I have to give a HUGE thank you to Vanelle whom I did not know in person before the event. She let me hang with her crew all weekend. I honestly believe that my weekend would be much less enjoyable had I not randomly bumped into her. Oh and THANKS for helping with my booth too! Thanks to everyone that supported me through purchases and to everyone else that welcomed me into this awesome community! I learned a ton about booth presentation, the business in general, and how carrying 500 coins through security causes instant bag checks Oh and for all you folks waiting for blurry cell phone pics, here ya go! In the little time I had to buy/trade (and with the help of tadpole whom I pimped out to trade for me) I picked up a couple: Oh and GCF 2010 is in my home state MINNESOTA NEXT YEAR!!! YES! Good work on the bid guys!
  17. At gate G4 Minneapolis airport with a very thoroughly examined bag in hand! Praying my checked bag arrives safely May the land of salty lakes welcome me with open arms! I can't wait to buy everyone elses coins...oh and maybe sell a few to offset my addiction! Be sure to stop by and grab a card and checkout my table tents. 2 of them will show the design process for my next project: taptap...the geckomeleon. Gcf pricing has been simplified: 8 for moon dipper and 9 for tribal sun. Safe travels all!
  18. Icon to be loaded soon, might be around Monday. Thanks for your patience everyone!
  19. My bags are very very heavy, they are precisely under 50 lbs each
  20. Thanks for the thanks! More for sale folks! Get em before GCF SLC at my site in sig!
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