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  1. Great! Thanks all...I wasn't sure if I would have the option (after it was approved) to enable the cache to be viewed by the public or if it was instantly available to the public once it was approved. You have all been most helpful!
  2. Hi all, I am ready to place my first cache and it happens to be a multi/puzzle cache and I was hoping someone could clarify this for me. Under Listing guidelines, it states "Geocache must be in place before you enable the listing." Does this mean that before I submit the cache for approval the cache must be in place OR I can submit it for approval, wait to see if it gets approved and once it is I will have the option to enable the listing. Thanks in advance!
  3. A friend of mine that knew I was into geocaching came across Baby Soda Bottles on a website: http://www.kk.org/cooltools/archives/003903.php Apparently they are the plastic pop bottles before they are heated and stretched out...waterproof and very strong. Anybody ever try them?
  4. is shakespeare invited? TB or not TB? That is the question... Haha well played! Welllll Played!!!!!!!
  5. I guess it depends on the situation... I recently picked up my first travel bug that had a goal of visiting as many metal containers as possible. I have yet to come across any metal containers since then but I posted a note with that as an update saying as soon as I come across one I will move it along...I might just end up going back to an ammo box that I have been to in the past and dropping it... I guess what I am trying to say is that if the person is leaving notes in the travel bug note section, then I would say no...but if they picked it up and its been way more than the normal time then a polite reminder might not be a bad thing if phrased correctly. Cookies help too
  6. Good job mate... Thanks for the entertainment!
  7. 2.) What did i eat as lunch on midday? I used the oven. Baked Potato?
  8. You are good I didn't cache today LOL! I'm getting lucky today. I just hope I'm lucky in the drawing! I figured, you played a sport, you cleaned up a room, you went to the post office, and you did some homework. Not a lot of time for caching Hahahha well done Super Sleuth!
  9. 4.) Which sport did i do after lunch? Soccer aka football
  10. Fan-service is usually considered exempt from copyright under the "Fair Use" clauses of copyright law. (Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer and I can't offer legal advice, etc... ) But I bet you stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night!
  11. I think I should be able to get away with it not using copyrighted material...I guess in the end the reviewer would be able to say Yay or Nay Stay Tuned
  12. Hey all, I am looking at placing a cache with a theme based on a tv show and I was wondering if there were any copyright issues as this is a popular franchise.
  13. Hehehe neat story mate! Thanks for sharing! <Ponders "What is the trade value of a wild hamster and what equivalent would you have to leave behind?" >
  14. The ashes aren't worth much, monetarily speaking. Now if it was a fresh body with a usable kidney or a liver or something... I don't think this is the first time this has happened. I recall a similar thread way back when. There is also a TB of ashes out there. The idea being finders get to scatter a few in every state. Uncle Ewen I think is the name. Tell me...Please tell me you didn't take me seriously...LOL
  15. I'd like to know what the trade value would be Ya I know...wrong on soooo many levels!!
  16. If I understand you correctly, you looking for an official "trackable" stat which (correct me if I am mistaken) doesn't exist. Simply be the first to the cache, the first to write in the log book and the first to log it as FTF and you meet everything I feel is an FTF. Best of luck!
  17. I got mine in the mail on Friday and this coin is great. Like others, I am not sure how well it would hold up in from cache to cache being in 3 pieces (although mine seems quite secure and I was able to hold it up by the sundial) but its for my new collection so I wont be releasing it anytime soon anyway. Great looking coin!!
  18. I only glanced at the responses over the past day and I should have written this yesterday when I first saw the post but ask yourself this: "Is it required?" If it isn't, do you want to risk offending even 1 person for something that isn't needed?
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