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  1. Got this annoying message today, after trying to send the first email today. Yesterday I sent 6 messages, the last one 19 hours ago. This limit seems to be really low and Groudspeak should do something about it. I have been on a trip in the wilderness with no internet and still about a hundred ECs and virtuals to log.

    After clearing the cookies, logging out and logging in again, I was able to send a message again though.

  2. Advanced Search / All geocaches / By Country/State -> An Error Has Occurred

    Yes, can confirm that issue - searching for caches by country where states are supported by GC results in a 500 internal server error since the last update/fix when trying to use "all states".

    Also it happens to me.


    Thanks for the fast first fix for filtering cache types. :grin:

    When I tried the above link I also get 500 after hitting the button. :yikes:


    If I start from http://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx and select a country it works for a search for all caches. :anicute:

    But there are other issues:

    • search for all Event types results in the 500 error for some countries, not all: Ireland, England, Germany, Austria are bad. I think Slovakia, Netherland, Belgium and Poland are ok. Really strange behavior, I think with Finland first it didn't work, then it did work.
    • Searching for individual event types works without problems.
    • All event types returns only events and mega events, CITO events are not included.

    (why I am doing all those searches? you can win a 2011 German reviewer coin http://www.stash-lab.de/?p=1238 :laughing: )


    Another big bug, not sure if this is related to the update:

    I wanted to discover a geo coin which I saw at an event and was logged in the event, but I made a mistake writing down the coin code. :sad:

    So I posted a note to the coin "saw it but have the wrong code"

    Then I tried this: I changed the note to a discover log. I was really surprised that it worked without entering a code. :surprise:

  3. Quick Bug Report for the new update:


    When doing an advanced search by country/state you can't search for a specific cache type. For example, an advanced search of


    Unknown Caches

    By Country/State: United States/Washington


    will return ALL caches in washington. I tried this for multiple cache type and country state combinations. The result was the same each time.

    Vote here for this:



    (BTW. are retract notifications fixed now?).


    While you're at it, also enable notifications for "needs archive" logs :P

    I am surprised that already somebody came up with it:


  4. Took care of that for you; it took some under-the-covers work, as NM logs are no longer available for events!

    That is true for normal events and CITOs.

    But you can still log NM for mega events. Same with NM notifications for mega events (BTW. are retract notifications fixed now?).


    On the other hand, why shouldn't people be able to log NM for an event listing.

    A couple of event owners here in Germany try to fill their D/T matrix with rare D/T combinations. It doesn't make sense do have an event in a restaurant and have T4.5, maybe in combination with a wheelchair accessible attribute. It would be nice to log NM to have the listing fixed.


    PS: It would be nice to have all attributes available for events. Each event is an individual case and may need fitting attributes.

    Why is there a RV attribute, but not other means of transport like bicycle or motorcycle? What if I have a bicycle, motorcycle, quad event (there was a motorcycle event during Geokur mega event)?

  5. Also, small issue, but we used to be able to get the little signal emoticons in comments by typing :mad: and the little face would show up. Now all of my thousands of logs with this in it just have the words :angry: and not the picture. If I add [:P] then the picture shows up, but it has brackets around it. All of the previous thousands of logs look stupid now.

    Yes, all the logs containing only colon signal smilies don't show the associated images on cache and log pages.

    On http://www.geocaching.com/my/geocaches.aspx signal smilies are shown properly.


    If squared brackets are used anywhere in a log, the signal smilies with colon are also shown properly on log and cache pages.

  6. I skimmed these postings and saw nothing on this. Did anything in this update have any bearing on the "GPX file" button on the cache page? When clicked it no longer offers the option of opening with GSAK but takes me directly to a "save file" dialog.

    "GPX file on published cache pages works for me. It is not working on my unpublished cache listings though, I think this problem already existed before this update. This feature is useful for betatesting, or if you want to see how your listing looks on a paperless caching device.

    "send to GPS" works on unpublished cache pages. :mad:

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