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  1. I'm with you on this. Wow....I am completely over my geocoin budget! I have hopefully turned to the corner to focus more on trading and establishing great relationships with other traders here.
  2. PM me if you are buying extras and would like to trade.
  3. I'm with everyone else on these.....these are great. I can't wait for them to come out.
  4. 3rd row, 4th one in-native americans 3rd row, 5th-Groundspeak lackey 4th row, 3rd-sunshine gang last one....regions of germany???
  5. I'm on the reservation list but didn't get a code, can anybody help? I think SoMd is away.
  6. I got the email. I'm waiting for some Travel Buddy tags to arrive and as soon as I get them, I will send the coins out. Thanks again for this...it's a great idea!
  7. Count me in the group....this is great!
  8. Email for one set sent! How exciting!
  9. Email sent....can't wait for this one!
  10. Ditto from a fellow mainer! Email sent for a shiny gold! hopefully!
  11. 2006-02-21 12:30:02 Geocaching Alberta South Geocoin Wow, that F5 key really works!
  12. Wierd, still up top for me They are back up top now.... I got a gas one finally!
  13. maybe 3 was the magic number....now if I can just get these gas ones! Phew! they dropped again
  14. maybe 3 was the magic number....now if I can just get these gas ones! Phew!
  15. Hey, but I got the ARK - MO early! My luck is turning around! 2006-02-21 12:14:19 ARK-MO Geocoin
  16. Yeah, I think me and this coin are just not meant to be.... anybody have an access code I could borrow?
  17. email sent for one of each....am I too late? *crossing fingers*
  18. I'll take one of these....is there still room on the preorder list?
  19. I'm looking for Maine coins with the numbers 0606 and 0707...zip me a pm if you have these and we will work out a deal!
  20. I have been dabbling with this paperless thing for a few weeks. I've been sorta successful but I'm stuck now. Here's what I've got going: I was able to transfer all my waypoints to my gps (Garmin Legend) using GSAK. (WHOA!) I have a pocket pc and have been using GPXSonar and I really like it so far. I was able to load all my waypoints in there so I have all the cache pages and info and logs right on the pda. I also have a bluetooth logger GPS thingy...and have Mapopolis as my mapping software. So whalla! I've got it right? But this is what I'm thinking... Is there a way to enter all my waypoints to the mapping software on the pocket pc so that when I tap it, the cache info page opens up??? I'm just wondering. Maybe it hasn't been invented yet? Maybe I just have the wrong mapping software? I understand how you can look at the waypoint name, then go look at it in the sonar thing...but I'm lazy and thought if I could just *TAP* it...that would be sweet! Any help or comments would be greatly appreciated!
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