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  1. At the Maine Pirate Quest last year, we hide 24 geocoins around the room for people to discover. Each coin was hidden in a unique way, in a box, loot bag, etc...and each had it's own little logbook. We placed clues up on the wall that led each cacher to the location of each coin. We also made up a check off sheet so they could keep track of which ones they had found. Everyone really enjoyed it...and most got 24 new icons to boot. We plan on doing it again this year. Hope this helps.
  2. Lots of fun! Thanks for the cointest.
  3. Oh man, missed last hour....but I'm in for this one. Thanks so much for such a great time... Did anyone post every hour?
  4. foiled by the wrong time zone! 3 posts, wait, no, maybe four after this one... The snow/ice/cold/wind is affecting my thought process...
  5. 2 posts left after this one....I hope one is a winner!
  6. What goes oh, oh, oh? Santa Claus walking backwards.
  7. Try an early one this time around... I'm smiling!
  8. Another day, another entry! Thanks again!
  9. The Cache Maine team met TnT at GW5 this year in Raleigh...we are saddened by the news. Our thoughts go out to all.
  10. It's true, Hollora has been a very good girl this year! I can attest to that fact!
  11. I've been out of the buying/trading loop for a while now, but there are a few that I would love to add to my collection...wishful thinking, I am sure. I bet I've missed some really great coins. Groundspeak Volunteer Moun10Bike Geodiamond Earth Turtle Happy Holidays everyone!
  12. I'll say 20 cards. Thanks for the cointest! Happy Holidays!
  13. That little elf is so cute! Can't wait to hear what happens with this coin and where it turns up. Gotta love this time of year.
  14. Happy Halloween everyone. Thanks for all the fun CCC! What a blast this has been!
  15. I noticed a lot of them have been placed indoors. I'm not from the city, but are trees, grass and parks that hard to come by in these areas?
  16. I have some unactivated coins (about 50) that I need to sell asap. (I'm ready for some reasonable offers here.) Contact me through my profile (not PM) with your email address for the list. First come first serve, I will answer emails as they arrive. Instant payments only, no checks. ******UPDATE****** I am currently working with 7 buyers. Please wait until I post again before emailing more requests. I need to catch up with these, then we will go again. Thank you. *********** Ready to accept emails again. Here is the list of what is left at this point. Still first come, first serve. Email me through my profile to get the list with prices. Louisiana gold GoWT 2006 silver Spinning coin silver Acadia NP pewter Parents of Sam silver signal february silver Fraher Family silver bailey nippon silver georgia micro pewter geocoin club april 2006 World of Geocaching 2006 civil war gold fort sumtner foot trax black nickel Scott n8zus indiana micro Rhein nahe 2006 prime meridian silver mustang joni gold generic team thorny duncanclan civil war series pewter fort sumtner baby loggerhead black nickel Mississippi 2006 native american john deere green and yellow cache 2 california poppy coins world championship germany canada's first geocache civil war gold fort sumtner koi silver koi gold baby loggerhead black nickel winter caching snowflake geofaex acadia NP gold silver loggerhead
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