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  1. It worked! The key was the [url'] tag as opposed to a [a href'] tag. Thank you very much!
  2. MISSION 1 - CM 1. Participating - email sent 2. Received Name - 3. Mission Complete - 4. Package Received! - MISSION 2 - CM2 1. Participating - email sent 2. Received Name - 3. Mission Complete - 4. Package Received! - I need help making my signature coin list clicky.
  3. Email sent. Look forward to following the project.
  4. Still hoping and praying here in Maine...
  5. Still hoping and praying here in Maine...
  6. I have these two Maine ones, do you have an available coin list?
  7. Awesome, thank you! I will be checking this out asap!
  8. Delorme Challenge Coin-Completed for Maine a cute santa hat coin from Steve, thanks!
  9. Love reading all these happy holiday stories...congrats to those that have received these coins.
  10. Just curious on the new colored set....how are things going?
  11. I would love to find a Geocoin Secret Agent coin...probably won't happen up here in Maine though.
  12. a bag of zip ties Chris he needed some for the FSM thingy so he pulled them out from under the tree and let you open them so he could have some. ha ha ha!
  13. maybe it's not something for her trip at all...I know we have been kinda leaning that way the last, ohhh...3 pages...
  14. a new tamrac lens for your camera chris you just have a standard lens and you need a longer one to take pictures on your trip to wdw
  15. camelbak Chris those long hiking trips
  16. Geocaching has changed my life, in such a positive way. I have met some amazing people who I consider true friends, and I have seen many places that I would have missed it if wasn't for caching. It gets me out of the house and away from work, both good things. I try to live by the idea to work hard, and play harder. Thanks for the cointest...the entries have been wonderful. Happy Holidays everyone!
  17. I am looking for a Lucky Scratch & Win Pirate Cat. I have no idea who made them....I just saw one and I would love to have it for the Maine Pirate Event in April. Thanks!
  18. Package is all ready to go....our team is sending a 2007 Maine coin and two Maine Pirate Quest, one gold, one antique bronze. I hope our contributions along with everyone elses make things a little easier for TnT. From Hollora: From Cache Maine:
  19. I love all these mystery coin stories....congrats to all the lucky ones!
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