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  1. If the stars don't line up, let us know...we'll take good care of you.
  2. Just a thought, is there any way to request specific soldiers....say if I wanted to buy all the coins for all the ones we have lost that were from Maine? Would this be possible?
  3. I'm still looking for a replacement for Mapopolis. Has anyone found anything that is working really well? I have a separate bluetooth gps that I connect to the pda, and a 60csx. My mapopolis errors out and locks up, so it's time for it to go.
  4. My heart desires a mystery coin...any one will do.
  5. Yea! I'm glad you liked your sunshine! Those little books come from the dollhouse/miniature section at the craft store...they make great micro logs!
  6. I noticed that the codes are available via hogcode....so we must be getting close. I can't wait!
  7. My sunshine came today and it brought tears.....tears of joy! I am just tickled pink with my coin and I want to say thank you to my person... From the very bottom of my geocoin heart....thank you! 1. Participating - Yes 2. Received Name - Yes 3. Mission Complete - Yes but has not been claimed yet 4. Mission Arrived! - Yes
  8. We'd be happy to start one here in Maine....even if we don't make it to Port Angeles soon, I hope your coin will! Let us know if you need our help, or anything else for that matter. Thinking of you!
  9. BlueMotMot.....We are sorry to hear about this....our thoughts are with you and your family during this difficult time. Your plan to release trackables in her "places" is very sweet....I hope they travel far and you enjoy their movements. My fiance used to live in Port Angeles and we hope that some day, we can make the trek from Maine so he can show me around. Cache Maine
  10. Mine was in with Hollora's package....if you could just list that separate, that would be great. I'll email you my contact information.
  11. Okay, you got a out of me with that little post! I hope you are right!
  12. Okay, this is kinda backwards, but Tsun, I'm in! The coin is already on it's way in the package from Hollora....nothing like shopping her coin collection via email and picture! She takes good care of me when I have to be at work! ATC06...we are going to start planning now for your visit to New England! We can't wait! We will be watching and waiting for pictures of your event...I looked for a link on the geocaching event calendar, but didn't see it... Has the event been published yet?
  13. I would love to have an earth turtle. They are so special.
  14. Here's my best caching bud, Hollora aka Happy Feet, in reach of a frozen in cache over the bank at the Red Beach in Robbinston, Maine. Granted, from afar it looks like something very different, but she held on and made the find. True caching spirit right here!
  15. 1. Participating - Email sent 2. Received Name - Yes 3. Mission Complete - Going postal on Monday 4. Mission Arrived! To my sunshine pal, I hope you enjoy this little package....from the minute that you get your mail and see that you have coin mail to the time when you are logging it received on here, I hope it makes you smile and brightens your day.
  16. I'm missing a package too....my mail is usually very good....Not sure...if you had me, did you send me something? Anyone? Bueller? (he he heh)
  17. You welcome, glad I picked some good ones for you! Happy Birthday to you!
  18. Mission One 1. Participating - YES 2. Received Name -YES 3. Mission Complete - YES 4. Package Received! - YES Mission Two 1. Participating - YES 2. Received Name -YES 3. Mission Complete - YES 4. Package Received! -
  19. We updated the list of the latest sponsors tonight....and looking to add a few more familiar icons and names to the list. Here's the event page.
  20. No, he wasn't....looks like he got bounced around a little! Thanks again!
  21. Would love to have one of the new color lackey coins.
  22. What a great birthday box! Thanks so much to BigD! I loved all my treasures....how did you know that I love diamonds?!?!?! Thanks for everything! Love the penny, and the coins.....and the keyring...and everything!
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