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  1. Brand New Dakota 20 ~ Just out of the box to test and take a picture, purchased in Sept 2012, never used in the field. I had planned on getting back into caching but life happens. Comes with GPS, silicone form fitting case and carabiner clip. $200 or best offer.



  2. I have a Delorme PN 40 for sale. I purchased this 11/25/2009 and have used it very little.


    This package includes:


    PN 40 GPS in original box

    User Manual

    Quick Start Guide

    TOPO USA cd Version 8.0

    East, Central, and West Region Maps on dvd

    Canada and Mexico Road Maps on dvd

    2GB sd card (never opened)

    LCD Screen Protectors

    30 day Geocaching.com Premium Membership

    USB cable

    Vehicle Ram Mount

    Optional Charging Package (Vehicle charger, and rechargable battery.)


    $180 (shipping & paypal fee included)



  3. Great idea for a cointest Hollora!


    Of all things, I am thankful to be alive. So many things could have happened differently, and life wouldn't be the same. I wouldn't have the opportunity to be thankful for my family and friends, a career, my health.


    I am a true believer in the fact that things happen for a reason....but also believe that things DON'T happen for a reason too.


    Happy Thanksgiving to you all! Go eat Turkey!

  4. I have a couple of gpsr's for sale.


    The first one is a Garmin Etrex Legend. (On the left in the pic) This is a used GPS that has been on the trail many times. It does have a few scratches, normal wear and tear, and still works perfect. It comes with the cord to plug in the car. There are no manuals or box. The price is $60.00 or BO.


    The second one is a Garmin 60CSX. (On the Right in the pic) This is also a used GPSr that has been on the trail a little. It does have a few scratches too from rogue trees in my way. :D This is a great unit for caching and comes with extra features to help you along the way. It comes with the cord to plug in the computer to download waypoints, charge, etc. There are no manuals or box. The price is $260.00 or BO. (I am pretty sure I have the manuals in a box...we just moved...everything is in a box. If I find them, I will forward them to the buyer.)


    I will accept paypal or bank check (no personal checks), and I will ship, however, the prices above do not include the paypal fee or shipping charges.


    The best way to contact me is cameo@cachemaine.com.



  5. I can only apologize profusely for what is a complete lack of professionalism on my part. I have had several personal things come up over the last few months but my main reason for not diving back into this is basically that it is such a hugely confusing task for me at times. I have a database full of the names and each time I dive in I print off a new one then go and highlight name as I add them, cross check and revise. I'm very sorry, I know this is the one coin that many people are interested in, mainly because it is a huge expense to have a coin made and this way you get onto one.

    With all that said, I hope you can forgive me.


    I have dug up what I think was my finalized front side, and a work in progress back side. As you will see there is still room. I did go back through the thread looking for any names that were asked for that were not on my lists and added a few, but there is still room. PLEASE check these over, if you see a mistake, ANY mistake let me know as I'm sure many of those listed do not check this thread often. I greatly appreciate your patience and again am very sorry.







    This is the latest version....I think....am I missing it on here. I posted the other to show that it was there at one point.

  6. One of your agents from Maine here with a suggestion...


    Create a namesake cache or coin for a fellow cacher. Either have the cache suited to their ability or pick a coin from your stash that would mean something to the chosen one.


    This agent has done 24 coins in that manner (The Lost Coins), and was also part of a group of three to put out over 30 caches geared to cachers with limited mobility. (Maine Rose Series)


    I'd love to see the trend continue...

  7. Have new Maine Pirate Quest coins from today's event (GC17ZFJ):


    (2) LE Polished Nickel w/glow sails (70 made/total minting 250):



    (2) RE Satin Gold w/ glitter sky (150 made)




    Ohhhhhhhh.....shiny! I love them! :mad:


    Right now, I have one LE Nickel with glow sales available for trade. I am looking an Earth Turtle v1.

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