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  1. Please just allow one more game before this goes into effect. One. More. Game.
  2. I'm too lazy right now to make a link, but this has been discussed recently. This was a previously unidentified glitch in the system that was fixed by TPTB upon questioning in the forums by a (former) non-member. So, a benefit non-members shouldn't have had in the first place was "taken away."
  3. Yay! I have access to the off-topic forum! Oh. Wait a minute...
  4. Someone.... I think maybe "Centaur" uses these as a signature item. Pan Edit: Yup, here's a link.
  5. I think Jeremy took a poll on this a long while back. The results didn't bode so well for those of us who support the idea. I searched for the topic, but if memory serves me, it was before the boards changed to this format, and I don't know how to (or if I can) search older posts. Pan
  6. Well, using what little knowledge I think I have of the pythagorean theorem, it sounds like the old cache is actually "about" 50 feet away from where you want to place the new cache. I still disagree that the two caches can't live in harmony. They are two completely different experiences. If someone ends up logging the wrong cache on the cliff webpage, they can be directed where to correctly place their log. Its not like you'd be taking anything away from them. They'd still get their smiley. And if they come looking for the cliff cache, the description can clearly say that it is NOT the easy cache nearby at the top. If you have enough information to show up with rapelling gear, you should notice the reference to the additional nearby cache. I don't think the idea should be scrapped in anticipation of "stupid people." With that said, maybe the guy with the nearby cache would like to do a joint effort cache in your location. You can be co-owners, and you can put the whole story in on the cache page. Good luck.
  7. Here's the type of post I was referring to, but not the exact one I read. So, me thinks there is more than one. Post by Keystone Approver With regards to the 30 foot measurement, is that actual distance? The caches are 30 feet from one another? Or is that what it would look like on a map, but actually the caches are much further apart than that? Pan
  8. I think there is a comment posted around here on this EXACT same topic. I'm not saying you're being redundant, I'm just saying that someone should be able to direct you to a quote from an approver commenting on the fact that if there is one cache at the top of a cliff, and one cache halfway down, this may be a reasonable departure from the .1 mile rule. Or something like that. I'll see if I can locate it. Pan
  9. I don't know anyone involved in any of this, but I disagree with some of what you've said. I'd argue that finding 75 caches gives one plenty of experience to hide caches. Now, whether or not 25 caches is too many to maintain, I guess that's a different conversation. Mainly, however, it seems to be peculiar to complain about finding a cache because it was in too dense undergrowth... especially trees. Maybe the complaint here should be about upping the difficulty? At any rate, there seems to be more here than meets the eye.
  10. I think discussing pocket queries, the definition, and how to best use them from FTFs is on topic. I just don't have much experience with PQs, so anyone else can feel free to chime in.
  11. Talk about embodying the word "impotent." Imagine how the daddylonglegs must get teased by the other spiders. What if the DLL bites me in an already open wound?
  12. Okay, but what method did you use to find the newly approved cache?
  13. Oooooo.... that's a good one. Thanks 2qwerqE! Edit: Weird that when you click on your state, and the list of caches comes up, it doesn't tell you how far away the cache is from you. - P
  14. Does anyone have any first finder tips to share? Are there programs out there that will alert you to a new cache in your area? Do people just type in their zip code all day, or refresh their browser, or run PQ's every hour looking for new caches? Most of the time, by the time I see a new cache has been listed, either by random chance or in the weekly update, there have been ten finders. So, I'm curious, how do YOU stay on top of the newly released caches to increase your first finds? Pan P.S. In keeping with attempts to keep this topic on point, I have it on good authority that the OP doesn't care whether YOU care about being the FTF. I would appreciate it if any such discussions are taken to another thread. My intent is for this to be the place for posting tips/tricks/advice/methods on increasing your odds to be FTF. - P P.P.S. If you've got markwell's I'll take 'em. I did a search and came up with an unmanagable amount of information, none of which seemed useful. - P
  15. So... you're saying that we SHOULD trust the other guy's GPS.... Because I imagine I could throw it a pretty good clip.
  16. Never an easy solution for me... Thanks for replying.
  17. Sorry if this has been asked before, I did a search and came up empty. Is there a way to change the size of an image in a post? Thanks.
  18. Wow, its amazing to me that with 180+ caches, I'm in the top 2 or 3 percentile of geocachers (as far as this website can tell). I'll have to buckle down and find a few hundred more so I can be up in that 1st percentile.
  19. I was heading out caching one day, on an early, damp dark morning... just like this morning. SUDDENLY, before I could go very far, I heard a rattler. "Holy Bleep," I said, "A rattler... in Massachusetts?! This early in the morning!" (I really said "Holy Bleep" by the way, that's just how I talk.) Anyway, I was scared. For a moment I saw my life flashing before my eyes. I didn't know if I could face a rattler without a sidearm. Well, as I turned the corner, the rattle got louder and louder, I knew I would see it any minute. Then, suddenly I heard a baby crying. Oh my god, what if the crying was connected with the rattler! I'd better move quicker! As I turned the corner, I discovered, to my dismay, that the two sounds WERE related. My neice had dropped her rattler. I picked it up, gave it to her, and continued out the door to go Geocaching. THAT, my friends, was a close one.
  20. I'd probably choose the gun too. Oh wait, is the choice between MY brain and the rattler, or YOUR brain...?
  21. Regardless of what you're told to do about it, you CAN agree or disagree (even if its only in your head), right? Regardless, if, in my example above, the Moderator were to lock the thread, and then the OP unlocked, posted a link and relocked, the Moderator COULD look the other way, right? Mods do look the other way at times, right? All I'm trying to say is that there may be very limited circumstances in which the unlocking of a locked thread to provide a link (and then immediate relocking) could warrant tacit approval.
  22. Clearly there should be restrictions against reopening a thread that was locked by a moderator. However, should there be any exceptions? Maybe the quick answer to that question is "No, there are no legitimate exceptions to reopening a thread locked by a moderator." Well, what if you were reopening it just to provide a link to where the thread was moved to? Example: You start a topic which a moderator says is off topic, and should only be opened in the off-topic forum. The thread gets closed for being off-topic,. If the OP reopens the thread SOLELY to provide a link to the new, proper location of the thread, I would think that is acceptable. ESPECIALLY if you've been instructed by the moderator that it can be continued in the OT forum. Obviously moderators disagree.
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