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  1. MadMarty,


    I promise you two things:


    1) Nothing you post will ever change the way Jeremy responds to people in the forum; and


    2) If it is something that truly upsets you, and not just trolling, life will be better if you let it go, and enjoy caching without the forums.


    From Someone Who Knows,


  2. NH Moose... commenting that the Boston cache was impossible to find without the coordinates. How rude!


    Personally, I think the Boston cache (hidden in a discrete, little-used, area of the Arboretum) was EXPERTLY hidden. Even more ingenious was the manner in which extra clues were deviously hidden in forum posts prior to the release of the coordinates.


    Oh, what will the hider(s) think of THIS year to give resourceful geocaches that little edge?!



  3. I predict that if the groudhog sees his shadow, there will be a sharp rise in the number of sock puppet accounts around here. :laughing:


    Or, if he doesn't see his shadow. :anibad:


    Either way really.


    Get out that tracking program. Maybe this really will result in people getting banned.

  4. I guess I just don't understand how non-member caches (or any other logging requirements) will "decrease the number of paying members."



    I don't think that was his or her's point. If you read the translation, it appers to be a reaction to someone placing a members' only cache in his area.






    But my comment wasn't directed at the cache owner, it was part of a discussion that was taking place in the thread.

  5. i knew a guy who knew Neil Patrick Harris.  THE Doogie Hauser.

    The Doog sure SEEMS like he would be Geocaching material, doesn't he? (esp. after that role he also had in Starship Troopers! ("We've got one of their brains now. Now we can learn how they think...")) :o

    I believe that Neil Patrick Harris' brother attended my law school. I didn't know him though.....

    Did you know it was him because he wrote in his computer blog every night about the days events, while this weird music played in the background.


    Oh, that and he was seven when he attended law school.

  6. Placing this cache says that "I am going to use your website to list a cache that excludes your customers, people who have decided with their own free will to help contribute financially to your website."

    If I remember correctly (and I haven't yet researched this) there are approved caches that "excludes [gc.com] customers" by placing restrictions on logging.


    Although admittedly, I can see how the form of the requirement in this case could be troubling to TPTB.


    OTOH, I could see how they might feel that they could not care less.

  7. Placing a "no members" cache for every MOC is a way to seperate the community into two parts. Is this the beginning of a "geo-war"?

    Are you serious? The beginning was the MOC. Don't try to mix cause and reaction.

    Hmmm... this seems to me to be a fair point.


    How are non-MO caches any different from MO caches, with regard to the fact that they exclude certain cachers?


    But, with that said, isn't this "pushing an agenda" like WH was accused of doing before he was required to alter his cache?

  8. Of course its more about a concern for a precedent being set. Not only regarding "no members" caches but all the other silly logging requirements.

    I guess I just don't understand how non-member caches (or any other logging requirements) will "decrease the number of paying members."


    But, then again, I prescribe to the if-you-don't-like-it-don't-log-it theory of caching.

  9. "no member" caches can decrease the number of paying members.

    Are you saying that people will stop paying (or not start paying) because they want to log one cache?


    Really? Is that your argument?


    Or is it about a concern for a precedent being set? The landmark non-member cache that spawned an epidemic.

  10. Nobody is flaming. I'm not sure why it needs to be closed? I suppose it is kind of a dead horse though.

    I'm not saying it should be closed, I'm just surprised that its not. I seemed to remember a comment by mtn-man saying any further topics would be closed.


    Maybe the issue has cooled down sufficiently. Seems to be level-headed in here for the most part.

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