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  1. Hi! I'm using Urwigo and it allows you to define icons to any zones or objects, but I'm not sure of their use. Supposedly any 32x32 image will work (except on Garmin) but so far in my trials I haven't seen them displayed anywhere, not in the menus and not on map. What is their purpose and how can I utilize them?
  2. Use the NewSearch map instead: Hans I appreciate your 'lemons to lemonade' attitude, but this is a paid service. If you bought a tailormade suit that fits only if you are kneeling down and holding your left arm up, would you be satisfied? It fits, after all? But I'm hopeful that we'll see a remedy soon-ish.
  3. I think this refers to my comment, and I would like to add that something is lost in translation. I have no doubt that the GC crew have the best of intentions, it's just that the result in this case is irritating. For eyes and otherwise.
  4. Hear, hear! I'm slightly colour blind and while I can distinguish the colours, they don't pop out at all - they all look similar shades to me and it's really hard to gather information by a glance, I have to concentrate just enough to make it irritating. The former graphical icons were much better in this regard, there was never confusion between a Tupperware® icon and a question mark icon. Is it too much to ask for returning the old style icons as an option??? It would be greatly appreciated! Otherwise allow us to customize the colour palette to our preference, I find the current one unbearable.
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