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  1. I have been using my dads marine gps, NO idea what it is called but It cost about £800 and is VERY acurate. however I am heading of to Oz soon so want to get a mobile phone with good GPS so I can go paperless. I am currenlty with Orange and am happy with the telephone service so want a phone with good GPS pref that I can get off orange but if not I can get it unlocked (I understand if you unlock an I phone and add to another network you loose half of the options)


    I know it is not going to be as good as what I am usning at home and I may buy a decent handheld whilst in Hong Kong enroute but would like to get a GPS phone 1st.


    Any ideas of one that will not place me 50ft away?




  2. Hi I have today ordered 3 TB's for my husband, daughter and myself. We Live in the UK and are off to Australia in a few weeks so plan on letting them go there with a mission to get back to one of our caches here in the UK.


    From experiance what sort of attachments help th TB not go walkies


    Thanks for your help


  3. Just wondered really, places our 1st cache today and keep refreshing in hope it will show up so would be handy to know

    No need to refresh Geocaching.com - you will receive an e-mail when the cache is published. :D


    Sunday night is the busiest time of the week for the volunteer reviewers, so it may take a day or two.


    Your local reviewer knows more about local conditions than I do. However, looking at your cache, I can see that you stated that it is placed "in a black bin liner". This is generally a bad idea. Bin liners (garbage bags) are designed to bio-degrade, and that's exactly what they do, even if thorns and animals don't get to them. By the time your cache has had three visitors, there *will* be a hole in the bag, which will allow moisture in and then keep it right next to the cache box (and attract insects, snails, etc). It's best to place the box without a bag; that way, the outside may get rained on, but it will be able to dry out.



    AH I see, I will go back tomorrow and remove the bag, Very good point Thank you. we put it in the bag so it didn't stand out too much and get muggled but in all honesty it is far from visable from any path so there is no need for it.


    So glad we came accross geocaching, we have had the best family weekend out and about and walked LOADS.


    Thank you very much for your help


  4. Just wondered really, places our 1st cache today and keep refreshing in hope it will show up so would be handy to know




    The time will range from minutes to days. The goal is to have it reviewed within 72 hours. Your reviewer is probably out caching.




    Thank you very much. I'll come and check later then.




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