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  1. Congrats! and congrats on your 10th event(actually 11th if you add your CITO event to your regular events), 24 find icons, 12 hidden icons, but who's counting.
  2. YEAH!!! I just received 6 permits for Harriman caches in the area of The Timp. I will be placing them soon although my time is limited for hiking and the weather is not always the best when I can hike. There will also be a 7th cache on our camp property although it shows up on all maps as being on Harriman property. I have documented proof and permission from the head Ranger in Harriman that it doesn't need a permit. I just have to convince the NY Admin that it is ok. Hopefully they will be in place sometime in August. --Tallchief
  3. I was hoping to host an event Aug 6th near Harriman. It would be on the theme of Mingle with the Muggles--an event that Avroair pointed out. Maybe he can post the idea link. I hope to have permits to caches in Harriman by then. There could be camping Friday nite and Saturday nite although I hear Avroair never camps. Our camp will have a lot of family friendly caches and then some in Harriman.
  4. My scout camp in Stony Point needs caching help. We back up to Harriman on Mott Farm Road and want caches to hike to. Due to the new permit rule, all of the caches within day camp hiking distance have been removed. I have contacted jonboy and brian b to take over their sites. I am applying for permits for my limit of 5 caches in our area. I hope to have caches on The Timp, West Mountain, Cat's Elbow, The Pines, and what we call Kamikaze Ledge. We need help placing caches and applying permits if I get them. All of these cache sites are on existing trails although some of them are unmarked on the map and may not be approved by the Park officials. We have an extensive knowledge of these trails and are called Scout trails by some. We have created 2 new caches on our property line that should become available on geocaching.com I also have over a dozen caches in camp that need co-ordinates checked (these are great caches to take younger family members to). These caches would not be on geocaching.com. I would also like GPS track/ topo maps of whatever you can give me. We are also the recipients of a new computer and projector thanks to a grant from Lockheed Martin and Girl Scouts USA. Our grant is titled "GPS and Mapping" and we hope to get the scouts interested in the next step after geocaching. Could someone do a presentation using our new tools and educate a group of us interested in connecting the GPS to the computer? I have reserved camp on June 4 -5th to work on all of this. Overnight camping is available. You would also learn how to have Harriman access and parking privileges at our Ranger's house and our Beaver Meadow area. I could try to make this an event, but am intimdated by Avroair's success and creativity at events. Feed back would be appreciated.
  5. I believe I met Pirate on the group hike at Big Bill's Turkey Hill lake in Harriman last summer. He was quite a companion. I'm sure Turtle Boy and Monkey Girl and family will give him a lot of love.
  6. At the CITO event last Sunday, I took a permit application from Mr. Hamilton. I am seeking a permit for a cache near The Timp in Harriman off of the Blue Dot Trail. Mr. Hamilton said it would probably be in the Lake Welch territory, but to send it to him anyway. The permit I got definitely says "within: Lake Sebago" at the very top. I will let you know what happens.
  7. Will someone please Markwell me (is it a verb?) in the direction of how to obtain permission to place a cache in Harriman or other PIP parks like Tallman? I have placed a cache in our camp's backyard in Harriman and would like to post it.
  8. Is there a cache for being stopped at a cache by a cop? If there is one for a speeding ticket, there should be one for this
  9. I want to thank Avroair for making this a group hike. I read the following log that was recently posted for these caches: Visit this log entry at the below address: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LU...c7-f226fad2b27c (Turkey Lake Cache 8/18/04 by OptimusPrime) After reading the log, I would never have attempted these caches without the safety of the group. Thanks.
  10. The vertical track shows 7 miles. Does that mean it takes into account the additional distance it takes going up and down? Therefore--we did do 7 miles although we only covered 5.62 miles on a flat map. My body says we covered 7 miles, thank you. I love all this technical verification and validation of why I feel the way I do.
  11. I looked at all the planned caches and found it interesting that they are all by BigBill6 ad most were placed in 2002 and 2003. So you are caching 9 out of his 43. For somebody in his 60's, I'm impressed. Has anyone met him?
  12. This is my first post on these forum pages so be gentle. I have been reading the Harriman Hike thread. I saw interest in camping in Harriman. If anyone is ever interested in family camping or camping just below Trepidation Cache on the Timp, let me know. I work with the Girl Scouts at Camp Addisone Boyce on Mott Farm Road. It is a good location and we have running water, fire circles, and flushies in main camp. It is hardly used this time of year. Talk to me at the Baby Back Ribs Event Cache. I would love to plan an event headquartered out of here, but am way to new at all this.
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