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  1. congrats Mark. I didnt realize I had hidden so many. 38, eh? cool. william
  2. quote:Originally posted by seneca:Referring to yourself as a "newbie" is a positive sign that you are prepared to listen to and learn from those with more experience than you. Calling someone else a "newbie" is an arrogant declaration of superiority. I was going to say that the poll answers left out the most essential one: ALL OF THE ABOVE DEPENDING ON CIRCUMSTANCES. then I read this post, and felt that it, more then anything else I've read, sums up the true defintion. Course I also agree a lot with what BP said in the other thread too. william
  3. quote:Originally posted by Jeremy (Admin):They asked and received permission to list it on the site. IF so, wouldn't it have been smart of them to say so in their cache write up? It could've avoided 3 wks of debate. I'm glad you've brought that up in their defense, but if I ever get that one borderline cache done, I'm making sure I state up front I already had cleared it w/you first. Why allow a controversy to even get off the ground? william
  4. I'd be willing to help in jersey. Ummm stupid question but have you run this idea by admin? hate to c u go to all this trouble only get a big fat ARCHIVED by erik or some other rules attentive person (no offense erik) william
  5. quote:Originally posted by Dinoprophet: <useless trivia> I just got back from seeing Weird Al. </useless trivia> did hedo any material from his upcoming album? saw him on the running w/scissors tour. very very good show. william
  6. quote:Originally posted by hammack:If you're going to define "top", it's got to be simple. Forget about taking into account the difficulty of the caches. It should be either total finds or finds+hides. oh ok then in that case its stayfloopy (in NJ at least) and this thread can now be closed. sorry we all define top differently. I stand by my previous annointing of BP (although there is a contingent of the Episcopalian church which plans to protest against this nomination) william
  7. quote:Originally posted by BrianSnat:I think in one of your incarnations, you were called the "queen of the locationess cache" I never had relations with that... geocacher! william
  8. quote:Originally posted by Team GPSaxophone:I saw a picture of Phoenix gas prices in the paper today. $3.57 for Unleaded! ok, THAT's a legit reason, however thats a temporary situation due to the rupture of a gas delivery pipeline and things should be normal in a few weeks. william
  9. I read this story in the Bergen Record today. it's about a "trail angel" named desperado. Basically he hikes the trails, (mostly the appalachian trail it seems) and he distrubutes water, fruit, candy and other snacks to hikers he encounters. For free. he also clears out trail hidaways, and leaves stocks of supplies in "bear proof containers" which, if you saw the photo, (n-a online) looks a lot like a large ammo canister. Wondering if anyone has met this guy or anyone like him, and what makes someone like that tick. william
  10. If Stayfloops hasnt changed his find frequency then none of us have any excuse. He has to get an oil change once a month he recently admitted, so anyone who said yes needs to be quiet.... william
  11. quote:Originally posted by geospotter:Define "top". Here's how I don't define it: the most number of finds. To me it's someone who can handle 5/5's. It's someone with a decent amount of finds. It's someone with a fair amount of FTF. It's someone who contributes back to the game in the forums, and with hiding their own caches. From NJ I must say that it's a tie IMHO between Stayfloopy and BP. Stayfloops has more finds, but I think Marc has slightly better skills. BP may be ornery at times, but if I HAD to name one individual I'd name Marc, if only for the fact that he finds everything, he's like a hoover vacomatic. There are several others that warrant honorable mention including NJ Ski, and I'd give HartClimbs a mention despite still not having been around that long. And Tneigel deserves a nod just for his contribution back to the sport. william
  12. I'm kinda glad the stats went away personally. I think it made things way too competitive. I might not be that competitive, but it sure amde dealing with folks who are that much more difficult. As a friend once said, being the #1 geocacher is like being the #1 pez collector. You and all of 7 other people are truly impressed. the other part of the country couldn't give a dadgum. william
  13. I own a Panasonic Shostopper2000. Bought it off Ebay about 2 years ago before they required a charge of 9.95/month or a flat fee of $250 (which I feel is such a @)*(#)_*)@!#) ripoff. Without that nservice it don't work. Just charge me $450 or whatever it is and be done with it. Selling it for $250 then telling me its another $250 to use it is so scummy. And the worst part is I've had it for 18 months or so and the HD is going so now I watch shows & its all choppy-like, then it pauses for 15 seconds. AGHGHH. I'd buy a new one right now but I work for Verizon and I dont want to spend any money till we get a contract. Course that means I wont be able to buy Christmas presents at the rate we're going. Anyway, whenever I buy a new one, it'll be another Panasonic since I dont like that TIVO documents your viewing habits. Thats my business, not theirs. william
  14. As I write this on 8-21-03 it seems thjat our facorite celebrity geocacher is the #1 vote getter for governor of California on amigovernorornot. I gave him a 10, but then again I also gave a 10 to Weird Al, the cubic meter or space in my living room as well as the Mad Hatter. Go. Vote Now. Now tell us. Who did you vote for? william
  15. I just visited Cedar Point this week, part of a tour of 6 theme parks in 7 days I went on with my family. I didnt bring my GPS (not out of fear of confiscation, I just didnt see a need to) Anyway my wife had asked for a electric wheelchair to be reserved and the one they held as damaged, so they said when one came back in they'd hold it for her. So mid day I'm near Milleniumn Force & can't find a shop to have someone check in for us so I grab a security officer for help. He's real helpful, and as we're walking to a station for him to phone in I notice the gun and immediately this thread came to mind. I notice his sew on patch says Cedar Point Police. (not security, Po-Leese) So I ask him how come Cedar point has its own police, the difference between police & just regular security etc. He explains that on a good day they get 75-100,000 people, it can get REAL rowdy, they often have to make arrest, and thats where the main difference is, they can arrest people, and they are allowed to carry guns. Needless to say, as far as attitude goes he was real nice, probably because I was nice to him. If I'm a total nasty-@$$ he might not have been so helpful. Although there are definit exceptions, I find with law enforcement, you reap what you sew. Nice gets a warning, nasty gets a ticket. And when nice gives you a ticket, (like i got on 480 in Independance, PH) nice gets your court date moved up so you dont have to come back 3 weeks later. william
  16. Quote from the article....The value of items in caches frequently is less than $10. Frequently? Snortchuckleguffaw william
  17. quote:Originally posted by Team GPSaxophone:Burying a cache on the beach damages the sand as much as a hydrocache damages the water Ya know I am REALLY tossed as to whether I should be taking that seriously, or as sarasm!!! <<knock knock>> AHA! The batteries are dead in the sarcasm detector! <<grumpnag*****pissmoan, stupid cheap 99 cent store batteries...>> william
  18. I know that buried caches are taboo, but I suddenly recalled that I've seen several of them at beaches, often under boardwalks, often with some sort of marker to identify them, though not always. I even made one myself one time. I'm curious if burying in this manner is viewed negatively or even considered a violation of that rule. From a technical standpoint it obviously is, but I don't recall seeing too many negative logs on those caches, and I actually enjoyed the hunt, made it interesting. Not that I'm suggesting we all go out & hide one, but it is different. Wondering what the masses (and approvers) think. Also since most of the descriptions state that its buried, I'm wondering how they got approved, assuming that they are indeed not suitable. william
  19. quote:Originally posted by hammack:First of all, your prediction that the numbers whores would be in a tizzy is just speculation. true, but I agree with him. quote:if you don't care about the numbers, then it shouldn't bother you if others do. ya, but we have to listen to it in the forums and theres already enough kvetching, moaning, whining and *****ing going on I dont think we need any more. + a lot of times it gets downright ugly. just mention [dons flameproof suit] CCCooper Agency and you're likely to start a riot. well it used to be that way, but even lately I've seen it happen. what was that one guys signature line? "Never trust someone with over 1000 finds" ? To which i emailed him and asked him if he'd stop trusting Stayfloopy when he hit that #. No answer. Didnt think there be one. william
  20. quote:1.) It's hilarious. I agree quote:2.) You guys need to relax. I also agree. quote:3.) I think the "Nudecacher" should place a cache in a nude camp/area so that cache seekers would have to be naked to hunt. Umm. I think thats a funny concept, but wouldnt be funny if executed. Why am I suddenly agreeing with you? maybe its because this has been blown out of proportion. Granted I didnt see the pictures, but it sounds like a lot of hubbub about nothing. Is it illegal? probably? is it harmful? most likely not. do I understand why some people are offended? absolutely do I understand why this thread has grown to 3 pages? not really. well, actually yes, but I dont agree. whatever was jeremy justified to delete the picture? absolutely. I actually appreciate his stepping in Was he promoting a position (sorry cant think of the right word, and I like the pun) I dont think so. He caches nude. Or he strips naked when he finds the cache to appear as if hes caching nude. BFD. Odd, but BFD. do we need to go on & on about this? ummm...NO. william
  21. quote:Originally posted by ~erik~: A newbie might naively bury a cache next to the RR tracks running through a National Park while on vacation, for example. AH-HA!!! Now I know where I remember you from!!! You're the one who rejected my cache!!! Fess up Erik, I know it was you!!!!! william
  22. news for the uninformed they already ask for the final coordinates on multis for just this reason. Have done it for over 6 months now. I was totally caught off guard when I was asked for them on a multi I placed. So get with the times. It's a rather stupid idea anyway, trying to get around the national park rules. william
  23. quote:The Spinal Tap episode of The Simpsons, right? I tend to get confused after drinking billy beer. it was either that or in the jacket of the tux I used when I got married. william
  24. you guys are just so hellllllllllpful! I know. maybe I'd have had better luck if I had this cache sponsored by Magellan or something.... they seem real pop'lar round these parts.... william
  25. I recently created a really cool cache and I just received a NASTY HORRIBLE DEGRADING mail from an approver (who shall remane nameless) who told me I was crazy, this cache would never get approved, etc. The cache was placed on private property under a highway bridge, right near an active railroad tracks that lead to the nearby Army base. The cache was hidden in an ammo cannister and container the following items: a switchblade an old bottle of billy beer a half smoked joint I found near this cache some matches, and a zippo lighter some granola bars some scented candles business cards for my tax preparing service(hey I hope this won't be considered a commercial cache) some firecrackers and some adult movies I don't watch any more. I really don't see what the problem is. They said something about inaprorpirate items in the cache but I've seen these items in caches before. And bad location? Whats so bad about it? Seemed like a good idea at the time. I think this approver really is a bad apple, and I feel as if I'm being picked on! BOOHOO! As far as I know every cache submitted gets approved but mine AND ITS NOT FAIR! I feel as if I'm being picked on. I'll say it again, a third time even because its the truth! They always reject my caches. I think the webcam strip club virtual was a great idea. REJECTED! The alarm clock/dynamite stick TB was confiscated! What is it with this website? This S**KS **S So what do I do about this? william
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