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  1. I hope that any attendees will bring TB's and get their requisitive pics w/bride & groom! I picked up Pumba en route to a wedding i attended last weekend and made sure to get pics of the big pig with Joe & Birch. Shame he misbehaved, had to keep him on a tight leash for most of the party http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=35513
  2. NJ Skylands is amagazine decdicated to covering topics of interst in the Sussex County area. They discuss art, hiking, photography, events, history, and nature. In the next issue there will be a geocaching article, as well as an article on Tripod Rock. thought you might wannt read it. its a fairly good write up about GC and I was surprised to learn that tehres several tripod rocks, including a trio in one spot.
  3. neither. I prefer fall. winter cold gives me frostbite and blue *****. Summer is too yucky and sticky. spring I get allergies, bugs and often its humid. fall typically little of any of these things, so sept and oct are optimal months. april & may arent too bad sometimes.
  4. Welll... if you haven't seen any, there's this... the washington post cicada-cam.I kid you not. take the link if you don't believe. I wouldn't believe me unless I looked for myself.
  5. How can that be? Marc hasnt been to an event cache in quite a long time....
  6. You forgot this one Bassoon Pilot 0
  7. dadgum it, i read that and was so startled I spilt my beer!
  8. congrats, but youi know you've could've hit 300 finds about 4 months ago if you'd stop finding caches and not logging them. A little birdie whispered in my ear and told me that you do that....
  9. Don't worry hart, that guy doesnt even have a single find to his credit, so I really don't know where that "know it all attitude" comes from. You'd think someone with no finds would be a little more humble.
  10. I just emailed the owner and I'll say it again here: the owner needs to place a micro here instead. one could easily be hidden within 4-5 feet and not need new coordinates. Then they need to take this cache and find a secluded and faqr off spot in the ramapo reservation and hide it there. this cache is way too special and way too well stocked to risk being muggled by skateboarders. An amazing effort for a newbie in terms of the container, concealment and contents, but definately a newbie when it comes to placement. (thats a major compliment with a minor --- I hate to even say complaint, we'll just call it a concern)
  11. talking about screwing up the bell curve for the rest of us. thats just amazing. been caching since 5/25/01, meaning she's been a member for 1062 days. She's logged 5168 finds. that's 4.866 finds PER DAY. I'll say it again: PER DAY. Even if you discount the 877 virts, events and locationless, that's still 4291 caches for an average of 4.04 caches per day. I think she dispelled the validity of any rumors or innuendo long ago, although I must say that Webster is looking to put her picture in the newest dictionary edition next to the term OCD. Said by someone who has that problem, so it's quite fair for me to say it. besides I say that w/love not malice so it's cool...
  12. Nicely handled KA. I'm doing a hike for cancer in June. I'll sponsor you if you sponsor me. To be on topic I am thinking about making it a cache event and hide a few caches along the route. i think thats a fair deal. just give me the details on the when and where. and how.
  13. i disagree. climbing is I think a lot tougher mainly because you have to do it for longer time periods ... and .... if the going gets rough you dont have the luxury of someone or soemthing to bail you out (like a backup chute) thanks
  14. Found cache. Took parachute. left spare acme tire - bugs bunny
  15. First off, I looked in the TOS and didn't see anything addressing requests for donations, so here goes. I hope I don't offend anyone by making this request... I am tenatively planning to participate on April 3rd or 4th in the Jump for the kids http://www.jumpforthekids.org/ourmission.htm This is an event which encourages participants to gather donations to the charity. The charities purpose is to help low income kids get after school training and schooling and encourage them to go to college. In addition, they provide scholarships to a high school senior involved in Georgetown University Law Center's Street Law program. My primary job: encourage people to sponsor me in my sky dive, either at X amount per 1,000 feet or just a flat amount. If I am not mistaken, my company will match the money I gather. Or the amount I personally donate, not sure which. So I am hoping that anyone reading this will be willing to make a pledge of any amount. it could even be $10.00. I have little time to prepare for this since I just found out about it yesterday. I must register by Wednesday, 3/31. if I can see that there are people willing to sponsor me, I'll do it. I may just do it anyway. But I obviously need sponsors, so if you're interested please email me at teamgwho@hotmail.com or respond to this post.
  16. I thought about the ironworks cache after I made the post here. I've also heard about the goat farm too but wasnt sure where it was. Is there much of anything to see there? also the kinelon castle is the untermeyer mansion. I was up there once and I found out a self made millionaire bought the property and is rebuilding the castle as close to the original plans as possible. I'm efinately including him in this plan I have.
  17. Well the last time I asked for help like this it went like gangbusters so here I am again. I'm looking to compile a list of ruins in public places in NJ, or which are at least accesible by the public. Preferably buildings but anything is cool, as long as it can be accessed or viewed by the public. There doesn't have to be a geocache in the area, but if there is, that;s an A double + bonus. among my own caches with ruins would be any of the Palisades caches, the Downed Jet obviously, the van slyke castle in ramapo before it got plundered, among caches I've found... White City Ruins, Federal Hill, New Years Mystery Cache Among those I Havent found Washington Ruins in the Pines, Phantasmagoria, Boone Town Falls, There might be some ruins at Lebanon Ghostly Trek Harrisville Gas, Jessie Evans Mansion, Hampton Furnace, Lake Loop, Feature Cache, Abandoned Cache, Western Trail, Historical Lakehurst Train Tour, Stationary Cache Supposedly some ruins near Penny on the Tracks and Alices Restaurant Nashs Cabin Ellis Adams Farm is a whole ghost town... then there's the abandoned VW bugs from my archived You bug me cache. and of course the old fort in the water down at Cape May Park, and the old Nike Base at Sandy Hook. I've heard there are some ruins on Pyramid Mountain too. Gotta be cool abandoned houses, cars, towns and such elsewhere. I know about Feltsville village in Watchung, too... oh yea, Weymouth Furnace and Bethlehem Loading Company I know about too. The Trolley graveyard is also great too. So what else is lying out there?
  18. There have been a few caches I tried to get where I've been confronted by property owners and I've had the police called on me a couple of times. Most cache placements are legitimate and placed with permission but I've been burnt enough by the few that aren't that I need to be careful. well there was that time you were mistaken for an international criminal mastermind. That would scare me off potentially inappropriate geocachers too!
  19. what is this world coming to? floopy causing trouble? jinkys shaggy!
  20. what can you say? the man gets an oil change once a month! congrats on another impressive milestone. next thing you know you'll have 1000 finds in Bergen/Passaic/Morris County! after that i think the next milestone should be finding T Neigel's 1000th hide.
  21. when I had my minivan I did because they fit nicely under the 3rd row seat. Now that I've got the CR-V dont because I have no such cubby to hide them under. But Generalyl speaking I'll have a decent idea if I need it or not in advance of going out so I'll be able to prepare appropriately.
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