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  1. I'd be up for it if its a weekend. I work M-F, so 9/3 is out
  2. most highest congrats to you, our might inspirational leader!
  3. WOOWOO! Finally! There are two different ways to look at it, and this is the negative way. A more positive way is to reward paying members for having done so. I look at it like when you download software that has only limited features enabled. yeah it works, but when you pay for the full version you get the cooler stuff. People who want the basics, get the basic. People who want full features and access, get that. I don't think it's elitists at all (not your words, those are mine, but I know some people view it that way, thus my choice of language.) But that's the point. I don't think MOC were ever meant to be harder then regular caches. You don't get the smiley. See above comments. and yes, basic members can go on hunts with other who hand them the page, but how do they log it? I would agree that premium memberships have faield to deliver as promised because there aren't that many "premium features". As for MOC caches, I'm really unclear why you feel that they haven't delivered? What were your expectations? I suspect you anticpated harder caches, and if thats what you expected, well yeah, i then I can see where you might've been disapointed, but... was that really the point? I never expected anything but a cache that was restricted to who could access it. And thats exactly what it is. Maybe I have low expectations? >shrug< >scratches head< maybe I shouldn't be asking (or maybe no one should answer me publically) but how can that be done? if you have to be a premium member to see it, and you have to log in so the system *knows* you are premium member... how can you view it if you're not logged in? One post mentioned pocket queeries. so they don't show up on the list of those who have viewed? if thats the case isnt there a fix?
  4. In tonights episode of the AR, the players had to mount a camel and guide him, with the Checkpoint marked off as a waypoint. Karli & Kami: "Its like a compass, Just follow the arrow!" Well, its a little more complicated then that, but yeah, FOLLOW THE ARROW!
  5. Thanks so much. i did a google search but I guess I wasn't using good search terms because I only found one place, all the other links were for geocacher groups who had made their own coins. THANKS AGAIN!
  6. It's a man string! I'd wear a man string, except I dont generally wear anything underneath my kilt, errr... brownie outfit... er kilt.
  7. #1: that spot sounds right up my alley. #2: how in the hell is this cache possibly meeting approval requirements? Isn't one of the requirements that it not involve trespassing which this sounds like it has to be.
  8. the nearest on my list that hasnt been claimed is a multi which I've been working on in stages. Another is one I had DNF on & havent had a chance to go back to. two are part of a series in a park and I want to give myself an afternoon to go after them all in one attempt. the other 16 are all in NY. I'm not going to NY just to geocache, period. I rarely if ever have a reason to go to NY and if I do, I'm not going to be geocaching. Ergo, I will always have a lot of Ny caches on my nearest list. >shrug<
  9. I wanna pick it up so I can add a TB goal sheet and paint it with purple fur seriously though. i would pick it up. but I have no idea where I would leave. I cant picture any cache I've ever encountered being large enough to hold it, well except maybe this one Besides, any cache that i would feel comfortable leaving it next to (because it was so out of the way) I wouldnt want to carry a 14 lb bowling ball to, and if it was close enough to carry it to, I probably wouldnt feel comfortable leaving it there. I mean 14 lbs would get pretty heavy pretty quickly I imagine... but It'd be fun trying to find a place to hide it.
  10. how much can be explored sans a kayak? this has been on my place to visit list for a while. I might be able to convince the owner to allow a visit for me, but not sure about "me & all my friends". any idea the name of the boat yard or owner?
  11. I just want to know where to get them, I am willing to enterain all types, tracking non tracking, whatever, I can decide that once I'm able to compare prices.
  12. I googled the topic but "custom geocoins" generally only got me to other people who had created their own custom geocoins, but nothing on how to make some of my own. Same them when i searched the forums. So.... where do I go and what does it cost? again, I want to make my own custom geocoin, not buy a standard design.
  13. Hey, I would have let you get away with that, you should have said something. You found the cache. I think its the people who don't find caches and claim finds that have people shaking their heads. hehehehe... are you talking about this container??? I wrested it from the hidey hole where you had placed it and kept it as a sourvenier of the days fun.
  14. generally speaking there should be something to find though. If the contents are scattered about then you can retrieve them, and put them back in the container. Or take them with you and return them to the cache hider. or come back another time with a container of your own. but when its not there, when there was *N*othing to *F*ind, when thats a NF then, isn't it?
  15. if you go to the boat graveyard, you better tell me about your plans.
  16. That's what I though too. Nice skirt. Oops, GWho did it again. HMM... where that "report an offensive post" button?? And lemme write the next joke for ya... "where's that "report an offensive icon" button?
  17. remember, I was a brownie. not a girl scout. oh. heres the wedding story and pics http://www.itsnewjersey.com/lostinjersey/misc/wedding.html
  18. i have stacks of printouts in my car should I be in that area. unfortunateyl I sometimes assume I had a printout when i really don't. or I find that once there the cache is a NF. oh... the coordinates were updated. or it was archived. or some such irritation. I generally try to plan it before leaving the house at least.
  19. fricking typoes. well my geowidow may not be able to make it. due to an *ahem* scheduling problem I may not have a babysitter. can i bring a 5 yr old? obviously liquor is served, but is this more a reataurant or a bar? not sure if he can attend, in which case my geowidow can't attend either.
  20. I've never seen this before... some sort of medieval torture? It's an ancient form of kama sutra. Illegal in 42 states. 44 and and the US *virgin* territories. If you ask nicely I may demonstrate the process tonight. my wife will be there you know
  21. I know this is a last minute request but my wife is wondering if any other geowindows will be attending. If not please invite some. thanks
  22. just in case anyone was interested... will be ringing the wife but probably not the andy bear (nneed a break for the adults to get out ya know?) we also thought maybe we'd go to see bourne supremacy afterwards. theres a 10Pm showing at ,clifton commons, which should be a 5 minute or so ride away if this plae is where i think it is. So if anyone is interested in catching a movie.... see ya all there!
  23. >sniff< and I thought you were.... saving yourself ... >tears well up< BAHHHHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! >sniff!< FOR ME!!!!!! >goes in corner and reads, feeling quite rejected...<
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