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  1. I've seen several threads that have been closed, some of them quickly after establishment I might add, and seemingly for no reason. If a thread has degeneratred into attacks for example I could see it being closed. Or if it really was off-topic to begin with, maybe. But I can;t fathom why some topcis are being closed, and it seems as if its happening more lately. So I'm curious. Is it just me? Does anyone else see this as occuring more often lately? And does anybody else think that maybe theres a bit of haste involved? And are there any specific guidlelines for the moderators to follow? Not trying to start anything, nor am I offering the whiners and complainers a place to kvetch about the moderators. I am just curious what the guidelines are, and why some threads seem to be shut down quickly when they are rather standard fair stuff, and no reason for being shut down.
  2. yeah but whose that mystery guy in red? EDIT: whoops. I'm not allowed to ask that apparently. I think its a pirate. SECOND EDIT: Whoops, that last edit is also apparently not permited. No more edits!
  3. I just loaded the paintball event cache for approval. In the mean time, does anybody in the Poconos know of any decent restaurants that could handle an event cache in the Jim Thorpe, PA area? I debated holding the event there at Skirmish, but decided on W Milford for a number of reasons. I'll be in skirmish next weekend and hope to iron out some wrinkles that made Skirmish not so inviting, but I also need to check out restaurants for the official part 2 event cache. Anybody got an ideas? if this event works out, and IF I cna work out the details, I'd like to have another event like it 12/11 since it'll be Skirmishs 1/2 price paint day.
  4. yeah he works set construction for them. he's gotten face time before. Never knew he tortured interns.
  5. wait wait wait. your kids go to BIXBY?????? Dude! we gotta talk. So is my kid.
  6. sounds like a slaugherfest. no real stealth required. not that that can't be complete fun too.
  7. I would think Harrald might be a source, considering where he works. they got have large coffee makers at the ed sullivan theatre, considering how cold its rumored to be there.
  8. Harrold's favorite tool is a craftsman nail gun? I have it on good authority that it's really the bottle opener. *such* a liar. and is it me or did he seem to be taking too much pleasure in torturing that intern?
  9. I was at work today, not doing nothing, not thinking nothing, jsut zoning out when all of a sudden out of the blue a voice said "You told them saturday the 4th you idjit!" Comke in here, sure nuff, as HC said and as the little voice said, I wrote saturday the 4th. D'oh! It should read the 6th. My apologies.
  10. Yes but so are most of the geocachers I know. Tell em 9 & they think it means 1130.
  11. Ok I have done some detective work and heres the proposal. Paintball would be held at abc paintball on marshall hill rd in W Milford (aprox at N41 02.674 W75 34.953) from 9-4PM on Saturday November 4th. Harrald already posted prices, and you are best to bring your own paint as its cheaper. guns & camo suits are available for rental. THIS IS COMPLETAELY OPTIONAL TO THE EVENT! This is a pre-event fun thuing to do, sort of like a bonus! Please feel free to invite your friends, relatives, for a fun game of paintball. I havea special surprise for anyone who attends this part of the days activity.Note that kids under 18 are permitted but need parental permission to play (liability issues) Whose coming to this? THE ACTUAL GEOCACHING EVENT: is tenatively planned for the Village Square Inn at 2991 Route 23 in newfoundland. it's about 15-20 minutes from the paintball field. We would start at 530, and attending this gets you a smiley face. The room capacity there is 40, so I need a head count of anyone who plans to attend, and they especially wanted to know how many kids under 12. if its more then 2-3 then they'll probably staff an extra waitress. So, whose coming to this? Again, this is tenative. Nothing is absolutely yet, not the date, not the event location. The only thing for sure is that the paintball will be at ABCpaintball. But as long as there isn't a problem, this is the likely gameplan. I just want to make sure that there will be enough people attending to be worth while, but not too many people for the restaurant to handle.
  12. I'm not entirely clear on just where these signs are. literally I mean, are on the trail itself, or alongside? If a trail skirts close to the edge of the park property, then couldn't it mean that going off trail here constitutes trespassing since it would be outside parkland boundaries? I cant personally think of any examples, but I'm just curious if thats a reason.
  13. the answer is yes, you can hit the "log a find" button. whether the owner will give it the boot is another question, and that seems to vary from owner to owner. speaking from my own experience, I dont allow them unless a) I'm asked first and theres a compelling reason to do so. I generally give advance notice if i'm archiving a LC and once I close it, its closed, period. I occasionally gives someone an ok, bearing in mind the two things I just stated. If a log sudddenly appears, I ask them to change it to a note. This way, if ever decide to reopen it, they can then change the note to a find. of course most archived LC are not shown, so knowing about them, and finding them may proven interesting.
  14. thats the only issue I have with them: their paints expensive. We can always do both over time. I'm gonna wait a few more days before making a decision. I also must, of course, find a suitable place for the official event....
  15. Inspired by this thread (also discussed here) I would like to float the idea of a paintball event in the NJ/PA area. Here's the game plan. Those who are interest would meet at the paintball field at 9AM, and following that, the actual geocache event would held post-game at a nearby restaurant. I typically shoot 'em up at Skirmish, in Jim Thorpe, PA, aproximately 90 mins from Bergen county. I want to know if thats too far for the north jersey cachers. Otherwise we could do it at ABC Paintball in West Milford. Harrold and Hart have played there and they think its pretty cool, so I'll go by their opinions. I'm sure we could find a place for geocache part of it nearby too. I admit I'm preferential to Skirmish despite the distsance because they have so many great fields there. But I'm mindful of the distance, so whatever people think is best/easiest. I'm interested in as big a turnout as possible. This would probably be some time in October btw. Cool, but not yet really cold. Remmber, the paintball element is optional. Folks who dont want to get themselves shot up can attend the geocache part of it only if thats their choice. One huge benefit of getting a decent group is we can play amongst ourselves. We don't have to worry about the swat team players who can... um... tend to make it an unpleasant experience for those who aren't as skilled or experienced. Besides it's MUCH more fun to shoot people you know then total strangers. I'm just wondering if I want to play with hart or against him. Hmmm....
  16. I was jsut about to say that! Why not say "geocache event at Jims BBQ at 5PM. we will be playing paintball that day right around the corner, meet time for paintball is 9AM. meet time for official geocache event at Jim's BBQ is 5PM or whenever we get done busting a cap in somebody's a**." I was just talking about this earlier today and we were debating how to pull off an event. now I know....
  17. I was wondering about just what the hell that was all about. uhhh.. is this supposed to be in lieu of logging finds himself? and the purpose of this is.... ???? >shrug<
  18. 1). What gender are this website's users? Male, with some cross dressers (myself, possibly BrianSnat included, if our abatars are any indication) 2). How old are this website's users? 35 - 44 3). How much do households visiting this website earn? 60-100K 4). Where does this websites visitors come from? NJ, CA, I think are obvious as they are cache rich. I'll also include NY as well
  19. i know that cemetery. was it physical? a micro? I'm just curious what their reasoning was since I've seen many physical caches in cemeteries. Or is it that they're getting tough on cache placement?
  20. tneigel already has some toilet caches. Logging them could take on a different meaning. forgive me for not signing that log then.
  21. Yes but how do you explain the need to photograph him holding your gps unit? (which would presumably be the required proof to log such a find) "I need this for my records?" Forget having brass ones, you need platinum ones to ask for that after just being interogated!
  22. mapsource north america city select 4.01 map coverage of the entire US and certain parts of canada.
  23. I'm upgrading so I wont be needing my gps garmin V. It comes with the cable to connect it to the computer, and map source so you can download up to 19 meg of data and it gives you directions. Also the mount for the car and the power charger for the car to run off the cigarette lighter. Note about the mount: I have 2 vehicles and so I can switch it from vehicle to vehicle I took the mount and didnt connect it directly to the dash with the adhesive it comes with. I slapped some velcro on the bottom and velcro on the dash so I can transfer it easily. You'll need to do the same (or get the adhesive from garmin or work another solution) Best offer, please email me directly with any offers. used units have gone for around $200 on ebay so I was hoping to get something close to that if possible.
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