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  1. I was just about to post about that. I posted the event cache on 10/1 or thereabouts. It took one week for it to be officially denied. I was told the paintball was too tightly tied to the geocaching event. Too commercial, etc etc. Fine. I removed all but one sentance reference to the paintball. I created this thread because it was the only way to discuss the paintball according to the reviewer. Not a problem really. That was a week ago. reviewer was emailed twice to please re-review it. Haven't heard anything one way or the other. Anybody ever see Days of Thunder with Tom Cruise? Remember when the head of Nascar discusses a Japanese lettuce inspection? Thats how I feel right now. I honestly doubt the geocaching event will go off because if it gets approved, it'll be so close to the date as to make it unfair as theres not enoguh official notice. But I'll run it *if* it gets approved. not a rant about reviewers or the process, but I must admit I'm not too pleased over the length of time I've been waiting. I think two weeks is plenty patient. As for pb, I was about to ask if anyone else was in. Havent heard from Hart or bldbabe among others.
  2. I knew I should've clartified because I knew it'd be perceived that way. I dont log finds any more. only notes. So I dont get a smiley even when i find and sign the logbook. (Its a personal thing.) If I set out to find 5 caches & 2 are DNF's, then fine. I knock 3 off my list of to do's, and the other 2 are my discretion to do it or not next time. Generally speaking either I find it or I don't. I dont enjoy going back to find somethign i couldn't find the first time. Too frustrating. Not so with multi's. You have invested time, energy, yadda yadda, and that whole "if I came this far" attitude means I'm almost obligated to keep going. I dislike obligations. I could really get more detailed on the whys and hows but I'd rather not. I'm just not a fan of multi's I guess.
  3. yes! as for everything else you, said I also agree. But I still feel like a bit of rules lawyer in doing so. Keeping a hard fast line *is* the best policy as you dont let yourself be subjective and personal, but still. it's a quarter. >hhmfpphh<
  4. simply an observation: by making it so big, so enormous, you limited the target audience considerably. There isnt a chance in hades I'd attempt this cache. I jsut dont have the umph. I know I'm not alone. Now there will be those who have the complete opposite reaction, and more power to them. my thought was had you dont it the size you originally intended, it might've have been a leaner, meaner monster as a result. Not knowing the area, or what sorts of sites one is taken to on this massive multi I'm not in a position to say "this one was out of theme" or "that one could've been cut", but I'm sure there are some that could've. that said, (and trying to end on a positive note) it must've been a lot of work coordinating such a hide, so kudos to those in charge, as well as those who helped hide. I jsut hope enough people make the run to have made all the work worth it.
  5. scuba cache? btw you are absolutely correct in your assessment. wonder how such caches get approved though. theres been an apparent crackdown on cache approvals for... I dunno at least 6-12 months. virtuals are scrutinized heavily, LC aren't even alllowed that I know of, multis must provide the coordinates for all legs, etc. this would seem to raise some flags from the start, shouldn't it?
  6. not only is that a good solution, but it solves what I would expect to be a problem. You put in your quarter, grab a paper, grab the cache. Now unless you can open the cache container, retrieve the slip of paper and sign it with one hand, how will you hold open the door to the machine? Oh sure you could step your foot up on it, or you could pay another quarter to put it back. but neither of those are practical, or very free from raising the notice of the muggles. a free vending machines mean you can walk away and then come back and its still free both trips.
  7. don't worry, I'm not blaming you. I agree, when i think of commercial caches I think of something quite different. What makes me chuckle with an uplifted eyebrow is that there are plenty of other caches that are much more obviously commercial. One example is one where you have to enter a particular bar and ask for "insert drink of your choice" in a special geocacher mug, and on the bottom is a code. email the code to claim the find. (note: its possible I read about this as a concept in the forums, but I am fairly sure its a real cache). anyway, this is about as low on the list of commercial caches as you can get. but from a technical standpoint...
  8. I dont know what particular paper it is that we're talking about, but if I had to buy a copy of... I dunno... "Republican Weekly" to claim a find it might annoy me. Then again its a freaking quarter, so.... the problem is, that despite being *only a quarter* you then start down that slope of "how much is too much", and its bad to go there. neat idea. shame someone had to complain and force an admins hand, but speaking from a purely technical aspect, its a commercial cache. I'm looking at that last line very closely... "Some exceptions can be made. In these rare situations, permission can be given by the Geocaching.com web site." Unfortuantely it wasn't asked in advance, and I guess someone complained. Glad I wasnt the admin who had to rule on this one. If a lot of people have found it, personally I'd archive it on move on, and not worry about where/how to place it for future finders. it lived a good life. remember that.
  9. Since this thread was mainly to get a consensus on "where" people wanted to play, and thats now been established and theres a thread discussing it I'm gonna close this thread. Any discussions going on, lets just move them to the other thread. too confusing otherwise, esp considering I'm opening *another* thread about paintball in PA in December.
  10. thats exactly where it is, right off echo lake rd actually. I am confused. Then which outfit has the speedball course behind their store at the "Y" intersection (Greenwood Lk Tnpk & Marshall Hill Rd) near Greenwood Lake? It would be from the Ringwood/Oakland direction. Now that the leaves have thinned out, you can see the course from the main roads. thats abc!
  11. there are few stupid questions in paintball, especially from novices. I cant speak for which brands are better then which, but generally speaking the biggest differences you'll find is how... durable the balls are. Cheap crappy ones will break easy in the bag (ruining your stash) or jam and break inside your gun, causing malfunctions, delays and possibly leading to an early exist from the match. on the receiving end, some will definately hurt more then others. I've heard that brass eagles are amongst the most painful to be hit by. Again, I've no direct knowledge as I don't buy my own paintballs, so far. The place I go skirmish is the anti-byop. So I use whatever they got. I may try to get another group together in December when its half price paint day up there.
  12. uhhh... are you saying sweet to paintball, the official event cache or both? as for the cache page, well... >thinks about what and how to say it< the official event page hasnt yet been approved. It took about 4 days to get it rejected (too much tying in to the paintball aspect) and now its been 3 days since I modified it, and I've yet to hear if my watered down references are acceptable or if it can't be mentioned at all (which was implied, or so i thought). Note: no bitching here about approval times. I'm anxious to get it all done but this state shouldn't be considered a raising of any flag of protest. I'm only saying because you asked.
  13. thats exactly where it is, right off echo lake rd actually.
  14. I know, I try to go when they have their half price sale when its only $50 a case and not $100. that comes up in December. I stock up and use that when i go back the other 2 times a year. I'm all out now cause I blew my stash at a bachelor party we held at skirmish. so tomorrow will be expensive. oh well. thats good to know.
  15. I just decided to look, and it seem that the NE forums have more topics then any other geographics area. It is virtually tied for second in posts along with the SW, with NW being first. And yet I'd venture that we're the second smallest fourm by square milage (obviously the NE forum would cover the smallest area) Considering our smallish size and penchant for posting, I think a split isn't a bad thing. Again, I'm not saying we need it, but I do see why some might feel we do. Course if we just get Avroair & BrianSnat to move to ME, I'm sure those posting #s would reverse and there'd be calls for Maine & Massachusetts to seceed from the NE forums and have their own catagory, so its all relative.
  16. yeah it sucks but we have the highest per capita income then any other state so we can affords it. not that that justifies it of course. as for the actual topic here.... does it make sense? yeah do we need to? umm.. probl'y not. I think from VA, MD, DE, PA, NJ would make a good group, probably include WV too. But what about NY? I think it would be long in such a group. You can call NH, VT, MA, RI, and ME the New England group. really not necesarry if you ask me.
  17. you know, I had the exact same reaction then i realized that one could come to the event and spend nothing. they're no admission charge as there is with paintball. buying food though certainly is implied, so it is open for debate. Course that would make the paintball LC seem kinda inapprpriate though, wouldn't it? I know, I know, old rules, grandfathered, etc etc.
  18. If all goes well there will be geocaching event at the Spaghetti Western in oak Ridge, NJ Its on Route 23 just North of Clinton Rd. Coordinat6es: N 41° 03.459 W 074° 28.180 I had discussed this previously, and when i went to create the official event I made reference to the paintball too, and its currently being negotiated whether the event cache page can or cant have even the slightest reference to a commercial event. that said, it was clear that the paintball would have to be organized here in the forums, and so.... here we go. DATE: 11/6/04 TIME: 930 AM till around 430 ish LOCATION: ABC PAINTBALL, West Milford The place is at the intersection of Marshall Hill Rd & Greenwood Lake Turnpike. The signs for the sporting good store and the U-Haul rental are larger and more prominent then any signs for the paintball, but its at the Y intersection and its hard to miss. Coordinates: N41 08.231 W74 20.502 Costs are as follows: $15 if you have your own gear $40 if you rent gear $15 per 500 paintballs you can also bring your own from say sports authority, or contact Harrald. Since he plays there a lot he can likely get a discount. I never ever try to guess how much paint a person will use. Some newbies fire at everything, some fire little if they play a defensive position. Some veterans have the finger on autofire and spray the area up, some are patient and only take quality shots. A good estimate though is between 500-1500. Bear this in mind. Games start at around 930, but I will try to be there by 9ish so I can keep everyone together and get us organized. Games will likely end around 4-430. I'm scheduled the event cache for 500 so its likely I (and the others who play paintball) may arrive earlier then that. Anyone with questions about paintball in turns of play, what to wear, reduce chances of injury, who we should gang up on (kidding) should direct them to myself or Harrald as we've both played a fair amount. I will say this: getting shot doesn't always hurt, but the best way to combat that is to wear several layers of clothing as opposed to a shirt and a jacket. Multiple layers acts as padding, and also, layers can be removed as needed if its too hot. Anything else, shoot either of us an email. DISCLAIMER: Paintball is a physical sport and you run the risk of injury like you would in other sport, so sprained ankles, general soreness and tiredness, and welts from getting shot are possible. Neither I, ABC Paintball, or geocaching.com is responsible if you attend and get hurt. That said, injuries are relatively rare. If this goes well, I hope to run another one in December at Skirmish, in PA, although there are technical issues to that which I hope to work out soon. Also: please feel free to bring family and friends to paintball. The more the merrier! Do note that anyone under 18 needs to have signed parental consent. Also note: there is no prepayment requirements! Those attending total 5 including: Gwho (and wife) JMBella Harrald & Barmin (I assume) Others who expressed interest include BrianSnat HartCLimbs BldBabe Mxyzptlk and the Frantic Cachers said maybe hope you all can make it, and dont forget yo are invited to bring husbands, wives, kids, parents and friends!
  19. there are two ways to read that, depends on if you're from NJ... runs... checks profile... AHA!!!!! it *was* an insult! I'd post a well thought, articulate, detailed argument countering your negative view, however my wife is standing next to me with the bags packed, the kid in the car, and a lease that says "somewhere outside of NJ", so I gotta go now. bye!
  20. In all fairness *I* made a joke (and thats what it was, a joke: no one seriously thinks Marcs a pirate, at least not that i've heard) which triggered a response. Now I'm not justifying that response mind you, but it started with a joke that, apparently couldn't be handled. So for my role in that I apologize and promise not response to any more shenigans.
  21. Another milestone! >throws confetti< >does Waynes World we're not worthy bow<
  22. yeah it would kinda show under that tutu, so thats a good thing I'm guessing.
  23. it's good to see you still have that great sense of humor that we all know & love ya for.
  24. uhh... 3 responses in 11 minutes? I do believe you've confused me with avroair or Briansnat who pay rent to live here. I was watching F9/11 then the VP debates. didn't check back till this AM. as for my answer, I think you hit on it in your first response. I had wanted to mention (and forgot to do it) that some were locked without explanation (all of the examples actually). ergo, they probably were locked by the owners. my apologies for suggesting it was moderators. I honestly didnt know that (or if I ever did, I lost that info like Kelly Bundy forgot what the doorbell was when cramming for a test) how does one do that anyway?
  25. which? starting something? or giving haven to whiners & complainers? hope you mean the later and not the former, and if so, I can't control others, but did try to stress that wasn't the purpose of this thread.
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