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  1. as always, congrats & good thoughts. you add much to the community & make us all wish we had as much free time as you. william www.gpswnj.com
  2. quote:Originally posted by BassoonPilot: Gwho seems to have shifted focus lately, but a number of his caches are still in place and deserve mention ... thanks for the bone Marc. Shifted focus? eh sorta. if it's a choice between looking for weird NJ stuff & geocaching, generaly WNJ wins. I'd prefer to do both though. Actually though, i just found it really really hard to get the gumption to get out of the house this winter for a variety of reasons. But I will be back, very very soon. Day light savings time in only 3 weeks WUHOO! and if Verizon goes on strike like I expect I'll have the whole month of August to get out there. Why I could find 200 caches & all the WNJ stuff if I try real hard! More so if we strike well into September! www.gpswnj.com
  3. quote:Originally posted by BrianSnat:A few months ago they were selling entire pallets of ammo boxes. You could have a had a pallet full of them (and that's a lot) for about $300. I considered buying one and then I considered the look on my wife's face when the truck showed up to deliver it, so I decided against it. _A government that is big enough to give you all you want is big enough to take it all away._ -Barry Goldwater Yeah I don't think they could just leave them on that side porch of yours. it's a tad small, just the right size to leave oit one for a friend. [] Plus the truck would have to navigate those little sides streets. not easy. I get mine at S4 army surplus in hackensack by the courthouse. I think they're reasonably priced, but could be ahd cheaper elsewhere by the looks of the other posts. www.gpswnj.com
  4. quote:Originally posted by SR & dboggny:oops. tried to post a reply, did this by mistake. you would think that eventually we would be allowed to somehow delete mistakes. oh well. i think this is BS myself but what can ya do. I think this topic has been covered already. www.gpswnj.com
  5. quote:Originally posted by Mopar:Call me a spoilsport. Tell me to MYOB. Tell me to not hunt them if I dont like them. Whatever. I know, I've been called that for making the same objections. I feel your pain (or lack of it) william www.gpswnj.com
  6. ...sometimes by as much as 10-15 as well.... when I sat them on a rock and went off to hunt when I came back they sometimes were much closer. sometimes. www.gpswnj.com
  7. quote:Originally posted by Olar:By the way when you say your two were 10 degrees apart do you actually mean minutes or fraction of minutes? 10 degrees is quite large and would put you in another state. yeah I get your point. I meant fractions. i.e 41 10.120 vs 41 10.110. thats the difference I was refering to. sorry for the confusion www.gpswnj.com
  8. quote:Originally posted by Anders: quote:Originally posted by Gwho: quote:Originally posted by Dave_W6DPS:Are you actually carrying two GPSr unit turned on at the same time? yes. magellan in left hand, garmin in the right. Wow!Some of my friends (?) consider me a geek, but I have only one GPS... May I quote you to them?? Anders Want pictures to go witht hat? [] www.gpswnj.com
  9. quote:Originally posted by Prime Suspect: quote:Originally posted by Team Hammack:I've seen guys log a find on their own cache. That doesn't seem right. What do you think? Check out http://opentopic.Groundspeak.com/0/OpenTopic?a=tpc&s=1750973553&f=3000917383&m=8180952935&r=6760982935#6760982935. http://img.Groundspeak.com/user/3608_1400.gif http://img.Groundspeak.com/user/3608_2600.gif http://img.Groundspeak.com/user/3608_2300.gif hehehehe... Anyway, as I said in that thread, I dont think any cache you have a responsibility for (i.e. a moving cache) should ever be logged as a find. www.gpswnj.com
  10. I was watching Mail Call with R Lee Ermey and I saw a Garmin GPS. For the uninitiated, Mail Call is hosted by Ermey (former marine drill sergent) who answered all manner of questions about military. In the last episode they showed whats includede in an Air Force pilot's emergency kit. In it is a GPS, a Garmin, but I couldn't make out the model. Wondering if anyone else did (or knows the answer) www.gpswnj.com
  11. quote:Originally posted by Dave_W6DPS:Are you actually carrying two GPSr unit turned on at the same time? yes. magellan in left hand, garmin in the right. I think (cant recall for sure) but when I sat them on a rock to reposition while I hunted possible spots, i think eventually they got closer together but they never were closer then 5 degrees. www.gpswnj.com
  12. I have used a Magellan 330x since I started caching 16 months ago. FOund it reliable and a good overall unit. I wanted turn by turn directions! SO I looked into it and I'd have to pay $1000 for a street pilot III (NO WAY!) or use one of the add-ons to the Palm pilots. Trouble is they cant be used unless you program the route in on your PC. no in the field meddling. No good then. So I broke down and picked up a garmin V Deluxe after running into a geocacher at a cache who had one. I recently went out caching & figured I'd bring both. Well they had me running in circles because they were consistantly 10 degrees apart. They almost never agreed so I'm wondering if anyone else has gone caching with 2 receivers, and what their experience was. Also wondering if theres any way to know which is more accurate of these 2 models. I'm tempted to stick with the new one since i like the interface a lot better. I did a search for this topic & foudn nothing except other threads unrelated to what I wanted to know. www.gpswnj.com
  13. quote:Originally posted by Rusty O Junk:Gwho I know what you mean about the ‘pain in the but’ and I have one answer for both questions. _GPSBable_ and it can be found http://gpsbabel.sourceforge.net/. WUHOO! WUHHOO! WUAHOO! got my garmin V, got my GBSbable, thank you so much for the reference, I am in heaven now! www.gpswnj.com
  14. quote:Originally posted by Rusty O Junk:Gwho I know what you mean about the ‘pain in the but’ and I have one answer for both questions. _GPSBable_ and it can be found http://gpsbabel.sourceforge.net/. WUHOO! WUHHOO! WUAHOO! got my garmin V, got my GBSbable, thank you so much for the reference, I am in heaven now! www.gpswnj.com
  15. I've done virtuals & locationless that have been more challenging them many of the 1/1's we have in NJ. And sometimes figuring out where to find a qualifying item has taken more research on the computer then I've spent looking (ahem) for cache containers. --Rant removed for being unprovoked & excessive-- I will say that i wish the vocal minority that is loking to bash LC at every turn as well as anyone who likes them would tone down the rhetoric. Especially when some of them have logged LC. To me it seems hypocritical to say they're horrid, an afront to geocaching, etc, then go & log them. (a test one may be ok, but more then one sounds inconsistent with their vocalizations) Things evolve, new concepts emerge, change occurs, live with it. Just give a break down. It's a fair compromise which gives the finders their due credit, while making it clear how they got their total www.gpswnj.com [This message was edited by Gwho on January 12, 2003 at 06:51 PM.]
  16. duplicate post [This message was edited by Gwho on January 12, 2003 at 05:11 AM.]
  17. there's no reason why they can't just list it like this 100 (75/15/10) 100 is my total & the breakdown is 75 physical caches, 15 virtuals & 10 locationless (or whatever the number is) silly silly silly. it's simple it lets you know where your strengths are. seperate counts? unnecesary. keeping a breakdown? useful and it should hopefully satisfy folks like you. Hope so. www.gpswnj.com
  18. I finally am gewtting around to using the poicket queries since I'm a premium member. ok, I gotta get easygps, no problemo. only question is, can I somehow load the info into mapsens streets, the database program which stores the waypoints for my magellan 315? it certainly looks like I can download into my magellan directly (ugg... I have to unplug cables to plug in the cable to my gps, which I generally only do 1x per month because its a pain in the butt) also I am likely to get garmin V deluxe, so same question there. and that brings me to questions two... can I exchange waypoint files between the gamin software & the magellan streets? this way I can keep only one file, then convery it to the other format for the 2nd gps? www.gpswnj.com
  19. I can't go after work and weekends are tight. been that way since day light savings time ended. weekends are nearly always tight so I've bene limited to the virtuals & locationless I can easily bag locally on lunch or quick in/out trips on a saturday. but things will be changing shortly.... and then spring is only 10 weeks away! www.gpswnj.com
  20. ...to brian & harrold for their kind words. I've actually been more concerned with quality over quantity lately so I've been archiving some of the lesser, easier ones, especially those not involved with Weird NJ. There's enough of those around without mine so I doubt they'll be missed. I haven't searched for a lot of brian's caches mainly because a) tough caches generally require more time then I've got available, and most of them are a farther drive then I'm willing to drive (usually). 2002 was my first summer geocaching and I think next summer will be much more productive. I can better allot time to do this as well as my weird nj adventuring (which will hopefully lead to more hides as well) With winter, caching after work is out (for most of no doubt) & weekends are pretty tight so unfortunately it'll be a while before I hit a lot but I'm looking forward to them! www.gpswnj.com
  21. First off you alone have helped open up S Jersey by virtue of all your palcements. I don't know how many non-T Neigel geocaches exist in the 856/609 areas but I'd say a lot are yours. If mine disapeared tomorrow there'd still be a lot to look for in Northern jersey. What is amazing is that a lot of yours are in out of the way places, on little known roads, in hidden far away areas where a person isn't likely to go w-o a reason. Quite a difference from what exists in northern nj. Don't sweat it. Although I don't know how you maintain them all, which is about the only concern I could see being even close to valid. But I havent seen any of the "the owners needs to check this out & hasn't" type of logs, so it doesn't seem really relevant. www.gpswnj.com
  22. Here's hoping the holidays treat everyone nicely, and that you days ae spent with your families an friends, the people that make your life special. afterwards, get out & cache dadgum it! www.gpswnj.com
  23. I'm sorry, when I said "posed" I wasn't really sure if it was posed per se, as in "hold that angle, wait, wait, GOT IT!" as opposed to the photographer simply snapping away as you hunted around. It's just the angle of the camera and where you're sticking your head, it just didn't look like a completely natural shot. How did the phorographer & Elise handle the hike? William www.gpswnj.com
  24. I didnt seem this page before posting. And I did look too. (I only looked halfway down the page since I was looking for a thread about the article itself. I didn't think anyone posted anything last week, since I was supposed to be given a heads up by the writer. But no big deal. Here'sthe thread along with links to my posting of the article at my site (you cant find it on the bergen record website) www.gpswnj.com
  25. Perhaps 3-4 weeks ago I received an email from Elise Young, a writer at the Bergen Record. She had become familiar with geocaching months earlier and also felt it would make a good article.; She spoke to Jeremy and she asked,"who should I speak to from NJ?" "Well there's Stayfloopy, Harrold, Brian Snat, BP and oh yea, that Weird NJ guy." I was sooo flattered. By this point she had already spoken to Brian and several others. She decided not to ask me the normal questions and she pretty much stuck to my hides, why I chose the spots I did and so forth. and it amounted to 3 sentances and an obscure reference to a geocache I've hidden. oh well. It mostly focused on Brian since she went out with him, but why i am bothering to tell you the story. The article doesn't appear at the Record's website, so I scanned in the article as best I could, including some really amusing posed shots of Brian poking under rocks in a failed bid to find two of BP's Preakness Mountain caches. Posted Article The article seemed very well balanced, with a brief explanation of how it all works, why it's fun, Brian's adventures, followed by the naysayers who don't like us & think we trash the environment. The only omission (IMHO) was lack of any reference to Marc. I could swear she mentioned him as one of the people to speak to, so to do an article about North Jersey geocachers and not mention Marc falls short I think. Compounding this is the fact that Floopy apparently never got back to her. or something. All I know is he isn't quoted either. Oh well. Bonus points to anyone who can figure out which geocache I was talking about. It's made difficult because the quote is a partial quote, and it took me a minute to figure out what I was talking about. Hint: it an active cache. www.gpswnj.com [This message was edited by Gwho on December 22, 2002 at 10:17 AM.]
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