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  1. quote:Originally posted by HartClimbs:The list makes sense - if you polled 20,000 students, you'd tend to find pretty accessible sites. actually though, some of those items are fairly obscure (IMHO). SUM for example. & the ramapo fault, the roaring brook & tillman ravine I never even heard of, and the last two sound interesting enough to mark on my map of places to go. quote:Looks like most of south Jersey's a natural wonder according to the kids (Jersey Shore's pretty much everything south of Sandy Hook and combine that with the Pine Barrens - you've got a good chunk of southern Jersey covered). exactly why this idea is going to die sad to say. thgats like 1/3 of NJ or something. www.gpswnj.com
  2. quote:Originally posted by Jeremy (Admin):It may not even be a security policy, but a business related one. Perhaps in the past other amusement park companies would use it to map out how their park runs? Like the placement of concession stands and such. Leave it to the business man to look at it from the business angle. In all seriousness though, that is a brilliant thought. Doubt it's the case here, but still a very astute observation. <buttkiss>Thanks Jeremy for injecting a different POV on this cause I never in a million years would've thought of that.</buttkiss> www.gpswnj.com
  3. quote:Originally posted by GOT GPS?:I was without the unit for about 37 minutes. Here was the response I got... quote: We do not have a policy concerning GPS units. Apparently, some one was asked to check their GPS at the front gate while in the park this past weekend by someone who was not familiar with what it was. Such an item would qualify as a loose article which could hurt someone should it fly out of a pocket on a ride and would be best left in a locker at the front of the park or be kept in a zippered pocket. Hmmm... I'm not suggesting either GOT GPS or the person I emailed are lying, but I believe there might be more to the story (and i don't mean that in a negative way per se) What it sounds like is what happened to me at GA with regards to food. Apparently GOT GPS went to a manager, but what doesn't register is that the email i got says that the employee didn't know what it was, implying that a manager could've resolved this, while GOT GPS says he was escorted back to his car, which doesnt sound as if anybody with brains was on the case. All i know is it happens to me when i go, I'll have a copy of the email I received from the park saying there is no policy against GPS units. Should pave the way to resolving it quickly. www.gpswnj.com
  4. "You go dawg! You did your thing, it was allright." Randy www.gpswnj.com
  5. Here are the Seven Natural Wonders for what it's worth... 20,000 Secondary schoool students participated in a survey about whats interesting/historic/beautiful in NJ. Their responses were then pared down by the NJ Hisotircal Society into 14 natural & 14 manmade wonders. The students then selected the top 7 of each. It's kinda an interesting book, but for us, living in such a cache dense state (and a small state at that) I'm not sure if there's a point since almsot all have caches (some of them multiple) Top Seven Natural Wonders: Delaware Water Gap: can't place caches here, although there is a virtual up here Great Falls of Passaic: Already a virtual by brian Snat High Point State Park: Several caches here already Palisades:I've got about 4 or 5, Big Bill a few, and AD has another. Pretty well covered at the northern end, one in the southern end but it's archived because the coordinates may be off. The jersey Shore & The Pine Barrens: Too many caches to count Sunfish Pond: I couldn't even locate this on my gps map. The others wereFranklin Mineral Mines, Great Swamp refuge, The Meadowlands, NJ Bog Iron, ThE Ramapo Fault (a geoloical fault line similar to, but smaller the infamous San Andres fault. Did you know that 20 earthquakes ranging from 1.5-3 occured between 1974 and 1980 alone? Shudder.) Roadring Brook, & the tillman ravine, in Stokes State Forest. Man Made Wonders: Atlantic City Boardwalk: Got a cache there. archived it. Difficult to keep one of these alive, although I archived mine mainly because I can't maintain it. Edisons Lightbulb & Lab: I think theres a virtual for this. GWB: Theres a temporarily archived cache near the NJ side of it, and Cache Ninja has had a few ON the bridge, against better judgement I think, considering 9/11 terrorism concerns. Holland Tunnel: No way we;re getting a cache here. Maybe overlooking the entrance? Lucy the margate Elephant: Already a virtual NJ Meadowlands Sports Complex:Hmmm... why. It's cool and all, but why? Besides the new hartz Mountain is coming and will make the meadowlands look lika fair. Oh wait, it is a fair next month I think. Twin lights Navesink lighthouse Thunk thats anbother virtual already. The losing seven included the Branch brook Park Cherry Blossoms Bell Labs of Murray Hill (???) Cape May (can we get more vague & general?)The newark transporation Complex (meant to including rail, air, and boat)Trenton psychiatric Hospital (the Weird NJ side of me is grinning endlessly at this one), Society for Establishing Useful Manufacturers (establishing by Hamilton, it was a group whose goal was to bring business & industry to NJ) and finally, the Cathedral of the Sacred heart in newark, which I'll admit is a truly impressive sight, and worthy of a virtual, even though it ranks last of 14 on this list. Summary I think the list covers such vast geography that it renders this concept pointless. We in the group are mostly familiar with these areas anyway. Unless there's a clamoring of support to do this, I don't think there's a point. (sadly) I had kinda hoped this would work, but we could easily be talking 20% of all the caches in NJ. Way to big to handle. a dozen might've worked, or even two. What do you all think? www.gpswnj.com
  6. quote:Originally posted by Warm Fuzzies - Fuzzy:Note that, at Cedar Point at least, park security _are_ cops. my thoughts before reading that post: "you can have my gps when you pry it from my cold dead fingers." now : "here ya go!" seriously though, that interesting to know. while that makes me feel safer, i wonder how a private company got the police to patrol their park? In other news I emailed the park right away to find out if I would be able to bring in my gps. Their response: "Whats a GPS". Literally. That was their one sentance answer. I explained briefly what GPS Stands for, what the receiver does, and what the purpose of it is in the confines of their park. (finding mycar wihout spending 2 hours) quote: by breaktrack: I just love the extreme overreaction generated in these forums by posts such as this one. With as little as three or four lines of text barely explaining what happened there are those who would mount an assault with heavy weapons on the park security forces...LOL. while some of the responses are clearly over the top, I doubt that anyone would seriously fight back physically. But I would make a scene. Not all park employees know the rules or enforce them uniformly. my son is 4 and literally won't eat but a handful of things, none of which are served at the park. We went to grat adventure & they gave us a hard time about his juice boxes & some saltines. My wife went apre on the guy. We could put them in the car or dump em in the garbage. She asked for the supervisor who told her employee at the gate that the no-food rules dont apply to kids 5 and under. So there. It is entirely possible that this cop/park police may have been misinformed, or had a hard on for giving GOT GPS a hard time. Sounds unlikely though since the story reads like he went thru several people to get it back. www.gpswnj.com
  7. I think you lined to the wrong geocache cause the one you linked to is on May 3rd & was an easy find. Has anyone else lost their gps, or nearly lost it, aside from this guy, which isn't what I mean. Confiscation & loss are two different things. william www.gpswnj.com
  8. Own Both I started with Magellan 330x but later upgraded to the Garmin Deluxe V when I wanted real mapping with directions. too many close calls trying to read the map while driving. Insert "what a stupid thing to do" comment here. i've heard it already & agree. That's why I bought the garmin. Thats probably also why my wife didn't compalin about the $400 price tag either. I use the garmin V almost exclusively, but after nearly losing it in the swamp I decided I will navigate with V, but once at the parking lot use the 330. Much cheaper to replace if lost/damaged. quote: by callipy: We love our Garmin StreetPilot III. It calculates a route faster than our GPS V and seems smarter when recalculating (our GPS V tends to route us back to where we went off track, where the SPIII looks ahead for the next best turn). havent noticed that. quote: I uploaded all the maps into the SPIII for Tennesse and Kentucky in addition to most of So. California where we live and still had room left in the 128MB memory card. so can you use mlarger cards? like a 256 meg card? if so I am SOOOOO jealous. I want one but won't pay that price. too bad I can't have more then 19 meg of maps. i could load 3 or 4 states if I could use a 256 card. perfect for my central states rolelr coaster tour in August. Sigh.... www.gpswnj.com
  9. quote:Originally posted by evergreenhiker!:Well, I've almost poked my eye out 3 or 4 times searching for caches in brushy areas. Mde too. About 18 months ago I pushed a branch out of the way and it snapped back & whacked me directly in the eye. I was stumbling around in a blind stupor when i spotted the cache. the irony of the fact that I couldnt find it in 20 minutes without vision problems is not lost on me. This also ranks as the funniest comment Marc has seen in the forums (or at least it was at the time) Well turns out I scratched the cornea. Supposedly it healed, but periodically I get the same symptons (waterry eyes with pain when I blot it) eye drops, salve, medication. no good. i don't get it as often now, but I wonder what not getting it fully fixed did to me. I had a fiasco trying to get it fixed when the eye doctor said lasik surgery was needed. the surgeon came in & said "so you decided to get rid of contacts, eh?" Prove he didn't even bother to read my chart. Out the door I went, havent gotten treatm,ent since, mainly because they say they can't see evidence of anything. Trust me, that pain is all the "evidence" I need. other then the <sarcasm>occasional</sarcasm> scrape from a thornbush, I dont think I've so much as turned an ankle despite some of my stupid attempts at bushwhacking. Thankfully. www.gpswnj.com
  10. quote:Originally posted by King Pellinore:Although you're giving an awful lot of creedence to the author of that book Maybe. Even so, it'd be a neat way to link a series of otherwise unconnected geocaches. I just got word the book is in, so I'll have it tomorrow but wonj't likely be able to get into it & back to the forums till tues or weds. quote: originally posted by brian snat: Off hand I can think of the Palisades....Terrace Pond (not just an advertisement for my cache there <humor><sarcasm>why no, of course not. wouldn't have thought that at all. </sarcasm></humor> (hey nowadays it seems you have to puts disclaimers on everything ya know?) william www.gpswnj.com
  11. WTF???? <soapbox>Ok, I'm generally an anti-authoritarian anyway, but this would have me screaming for the real cops claiming theft. First, I'm assuming you mean "park security" not cops. Second, on what basis did they ban GPS? They aren't illegal, can be used for anything inapropriate (unless geocaching is banned) but even then (third) where do they get off confiscating your unit? At worst they could've walked you back to your car to start. Although, as I said, I would've been screaming bloody murder the minute they tried to take it from me. Your use (marking your route) sounds completely appropriate and consistant with a healthy lifestyle (i'm in my counter-artgument mode now) plsu marking your car is almost mandatory in a place llike that unless you wanna experience more healthy living trying to find your car.</soapbox> Funny, I'm visiting Cedar Point in August part of a 10 day 9 park trek nj-ny-ohio-pa-nj. I would likely bring mine with me. It'd be nice to know if I need to conceal it. <sarcasm>"Ahhhh! They brought their own food & drink into the park. DOUBLE AHHHHHH! A GPS UNIT!"</sarcasm> www.gpswnj.com I just emailed the park to ghet an explanation. Since I'll be visitng, I want to know what I can/can't do & why
  12. quote:Originally posted by Jeremy (Admin):I was certainly bent out of shape then. When I noticed the puppet account yesterday I banned it immediately. I am curious: i tend to drift in and out of the boards for periods of time. what exact is a puppet/sock puppet? I can guess but I wonder if theres moire to it then my mind is conceiving. quote:uhhh, it's Brain Snot, not Brian Snot. Which was actually incrementally funnier -- the first time. I even thought it may have been Brian's puppet (kind of a left Brian/right Brain thing) i hadn't noticed. i'd chalk it up to coincidencetally being similar to another poster's handle if they hadn;t specifically followed brians movements & activities & been so nasty to him and him alone. william www.gpswnj.com
  13. I was reading the forums just skimming around when I said a thread whose latest post was by Brian Snot. I didnt even catch it till a few minutes later when my brain kicked in and said,"Hey that said Brian SNOT, not Brian SNAT". I read the logs by Brian Snot and all were deragatory put downs of Brian Snat. Ism this what the forums have come to? Creating faked names so you can snipe at someone with relatively safety? I have seen other message boards shirvel up and die as they broke out into pettiness. I know most of us would never do that, (I hope) but I felt the neat to expose this cockroach to the sunlight. I know how I felt when geobuddy was trashing me and my caches with his fake logs. The idea that anyone is following someones activity that closely & then slamming them is not only reprehensible and childlike, it's also downright creepy. If it's a non-local person then that's bizarre because there's no motiviation, and if it is a a local, well then that's just plain sad that they have to resort to such juvenile tactics. Hopefully whoever it is will get over it (whatever IT is that made them want to do this) and cut the nonsense. www.gpswnj.com [This message was edited by Gwho on May 03, 2003 at 03:58 AM.]
  14. quote:Originally posted by The Leprechauns:Isn't this technically still a New Jersey cache, even though it is offshore? If so, you need a poll response for "I'd just fake a find." not possible. there's be identifying info required that would not even be obtainable from an internet search or even picture, assuming you even knew what the subject matter was. And I would likely also require a picture of the gps in front of this "spot" quote:I have some ideas about what you're thinking about for the subject of the cache. Go for it! ok, brainac, what do you think it is? or any one else out there for that matter. Email answers only please, NO POSTINGS! www.gpswnj.com
  15. quote:Originally posted by roasteroo:Scrapple is just down right nasty! I enjoyed this for some reason as a child. As an adult I agree sooo much with that sentiment dude. McNasty! On a positive note, something I can't readily get around here are Krispy Kreme doughnuts. (yeah I know theres a handful of places near me, but they're not convenient, nor are they genuine, they are trucked in. NOT the same!) Their coffee is the worst next to Cinnabums, but their doughtnuts are ooey gooey sinfully good. If they could make one store with dunkin doughnuts coffee & KK doughnuts... I'd weigh 300 lbs. William www.gpswnj.com
  16. I am toying with the idea of creating a virtual cache (it would easily comply with the new regulations) but with a unique twist: the cache is located between 1-12 miles off the coastline in the ocean. There are several I could utilize but I'm not sure which i would have a better shot at using. I won't say any more about what it is, but here's the question: would you seek this cache? Please assume that the cache is located within a reasonable distance, (not like you're in Boston & this cache is located off of Maryland or something) PS If by some stupid chance any of you are able to figure out what the subject matter here is: DONT SAY ANYTHING! www.gpswnj.com
  17. I was going to suggest you leave your cash with me before you leave. I'm wondering if its required to put one of these in here to signify this was humor?? www.gpswnj.com
  18. for anyone who is interested: Sandy hook is home to fort hancock, a former NIKE base. there are still barracks, a radar tower, gun batteries and more and there are now giving tours. every saturday in may there is a nike missile radar site tour starting in horseshoe cover at 11AM, and between 1-4Pm are tours of the oldest gun batteries. there is also a special event on 5/11 with a video & lecture as well as tour. reservations required. I will try to attend yhe 11am tour if I dont have to pick up my mother in laws dogs from the vet. wouldnt mind meeting up with fellow geocachers there. I will probably be there the 17th www.gpswnj.com
  19. quote:Originally posted by HartClimbs:I have a book titled _Off the Beaten Path_ written by William and Kay Scheller that bills itself as a 'Guide to Unique Places' within NJ. I havent picked it up yet but theres a relatively new book called NJ Curiosities. It sounds like a Weird NJ special Issue. Muffler men, roadside oddities and lord knows what else. I took some advice from someone at the weird nj party & checked out some used book stores. Got some books about the iron bogs, batsto, the J.D., field trips and interesting & historic NJ, trips & treks: a guide to outings in NJ, discovering NJ, plus a 5 foot long folding map of bergen county like you see on the wall at the police station. AND THAT WAS JUST ONE BOOK STORE! If anyone knows of any good books on weird or unusual stuff in Nj lemme know here. as good a folder as any to talk about that. www.gpswnj.com
  20. quote:Originally posted by HartClimbs:I have a book titled _Off the Beaten Path_ written by William and Kay Scheller that bills itself as a 'Guide to Unique Places' within NJ. i would answer here, but I dont want to get off topic. I'll answer in the weird stuff in NJ folder www.gpswnj.com
  21. I was doing some investigating into unusual things in NJ (What are the odds) when I came across a book titled The Seven Wonders of NJ. I don't have it in my hands yet, (it's on request) but apparent someone decided to create a list of majestically beautiful spots in NJ and came up with seven. I only know of a handful, none of which are confirmed: the delaware water gap & high point state park, sunfish lake (which may or may be part & parcel of the delaware water gap), the palisades, the great falls of paterson, They also added the Seven Man Made Wonders of NJ, which include lucy the margate elephant, and the hindenburg (the ship? the crash site??). Which brings me to my question: I was thinking it would be neat to honor this notable distinction by creating a cache in each spot. All the caches would commonly titled or referenced (like SWONJ #3: High Point State Park or something). I'm willing to create a photo jpeg for each cache with a picture of the area, and some sort of identifying text. (this cache is located in High poitn state park, designated as one of the seven wonders of NJ) or something. If there are already caches in that park or area, I'd ask if they want to join the group (totally optional) I need volunteers to help because I can't place caches so far away that I can't maintain them. besides I thought it would be more fun to involve everyone. get some of the veterans to join in. or maybe this is just a dumb idea. Conceptionally what do you all think? In a day or two (maybe three since my library isn't open Sunday) I'll post the official list of 14 spots, as well as a lisdt of any geocahces in those spots, and if folks wanna help, we can brain storm on a common title as well as if we want to do an identifying jpeg or whatever. Although this is my idea, I totally want this to be a group thing, and hope some of you will join in. Who knows, maybe all 14 spots are already covered? (this being such a cache rich state. oops. bad pun ) So who's w/me? william www.gpswnj.com [This message was edited by Gwho on May 02, 2003 at 07:27 PM.]
  22. Shoppersadvanatage.com is currently selling the garmin street pilot III for 799 then a $100 rebate kicks in for 699. you must be a member to buy at that price (I'm amember & i think its $50 a year) but they have really good prices on lotsa other stuff, and standard 2 yr warranty on everything (even in the manufacturers warranty is only one year) not a pitch for the club, just a great deal on a really expensive unit I thought folks might like to know. (typically it sells for $1000 from what i saw when i looked into it) i wouldnt pay that price so I got the V and have been very happy with it william www.gpswnj.com
  23. quote:Originally posted by Mopar:I STILL have "rolling rock" in my car, waiting for a good home. how about the Holmdel IFC, which is now a park? If its one of those hideakey stones (great idea, I have one myself for just such a purpose, just hafvent found a decent cache to create out of it) then you could even leave it in a weird graveyard. I'd nominate zippy the pin heads grave. www.gpswnj.com
  24. Someone asked me if I meant geocaches where there was something already covered by weird nj, or something that hasn't yet been covered by weird nj. the answer is BOTH. if its weird I dont care if its been in Weird NJ or not. I like weird. I also thought of a few more that I know of. Dead Center Joe Mulliner's Tavern This one just jumps out at you.... What the Heck is this place These are all T Neigels caches, mostrly Pine Barrens. I mention these based on the name or writeup.... Harrisville Gas Jessie Evans Mansion Toms Grave Washington Ruins in the Pines Hampton Furnace of the Pines www.gpswnj.com
  25. quote:Originally posted by Bluehook:Yo G, did ya ever check out that one I suggested? I never heard back from you on that? No good? Or what? Just wondering...I thought it was pretty weird anyway. which one? cant recall though I've gotten some refereals of weird stuff, I cant think of any other geocaches in NJ that would be classified as weird. EXCEPT I'm sure a lot of T neigel's geocaches would qualify, but with so many I haven't looked them over extensively, also since most of his are S Jersey and are below my radar for the most part... www.gpswnj.com
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