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  1. I have 2 garmins for the car, a garmin nuvi 1200 and a 765T. I've had them both for a year or two and they both suffer the same problem: after anywhere from 5-30 minutes the suction cup comes come lose and it crashes to the floor usually hitting the cup holder. I've had replacement balls, suction cups and and flat pieces that you attack the suction cup to. Nothing works. I've used suction cup mount GPS for years and never in my life had problems. I know how to correctly attach it. So does my wife. And now our GPS are practically unusable. I can't put them on the dash because I know it'll crash down and eventually break. I have to sit mine in the cup holder to use it.; thankfully its got audible directions so I can pretty much rely on the verbal instructions, but if I need to look at the screen I have to look far away from the road. I am wondering if any other garmin owners are having problems because this is too frequent to be coincidence.
  2. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...da-a46d9b64aa55
  3. i hid a cache at the jet in the woods and one of the columnist in the bergen record thought it was a worthy subject and interviewed me and went to the jet. Article in the paper today. he was talking about ideas for future articles and the subject of geocaching came up. His articles tend to be more about either his eperience or the person interviewed, not the subject matter itself. They did a geocachign article and it was a by the #s piece. All facts. If he does it he would want it to be an "experience" (Bill falls off a cliff, Bill gets stung by bees, etc). I can't be involved since he already interviewed me once, but I said I'd see if anyone might be interested. If you are, LMK. Applicants must have strong personalities and be willing to lead him on a cache hunt. Did I mention he's not athletic? At all? yeah, he's not, no so no levels 4s or 5s.
  4. I had Garmin 60c and its maps were out of date and I really wanted a unit with tbt directions and multi point routing. So I researched with garmin which models would have these features and be able to be used for caching. and be able to import all my datafiles of waypoints. I got the 765T and am very very pleased with it... for driving. What I've discovered is that just because a gps CAN be used for geocaching doesn't mean you SHOULD use it for geocaching. In short, it sucks. switching to geocaching mode" for lack of a better term is cumbersome, the map zooms in and then back out, it's not as accurate as I'd like, and ... well... I really wish I'd kept my 60c cause I could use it for just goecaching. Cie la vie. So now I need to get a basic gps unit that's going to be good for caching. I don't need any features, directions, I don't care about maps, POI or music. I have my 765T for all that. I want one that will be simple to use and point me in the direction of the cache. period. Ok, if it supports paperless caching, hey that's pretty darn useful, but it's not a necesity. I don't care if its a newer model, older model, jsut as long as it's reliable and good for caching. I've tried to research this but honestly, it seems like most units today are geared toward all the fancy features that I don't need. So... any suggestions?
  5. Here are all the pages on my site related to the downed jet. I don't give coordinates because I am no longer freely giving out location information. I can tell you that I have come across a buttload of facts about the crash and my site will soon be updated, and there's some exciting news about me personally and the downed jet but I am sworn to secrecy for the next month or so. it's gonna be way cool.
  6. I won this at work and don't need it, so it's for sale. asking price is $235 free S&H Technical Specifications Manufacturer: Audiovox Electronics Corp. Manufacturer Part Number: NVX226 UPC Code: 044476034404 Estimated Weight: 2 lbs MODEL- nvx226 VENDOR- AUDIOVOX ELECTRONICS FEATURES- 3.5" Touch Screen Portable Navigation 1 GB Flash memory with full U.S. mapping Turn by turn voice prompts Built-In rechargeable battery Cradle with built-In speaker and windshield mounting bracket Canada mapping included on separate CD
  7. So my wifes birthday is coming up. Quick. And she just started a new job as a sales rep that has her driving all over creation. So the obvious thing to do is get her a dashboard moutned gps w/audible turn by turn directions... but which one? For once Google has failed me. I really couldn't find any decent comparrison reviews, and with so many to choose from... it was hard, but I finally found that 4 highly recommended models are the Lowrance iWay 500c ($550) TomTom Go300 ($500) Magellan Roadmate 700 ($425-500) and the Streetpilot I3 and I5 for $275-325. EDIT: I also see the Nuvi 350 which is around $600. looks really good but also is expensive. The I3 and I5 clearlt win on price, and since all have audible turn by turn directions... it would appear to be the way to go. Does anyone have any experience with these models? Any comments pro or con? Any one know of any good reviews or more importantly comparrisons? Or think there's a better unit to get?
  8. A friend of mine knows of an abandoned mining town near rts 28/30 up in the adirondacks and we're supposed to be going up there to go camping in 2 wks. The only cache that would lead us to anything weird/unusual/cool is one that leads to an 1800's cemetery deep in the woods. Wondering if anyone knows of anything in the area of abandoned ruins that I might go and look for while in the area (geocache nearby or not)
  9. it says 2006 release... BUT it's not listed in the Yahoo movies section for upcoming movies, which incidently contains films that are as far out as 2008, not to mention tons of movies that has been bounced around forever but aren't actually going anywhere like JP IV, Indy IV, T4 (whats with all the fours?) True Lies 2 and so on.... nor is it listed on netflix either. so I think that it may go right to VDD or they're still working out a release date. Note that the movie Cache is not about geocaching. It's a french flick about a reporter who getting voyeuristic videotapes of his family that are creepy and threatening because it's someone is watching them. BUT WHY? Looks cool for a foreign film.
  10. i definately agree an event would be nice so those who couldnt get to the wake/funeral can have a chance to remember him will hve the opportunity to share stories about him and the things he loved. I really didn't know him well, and would welcome the chance to hear others talk about him in a more relaxed and social atmosphere. Personally I have a real difficulty going to funerals, whether I knew the person well or not. I hope that such an event will be viewed for what it is: a chance for people to remember the happy times. I know that sometimes when a person dies and was a regular member of a group that sometimes the members of the group will do something in remembrance. For example reserve an empty seat at the poker table where he and his friends played poker every Friday night for example. We all grieve in different ways, & I hope that this is viewed as appropriate and not as disrespectful.
  11. I am saddened by the news. it's always difficult when someone so young (43 is still young in my book, well... middle aged, but definately not old!) goes suddenly like that. my condolances to the family.
  12. lets be fair to brian. dont knock that picture, he'd just started using Tag Body Spray for woodland creatures. Apparently it works real good!
  13. 4444 caches AND he works full time too! amazing! nice job.
  14. thanks, i thought I saw a little pullover spot but wasnt sure if that was the appropriaste spot to access ti from. besides, at the time I went I had 2 vehicles of people following me so that would've been a abd spot to try top park at.one vehicle fine. thwee? no. I am kinda curious about hickory though, I've been itching to go off road lately....
  15. at one time there was a geocache at N41 14.466 W74 11.158 but its been archived. in my gps I labeled it as haunted boy scout camp, so I'm assuming that there's some sort of remnants there. there doesnt seem to be any place to park or any trails anywhere nearby *except* I did see a paper road called hickory hollow that goes about 1.5 miles nearbyto the west. the cache was located near the edge of the PIP and I'm wondering if somehow theres some trails that come from the east where most ofm the park is located. anybody ever hike this area or seek his cache? any help would be appreciated, you know me, I love abandoned **insert anything here**
  16. I saw this and thought, wow, goran would probbaly like the concept of caching, but I somehow doubt eves would.
  17. PICKLE BAR????? Is that like one of the pickle rest stops???? This thread gets more and more bizarre each time GWho posts. Dude, I thought you were married? I guess I now know the REAL reason you wear a kilt! sigh. yes. pickle bar. it's the world largest pickle bar as a matter of fact or so they claim. boy you say one thing wrong andsuddenly **everythings** open to alternate interpretation! now, there's some really good sausage bars over in Piscataway, but thats another thread for another time. Edit: Here's a quote from the review Harold's is a large restaurant serving enormous portions of food to enormous people (and regular size people, too). So apparently they served oversized geocachers there, making it quite appropriate for this thread!
  18. if you typed what i think you typed and found what i think you found, I prefer the second image better, although it's NSFW, and its also NSFTF (not safe for the forums) so you probably made the wise choice by gonig with the first one.
  19. it gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, "passing the football", doesn't it. Well, he might leave his cell phone at home before going caching, but he's definately not a ****, so I'd never say that about him. I spit milk when I read that. thanks! hey thats actually convenient for me. Theres a really good pickle bar near ther etoo.
  20. Welll... I can think of one fellow in particular... Hmm.. if he can get his head up there, then yeah, this TB should fit in that geocacher.
  21. thanks! kinda far, but I'll get down there eventually.
  22. neat cache. one thing. it says it was relocated deeper and arker and so forth. Dont you think it'd be a good idea for the cache description to say just how far? If its been muggled you could have cachers going pretty far, not knowing when is far enough. (not that this is your cache of course, jsut speculating on safety)
  23. I'm practically in tears from laughing so hard! I actually **am** crying I can't stop laughing. typoes sometimes make for the best jokes. my apologies to oversized geocachers everywhere.
  24. I grabbed the Go Deep TB at the Geology Getogether Event today. Took it as a lark only cause it's so freaking huge. I was thinking of a cache to put it in, but after I took it I realized that Blandinas Treasure Chest was archived. Anybody know of any supersized caches around the northern part of NJ where one could leave this. //sarcasm I mean, yeah I could jsut deflate it and cram it into an ammo canister, but wheres the fun in that? Or I could find a really off-the-beaten-path cache and leave it next to the cache all covered up, but that's not really a solution either. //sarcasm off Any ideas?
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