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  1. That kind of statement can't be used universally anymore. Some smartphones can get excellent reception in some areas. If done properly and carefully, a smartphone can be used in SOME cases. Not all, though. For example, a smartphone in the woods still isn't a good idea. Right or a smartphone having signal problems, or an older smartphone model or a smartphone with a low battery... I know that the GPS accuracy has supposedly gotten better. It still just rings as a bad idea to me given all the variables. I'm well aware that there are hides placed by folks who use smartphones that are spot on as far as coords go. That doesn't make it, in my mind at least, a good practice to promote.
  2. Please don't use a smartphone to hide caches
  3. They should have contacted Groundspeak and had the logs re-instated, that's a silly reason. Of course he is, why wouldn't he be? More silliness....
  4. Looks like they didn't take it upon themselves. Maybe you ought read the quotes you're quoting. That being said, I think it's on poor taste to request that someone playing another game remove their piece for your own benefit.
  5. You've found 5 geocaches. A grand total of 5. Those 5 caches have brought you to the conclussion that all geocaches are roadside grabs huh? Maybe you should try to search for a few more caches that are out of the way in areas that you would like to go hunt for them. There are plenty out there, believe me. Since you've decided that you're quitting and not bothering to pick up the 9 caches that you placed, you've now become part of the problem that you rant and rave about in your original post. By all means, if this hobby isn't for you then you should find something else to do. Pick up your garbage though, don't leave it there out of spite for the rules that were clearly laid out when you placed the caches that you just didn't bother to read.
  6. I think that's a bit harsh. You know what, I used to take the bus and it was realy boring standing there waiting. Why not put a cache there, alot of people may appreciate it. Kind of like I appreciate playground hides. I certainly don't. To each their own, and I get that, but the more crappy caches are encouraged, the more they'll be placed by people who find them and think they're the norm. Coldgears, if you absolutely have to hide a cache at the bus stop, please realize that a hide-a-key won't last. That also makes the hide a bad idea.
  7. So you're putting out a crappy container in a crappy location just because there isn't a cache within a mile? You're seriously telling me that there's NOTHING over the course of that mile that's more interesting than a public bus stop? Seriously? Come on man, use your brain. Put in a little effort and take cachers somewhere that's worth visiting.
  8. It looks like the cache has been replaced according to the description. I could be wrong though... Key word... "is".... Looks like it has came up missing three times now. Perhaps the OP should consider something else. The hide is obviously compromised. To have it missing once, well it happens. Twice, I wouldn't use that spot again. Three times, well...... just what can one say? Agreed.
  9. Well don't you hate the non-geocacher terms spell check! Anyway, thanks for the input. Losing it kinda took the only thing that made our skirt lifter cache special, but oh well, we can archive and hide something new if we want to. Noooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Found a cache (placed by a friend of mine) that made it through a large fire. The cache was a large ammo can, and so remained intact. It was fun digging through the swag that's still in the cache that made it through the fire. It adds some very interesting character to the cache and the experience
  11. If you go back and read his full post, I think you'll see that Toz isn't just pointing out a potential positive; he apparently thinks it's a good reason to log a find on ones own cache. He says "You can't find something if you already know where it is" is a poor reason for discouraging owners from logging their caches. He then lists what he apparently believes are several good reasons for owners to log finds on their own caches, including the one I quoted. Maybe I'm misunderstanding his explanation, but I'm certainly not twisting Toz's words. You think this is "actually not a bad reason to log one's own cache." I disagree. While I believe it's helpful to inform people that your cache is okay, I don't feel you need to post "Found It" logs to do this. An Owner's Maintenance log conveys this information. I'll rephrase, as I don't think there is a good reason. This is the closest I've seen to a good reason to log your own cache. I still won't do it, and find it very silly to do so.
  12. Potentially. He's pointing out a potential positive, not supporting repetitive logging of one's own cache. It's actually not a bad reason to log one's own cache. I still think it's cheesy and 99.8% of the time done either by new cachers who do it by mistake or by numbers hounds who care about nothing more than how many smilies they have. I just don't think it's quite fair to twist somebody's words around to make them sound like they support a practice.
  13. It looks like the cache has been replaced according to the description. I could be wrong though...
  14. In English, the meaning of words often depends on context. "Found" can mean "to experience" as in "He found comfort in the spectacular vista." "Found" can mean "to regain" as in "She found her voice." "Found" can mean "to declare" as in "His fellow geocachers found his find to be questionable." Etc. In geocaching, there's a general consensus about what "found" usually means. There are exceptions, of course, but in the context of geocaching most people look upon finding your own hides as being rather cheesy. Just as most frown upon armchair finds as well. So, you're not only in favor of owners logging finds on their own caches in this situation, but you're actually in favor of them logging multiple finds on a single cache that they own.If people want to search for caches that are likely still there, then they can read Owner Maintenance and Note logs as well as Found and DNF logs. Your idea is sort of like concluding that we shouldn't have winners or losers in baseball games because it's too much work to keep score. Toz is long winded and I don't always agree with his point of view, but this is certainly not what he's saying. Based on his explanation, there may be REASON to log your own cache as found, that doesn't mean he's in favor of doing it over and over again. I agree with the azul duckie. Make it so a cacher's find on his/her own cache doesn't count towards their find count, then all the arguments on either side are either supported or squashed, there's no more debate. Unless CO's start logging finds on their caches without actually visiting them...
  15. That newspaper article is amazing! Kudos to you for putting on such an event in such a nice place and kudos to the reporter for not screwing up the article
  16. Some people will say yes, some will say they're just extra garbage in the cache and will remove them and throw them away, some people will use time. Personally, if I found a coupon in a cache for a service that I'd use, I'd use it
  17. I'm not tech savvy at all, so I'll be of no help, but when you say that the person who wrote back to you from Groundspeak was no help, what was their reply? Did you return another email to them explaining that?
  18. If you're in the city, you should put the geocache into your car/backpack/fanniepack/pocket/mule saddle bag and head for the nearest nature park/state park/hiking trail/lake/anywhere outside of the city
  19. How about 99.9% of people don't, and .1% do? It's probably even higher than that. As someone 9 years in, who considers himself to have spent way too much time on this website, I've literally seen less than 10 people log their own hides (caches listed under their own account) as finds, and probably half of those were mistakes, where the owner was kind of clueless, for lack of a better term. It is not the social norm to log your own caches as finds, and statistically, no one does this. Period. However, this will not stop the "I don't care what other people do" crowd from coming here, and arguing until they're blue in the face. Trust me, they'll show up, and this thread will go on for pages. P.S. Obviously, I'm not talking about the situation Webscouter describes, where you've adopted a cache. That's fine. I'd do it myself if it ever happened. But no one who starts threads on this subject is talking about that. They're talking about caches you hid yourself, listed under your own account. We have one here who logs all their caches to "get them off my list." What list?
  20. thanks, i have found the pricklers, on the second and i sent an email to another cacher who has found it and she basically pointed me to where it is but i still can't find it. lol i just think i am rubbish. still i am giving it a couple of weeks then i am going to go back to see if i can find it. the same with the pond. Have you seen how small a nano cache can be? A tiny cylinder about 0.5" diameter x 0.5" high, often magnetic. They are sometimes cleverly painted to match whatever they're on, so that they appear like a small nut part of a structure (e.g. on a bridge, or gate.) MrsB the one with the prickles is a sandwhich box. an evil kids camo lunch box. ive been all round the tree and can't find it. thought it was gone but someone else found it 2 days ago. grrrrr. incredibles, both me and my other halves iphone read the same coordinates his is the 4s and mine is the 4 and they're normally within 5m or so they say... like i said i picked up 4 the other day and they showed up to me straight away. it took me longer to find my keys to drive out to the area then it did to find all 4. lol Don't just focus on the tree, what other structures are close? Within 30 feet kind of close. The other thing to remember is that things aren't always hidden at ground level, you'd be amazed at how often I forget to look above my head... I still can't find nanos. I skip them. It's just not an enjoyable hunt for me so don't get frustrated when you can't find them.
  21. This is my guess. Cool FTF prize if you go for that sort of thing
  22. Using both can be very easy and you get all the benefits. A premium membership will allow for pocket queries that you can load into your handheld unit as frequently or infrequently as you like. Use the handheld to get to the cache, and then use the smartphone features once you're there, whether it's the description and hint or just to log. You're not tethered to anything that way as you load the PQ's in at your convenience, but you still get the battery saving and durability. Not to mention that will allow you to find caches that are in spotty cell coverage range.
  23. Of course I'd be interested. Hell, I'll even beta test them for you if you pay my way up there Ammo Cans. People will make cases for all kinds of containers, but a good ammo can just can't really be beat for durability and water proof-ness
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