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  1. Just to be clear (which I wasn't in my last post), I have no problem with an archival. If it's not there, it's not there. If the CO isn't active (or real for that matter) then the listing should be archived. I'm not in the camp that says we should disregard the DNF of a new cacher (who has a helicopter!). I'm just saying that unless one has visited the cache site, or made an honest attempt, they have no business posting any sort of log other than a note on the cache page.
  2. Not sure I deserve your snarky response. I, like the other 94 folks with Kougarok on their watchlist, are interested in the goings-on of this, the now oldest unfound cache. I seriously doubt all 94 live in Alaska. Walleye is very different. No one had visited GZ before. Regardless of whether RyAk has only 14 finds, I am confident that if he and 2 other guys searched this boulder for an hour, they most certainly would have found it if it was indeed still there. I've spent multiple hours on boulder hides with people who have far more finds than I do, just to learn that we didn't look well enough. If you've never visited a cache site, you have no business logging an NA. Pretty simple in my eyes.
  3. One of those things with the heavy concrete lids? I think that's a bad idea for a bunch of reasons, but I'll echo the sentiment of "Why?" Think about this; as soon as someone's house gets broken into, car gets vandalized, something happens in the neighborhood that someone who actually lives there doesn't like, who do you think is going to get blamed? I would archive the cache if I were in your situation. Although, I wouldn't have placed a cache there in the first place if I were you. But that's just me
  4. This is my first pretty cool TB experience. Just thought I'd share with some folks who might appreciate the story []
  5. Bovine Hill has the original container in a container that's actually weather proof, and still has the original log book...
  6. Wow, the excuses some people will use to claim a smiley. Admittedly not finding the cache, but logging a find anyway. For the record, there's nothing wrong with a needs maintainence log, especially given the vandalism. Maybe the CO didn't read the article. It does nothing but bring it to the CO's attention. Glad the reviewer is trying to put the kibosh on the virtual logging. That park needs an ammo can...
  7. Definitely. I had one that local kids had found. They left notes in it for a while. But eventually it went missing. Sooner or later it will go missing. But in the meantime they'll just keep leaving nasty notes for you real geocachers to find. Do you think I should archive the cache and make a new one? I do. You can find a new place close by that's not as easily accessible, but unless it's less than 10 or 15 feet, I think that's a new hide. Especially for a cache that size.
  8. There's always the official geocache app... I've not searched for other free apps, but I can swear I've heard that there are several that are supported by Groundspeak. As I've not used them, I can't point you to any, easy to use or otherwise. Just something else to think about; of the apps I've heard of, c:geo seems to have the most issues for users (at least when it comes to complaints and requests for assistance on the forums). That's probably because of the fact that they have to try to backdoor access to geocaches. I'm sure somebody will come along and tell me how wrong I am, bottom line is that the app violates the terms of use put forth by GC.com.
  9. So instead you're going to teach your kids the "It's not going my way so I quit!" approach? We all get stonewalled at some point. It's a part of life. Throwing your hands up on something like this and leaving the litter there because you don't want to go get it is the wrong approach.
  10. It depends on a few things. If you're using a dedicated GPS, you have to input the caches for them to show up, they don't automatically load. If you're using a smartphone (oh please don't hide caches with smart phones) then make sure that in your search options, you're able to see your own caches.
  11. That's a great article. No article is going to be perfect, but that one is leaps and bounds better than most I've read in the past. You should take BD up on his/her offer to consult on the travel bug segment.
  12. It sounds to me like you clearly didn't enjoy the cache because it was illegal. That doesn't sound like a favorite geocaching moment to me. Glad you reported a blatant violation like that.
  13. Can we PLEASE not get into a gun rights debate here? There is currently, in the United States, a furious "conversation" taking place on this subject. I come here to discuss geocaching, not the Second Amendment. --Larry Very much this. I'm not suggesting that I think it's bad this cache got archived, I'm just sad to see it happen the way it did. I'm all for permission for hides, but had I hidden this cache (not my cup of tea, it's not 25 feet from the roadway) I'd have thought public without a second thought as well. I'm actually doubting it's private property and think this may just be a neighbor who doesn't want people close to his/her property. Either way, it's clear that cache wore out it's welcome. A friend of mine sent a message to the guy asking him to post pictures of his new ammo can tool box :laughing:
  14. No, that's accurate. It was just off a well used public roadway with no fence or indication that that particular hillside was anything other than public property. It may just be somebody barking trying to stop people from coming towards his house, but it's certainly not worth assuming... No, not a common reaction at all. Although we did have one cacher quit and archive all his caches after he got a bill from the bomb squad after they blew up a film can on a roadsign. Or almost blew one up. I forget which....
  15. I've helped hide caches on more than one occasion, and have had people help me hide them as well. Doesn't bother me at all if they claim a find when they help me hide, but I won't claim a find if I was there for the hide. I'm a purist who says I didn't find anything, and neither did you if you were there That being said, there's nothing that says you can't do it. There are just those of us who think it's tacky, and won't do it ourselves. Either way you go, if you're enjoying yourself and not ruining things for anyone else, knock yourself out.
  16. My opinion? Tacky. I like the idea of setting a goal for yourself and then publishing the cache after it's completed as a "reward" to yourself. I maintain that it's in poor form to post a find on a cache that you hid, or helped to hide. You can still do it if it suits you however, so the choice is yours.
  17. Silliness. If you don't want your posts online, don't post them This is your first post in this thread. I think you should butt out. Meh, whatever. The puzzle owner in question should either be happy that somebody found their ruined cache (presumed), or they need to do a better job maintaining their cache. Either way, if your signature is on the log, you found it and the CO can not choose to delete it because you didn't find it the way they intended. Does this fill my number of posts required to post an opinion quota? :rolleyes:
  18. I think I might steal/modify this one a little bit. I think if you wipe the 6 month portion out and just have a "15 years of unfound" cumulitive, that would be fun. Want to use a cache that was found yesterday? That's cool, you've got a lot of caches to find...
  19. My problems with them: 1 - They're in a parking lot! This usually means a shopping center or restaurant or office park or mall. To me, the fun is in the search...and also in the surroundings and what you can see if you are looking closely. Not much to see where asphalt and metal poles are concerned. Once in a while the poles are in a more interesting area - a park, a scenic overlook or picturesque setting. Those are at least worth going to. 2 - The nature of the hiding spot requires them to be smaller (i.e., not much room for swag or trackables...if any). The containers themselves also, in my experience, more often than not are medicine bottles or key-hides and leak like crazy. Logs tend to be damp or wet. Yeah, there's a "skirt" covering it...but those things are only meant to cover the ugly bolted connections at the pole base, not provide a weatherproof shelter. 3 - Noisy as heck to lift those skirts. 4 - Not much of a challenge. You drive into a parking lot and, at that point, there is already about 98% chance of it being a skirt-hide. At that point, all you have to do is get within 100 feet of the spot and you already know where the cache is. Where's the challenge in that? That being said...I'm not ANTI LPC. I'm just not terribly impressed by 90% of them. The other 10% are at least in an interesting location. I'll add to this list that there's a 99.98% chance that nobody received permission to place that particular film can under than particular lamp skirt.
  20. GC18V2X - A Trip to the Ball Field 6/16/2009 "This was my first cache! Used the hint, great hide. TNLN as I forgot to bring trade items. TFTC." Cool thread
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