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  1. My whole issue is that if someone owns 2407 caches (my example from above), and they rarely take care of them, they are making the game a lot less fun. They're taking up ground eliminating the possibility of someone responsible placing a well maintained cache. If this trend continues, there's going to be a dumb rusty altoid tin every 500 feet in the suburban areas. If I wanted to find trashy unmaintained caches on every street corner, I would go dumpster diving.
  2. Please check it often cuz I've seen those rust easy
  3. Good to have a strong flat head to pry open those stuck shut ammo cans that haven't been opened for 6 months.
  4. This is a really good topic. There's one user in my area named JACOB. he owns 2407 caches all over!!!!! He can't and doesnt maintain them. It's insanely frustrating. He should NOT be allowed to own all those caches since it's pretty much impossible to maintain that many. I wish there was a way to red flag a user. Yes, he's clearly a dedicated cacher, but this just doesnt seem right. Plus, it seems as if he rates them with ridiculous standards. For example, if you need to stand on a chair, he would will rate them as a terrain of 4 1/2 stars???? GC1CRKE is a cache I was recently after that is a good example of this. If you read the logs, you can see how rediculous the difficulty ratings are.
  5. It's also nice to bring a mini crow bar, like a large, strong flat head screwdriver. This is especially important if you are hiking out for an ammo can. Those ammo cans can get stuck shut pretty well. The other day I had to bang one with a rock to open after not being found for 6 months.
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