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  1. Whatever size the actual cache container (that holds the log/trading items) is the size of the cache. If you're not sure (or to make things a little more complicated) you can use "not chosen"/"other".
  2. I think those are lights, but they do look like benchmarks.
  3. I will do the ones that are location-specific, but I will not do any of the world-wide challenges.
  4. I think that virtuals should have been brought back like they were, same icon, review process, and cache page layout. I think that there are more lame challenges now than there were lame virtuals back then. I am not going to do Challenges because there will be a separate pocket query for them. I wish they were just a different cache type because I like getting everything downloaded in one query. The last thing I would change is to get rid of the world-wide challenges. These are pretty much just locationless caches making a comeback. "Kiss a Frog" was a horrible first worldwide challenge.
  5. I think that virtuals should be brought back how they were... same cache page as all other types, same review process. The problem before was that reviewers were having problems with virtuals that were uninteresting. I think that if virtuals were brought back how they were, there would be fewer lame virtuals than all of these lame challenges that are being posted.
  6. The worst challenge I've seen so far was a challenge to add 3 votes to the new "Remove challenges" suggestion in the feedback forum.
  7. I added all the caches I own to a bookmark list and generated a PQ from that. Thanks for all your help!
  8. Is there a macro available in GSAK to create statistics for the caches you've placed? I don't just want to log all my caches as found and put them into the FindStatGen macro.
  9. The patched exe file works, thanks Certik and a_snail for your help.
  10. WGA is the group in Wisconsin... http://www.wi-geocaching.com/
  11. OxSling has 1,042 earthcache finds... he has earned the Diamond EarthCache discovery award. WOW.
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