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  1. I've just swapped two TBs with an American geocacher, it was a great way to add 3000 miles onto the bugs travels! We just posted them once though and then will release them again in the wild.
  2. Edscott has got it!! On the lower map, click on the actual cache marker and a little bublle will appear saying "view nearby caches", clicking on this opens a new window with map. Thank you!!
  3. there is a better workaround until this is fixed. If you right click on the map it will bring up a list of commands all you have to do is left click on "Open in New Window" and the map will open up and be fully functional just like before. I hope like everyone else this will be fixed soon. Thank you soooo much!! I rely on this feature to decide where I am caching so your hint is perfect. *Phew* caching is back on!
  4. Oh no! How will I know if my Dad is catching me up or not?!! Bring it back!
  5. I love all caches no matter what size they are ..... so long as I find them!
  6. Wow, more awesome photos from everyone. OK, here is my first 'dodgy' shamefull attempt! GC22R4B (Hopefully done this correctly!)
  7. Oh I was all excited reading this post, thinking about taking part and the half dodgy photo I took the other day on my camera phone while caching, but having seen Simply Pauls efforts, I'd be laughed off the forums!! Great shots Paul.
  8. Hello Ayrshire, its Renfrewshire calling! Im off to raid the caches of Ayrshire tomorrow. Im dragging my friend along, she doesn't know whats about to hit her - hope she gets hooked too then I don't need to look so strange by myself rummaging in bushes etc! There should definitely be more groups!
  9. I use my Nokia 5800 and until this week was using the free edition of geocache navigator, I also have a Garmen etrek but I can honestly say that my phone has proved to be more accurate in the hunts. I haven't used them up a mountain or anything, mainy local woods and city swoops, but the phone has definitely been better. Im now of to hunt for new software for my phone since the free edition of geocache navigator has been stopped!
  10. Im a newbie and hooked already too! You seem to be doing well with the TT - I never thought of using that and bought an Etrex from fleabay for just over £40 inc p&p its been brilliant! I've also got the Trimble software on my Nokia phone which in all honesty does the job perfectly well, though I didn't want to drain the battery so only use it in the last stage of hunting! Happy hunting & shoping!!
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