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  1. Yeah. This is great. I'm having a lot of fun watching the coins travel and to see how surprized and happy cachers are when they find one. It's much more satisfyting than leaving them in a drawer!
  2. Thanks for the update. I appreciate it. Guess I went too far back to search and missed the forums the day you posted that update. Maybe I was out geocaching.
  3. Yeah, I went quite a way back and used the "ctrl + F" - to try and find it, but didn't have any luck. Anyway. I'm glad for the info. Thanks.
  4. Okay. Thanks. I couldn't find any info on it. Do you know where that post is?
  5. I'm just wondering if anyone has any news on the 'Cache the Fever' geocoin? I know that I paid back in the beginning of Dec. for some but don't have any other info and can't find anything in the forums about it. Anyone know about this?
  6. I've actually contacted them and have some coins going their way.
  7. If you send me your address, I'll send you a couple of coins to activate and set free. edited: for spelling...
  8. Sent out 3 coin package yesterday to UOTrackers + 1st give away coin. Sent the 2nd, a World of Geocaching coin to Lemon Fresh Dog yesterday too. Waiting on the arrival of the Kansas tornadoes to send one off to Not So Lost Puppies...
  9. Got some and sent address in the note. Ladycacher you're awesome.
  10. My compliments. It's a great coin and you have done a lot of hard work. Thanks. Excited to see them.
  11. I agree. This is a really great thing to do.
  12. I'd buy one trackable or not. It's a really great idea. I can see my kids now spinning their coins to see what type of cache we'll go to next... Did I say just 1? I mean 2.. or 3... or 6... I just need to do some overtime!
  13. Oh man! I would love one of these. Please put me on the list if there's any room.
  14. I don't have this coin - but already receiving one and don't have 6 more coins to send in order to claim another. Looks like we need some new players.
  15. Wa-hoo!! Oh Happy Day!! That's awesome.
  16. Okay, last one spoken for. Now the fun begins.
  17. Might as well send some coins to those who have none yet. Sent email requesting you to release my three into the wild. Also: I don't find any harm in making you a recipent of one of the 3 give-aways. Set 3 free and keep one. Who wants the other 2? I'm not saying what coins they are - that will spoil the surprise. Besides, I don't care if you already own one or not! Having fun already. okay LFD, email sent - Done Deal. One more left... anyone?
  18. Email sent. Also: I'm wondering about the first 3 coins sent out. When we do that do the coins need to be new and unactivated for the hider to set up and set free - or are they activated by us already and simply sent off to someone to give them a good start in our name? I have some coins to contribute. Have to check out the specifics though - Will come home after work and list the next 3 I have for emails.
  19. I'd totally do that. I completely missed out on the 1st ed. Email me Mike.
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