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  1. Hello, I just ordered an iPad mini LTE and intend to use it with the geocaching app. This app runs on my iPhone but works also without problem on the antique first generation iPad of my wife. However this is not practical on the field. A big advantage is to load in advance the spoiler pictures (see my post at this thread: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=298848&st=0&p=5115611&fromsearch=1entry5115611 ). I would also appreciate the upgrade/upsize proposed by Stephan. I heard that it wasn’t a big problem for developers to upgrade iPhone app for iPhone/iPad compatibility. Pierre
  2. Hello, The Groundspeak geocaching application for iPhone may be a solution for the iPad too. I just tested it, on both iPhone and iPad (1st generation, last OS). If I save caches with saving pictures and saving maps options, I can get back all the information offline. For spoiler pictures, this works for saving from a search, but not from a query. Tip: ask for 30 caches to be displayed and then ask for next caches repeatedly: it will at the end save a multiple of 30 caches in one session. Nice for my next trip in Gran Canaria, where I intent to use the iPad with its better screen to prepare the hunts at the hotel, see the way in the rental car and look at the spoilers on site.
  3. Hi, I tried this great macro on my brand new Nuvi 255T. Everything worked fine with a sample of 20 caches, including spoilersync use. Now, I am concerned about the memory size if I want to export more caches with picts. What are the limits? Is it useful to buy a microSD? Which size? How to download on the microSD? The answers might already be there on this forum, but if so I couldn't find it. Please help and and many thanks for the macro.
  4. Hello, It happens to me to go geocaching in Luxembourg, a wonderful place for hiking I possess a Garmin Colorado 300 I just wonder how I I can get topo maps that I can use on my GPS I could'nt find much on the web Who can help?
  5. Amen brother!!! I'm with you on exactly those two issues. I'm writing a letter to Garmin to ask about those two on Monday. My Barometer also now works beautifully! Me happy. Wile your at it: 3) More user-friendly text entry 4) Improving the image viewer for geocaching For me, it would be also very useful to add the possibility to have the name of the pictures displayed and/or to be able to navigate through directories when using the image viewer. If you just put the spoiler and other needed pictures in a subdirectory called GCxxxxx for each cache (using spoiler sync for instance), you could then on the spot look at the pictures corresponding to the cache you are searching. I don’t now if either feature is easy to implement, but this would be a good addition to the geocaching abilities of the Colorado. Is there some Garmin people hearing me out there?
  6. OK I agree that any brewery, even the smallest, is a factory. The possibility to visit the place to taste or buy their production can be assimilated to a “tour”. But if these principles are accepted, this will broaden significantly the category “factory tours”. For instances, wine, oyster, local candies and pastries, champagne, foie gras, sausage producers, and so on may qualify as waymark in this category. Why not change “Factory tours” to “Factory visits” and create two new variables in this category: “Guided tour” (one possible answer being “none available”) and, for easy search, “Type of production” (beer, toys, candies, as example of answers)? Alternately, “factory visits” could be promoted to a general category with subcategories like the “traditional breweries” of my proposal, but this would mean a large amount of subcategories. I understand that this remark also pertains to other posts in the Waymarking forums, discussing the general policy for building the tree of categories and subcategories. Regards Pierre
  7. Hello, Here follows a typical Belgian proposal : A category (or subcategory) « Traditional breweries » For creating the waymark, the type of beer (Gueuze, Trappist, and so on), the opening hours, the visiting and buying possibilities and other useful details would be required, along with a picture of the place or a reference to a website displaying such pictures. To validate the log, the usual “proof of visit” (picture with you and/or your gps with the place in the background) would be required, along with a proof of tasting (picture of the bottle/glas or scan of the label…) with comments. Those who accomplish a great number of logs in a short period will be awarded a health hazard warning, however. With love from Belgium…
  8. I don't possess any at this time but I find some, I'll be happy to swap
  9. Blue Gator

    Travel Bug

    Which is the best (cheapest, fastest, most secure...) way to buy a travel bug in Belgium? (my home is near Brussels)
  10. I just use the PC web browser to get a geocaching page, save it on my hard disk and then copy this information my SD card through a USB card reader. So I can read the htlm page on the palm on my way using its own web browser. This of course requires a palm with sufficient memory (I use a T3) and with a web browser, but this method is the most direct and very quick.
  11. Trick : with my Palm T3 I use as extra power a Power To Go unit. This in theory triples the running time of the palm T3 under bluetooth. In practice, starting with a full charged T3, I have to use the extra power after a couple of hours and it will last about 4 hours, using continuously a Navman bluetooth gps. If I had to use it a longer time I think I would need a second Power To Go. Of course, in the car I use the cigarette lighter for recharging. See my profile for the hardware and software I use. Regards. Pierre
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