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  1. You present to me a new geocoins: The European Castles Geocoins not STAR GATE GEOCOIN - ANUBIS I'm thinking to buy a coin Hluboká.
  2. Maybe just this: Extend the arrow (around digital 12-12-12) to the edge of the coin. Colors will be in fact less. Colors will be repeated.
  3. Nice idea Tim, that would look awesome! I agree it looks good, but it does then leave colouring choices to the 50+ event organizers fairly limited, green being the obvious first choice. I do not think that many other of the transparent colour selections would lend themselves to the circuits and still look as good as the greens, a few maybe but not enough to allow a good range of different coloured coins. Shame tho because I do like the look! Different colors are OK. But green is green See the test (in the image editor):
  4. The unique feature of the 8/8/8 to 12/12/12 series was that no matter what the date format your country used whether it be DD/MM/YY or MM/DD/YY you could still participate as it didn't matter. Anything with the date beyond 12 is always going to be confusing for one group of people and be fine for the rest. It's not perfect as 8-8-8 .. 12.12.12, but the only option with DD/MM/YY = MM/DD/YY is 3-3-13, 4-4-14 (or better 3-3-X3, 4-4-X4).
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