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  1. Im seriously not worried about a cache that has been disabled for only 30 days, not even worried if has been disabled for 60 days. It's when it starts to be, or allready has been 90 days and NOT a single word from the CO on what the status should be that I think something should be done. Or in some cases... where 90 days have gone by, and even the CO hasn't LOGGED on to GC.com at all either. IMHO I call that an abandoned cache. The other issue is of course caches that have NOT yet be disabled as well. Again... 30 days is a little short. 90 days on the other hand IMHO is more than enough time to have disabled the cache, posted a note &/or archived it, if not even have fixed the darn thing. I honestly have no idea, nor information on how many reviewers Texas actually has. The only information regarding that is based on the posts in this thread. But if indeed Texas does only have 1 reviewer. I don't care how good he/she is.... They still need another. As a backup, for when the current reviewer needs extra help, takes vacation, has family emergencies, or even gets sick and is unable to perform the duties of his "office" lol. TGC
  2. Don't tell them that! Really? Wer'e Just a state? dadgum All this time I thought we were still the "Republic of Texas" lol (Search google for 6 Flags over Texas, and Im not refering to the amusement park) TGC
  3. It's a rumour that circulates. It is a little odd that a state like Texas only has one reviewer. Ontario has 4. There are several countries that have to share a reviewer. Texas is only a state. Shouldn't those countries each get their own before we start adding reviewers for a state? See previous trivia about Texas and it being larger than 96% of the countries in the world, as well as having a larger so called GNP than most of those countries & even a larger GNP than Great Britain (England) which is considered a Nuclear Super Power. For those of us who live in Texas... we for the most part consider ourselvs to be a country! (j/k) TGC
  4. It's a rumour that circulates. It is a little odd that a state like Texas only has one reviewer. Ontario has 4. Learning that Texas has only one reviewer is amazing! Considering how big Texas is! LOL How many does RI have? Trivia for ya... It is farther from Texarkana Texas to El Paso Texas then it is from Texarkanna to Chicago. More that 50% of the length of I-10 is in the state of Texas. (I-10 ends on the CA coast and Starts in on the East coast) The Square miles of the state of Texas is larger than 96% of all the COUNTRIES in the world. The so call GNP of the state of Texas is even larger than the GNP of Great Britain. TGC
  5. Thats good information to know. I guess I missed that when Knowschad said it. My bad. Maybe you know this... Since our cache logs are emailed to us. If a CO responds to the reviewer through a reply to the email, will it update the date in the profile that shows when a geocacher Last logged on geocaching.com? As in can the CO and reviewer have a conversation without the CO logging into geocaching.com. I ask this simply because some of the caches the owner hasn't logged into geocaching.com in a while. So just trying to figure out if that can be used as an indicator to any communication going on between the CO and reviewer. TGC
  6. One other note I would like to make... I care enough to try to do the right thing. So I came into the forums and started a thread to find out more information about HOW things are done & the best way to correct them. Seriously... How many geocachers out there actually READ the forums at all? How many simply hit the "Contact" Groundspeak button? Just saying... TGC
  7. Sorry for my mis-communications. This thread was NEVER meant to be about "reviewer qualifications". Sorry if you thought so. I did not know that a reviwer was not informed/notified of NM logs. I did not know they were informed of NA logs either. I had absolutely no idea HOW reviewers were notified of caches that needed reviewer attention. THAT was the main reason for my thread. To find out HOW they get notified, if they got notified at all & the best procedure for doing so. Under no circumstances did I EVER mean to imply that the Texas Reviewer(s) wasn't doing the job to the best of their ability. But as I realize and others have said many times that reviewers are volunteer positions & that they do have a life outside of geocaching. I simply beleive that when you have 200+ caches that need some type of reviewer intervention/attention, and where even SOME of the caches have allready HAD reviewer attention but now is even over their OWN 30 day limit. Im not talking but a few days or a week, but by 60 days, even 90 days on one. That just maybe the reviewer needs some help getting everything done. Also what about those caches that have had an NA log for 90 days? 6 months? 9months? A few of the 200+ caches have NA logs allready posted to them that are 90+ days old. A couple even 6 months, & 9 months old and STILL DON'T have any reviewer intervention or attention. Seriously I really do appreciate all the work that a reviewer does do. That they are in fact doing the best they can. That for the most part it's a thankless job & a very tough job. AS I come to think of it, I glad that I wasn't accepted to be a reviewer. But maybe in the DFW area, for at least a short period of time, that maybe they need some help???? This thread wasn't meant to be a complaint either. All I wanted to know was some basic information on the questions I had & what the best way to go about getting these 200+ caches fixed or archived as quickly as possible. TGC P.S. I have no complaints with the Texas Reviewer. I agree he has done a great job within the time frame has available to him & with the circumstances of his life. Being that this IS a volunteer job. I don't expect anyone to do more than they are capable of doing. However maybe he needs some temporary help? There is nothing wrong with asking for help when needed.
  8. I don't think non-premium members are less likely to be fair people. My own unscientific observation / conclusion re the relationship between premium members and swag is this: - There is a somewhat positive correlation (not 100%) between premium membership status and length of time caching - There is a somewhat negative correlation (not 100%) between length of time caching, and the importance of swag as it pertains to cachers - I believe there is a somewhat negative correlation (not 100%) between premium membership status and the importance of swag is it pertains to cachers So your saying that the longer a premium member has been a geocacher, the less significant swag becomes? Same for NON-Premium members? Your also saying that the odds of a NON-Member leaving junk for swag, or not trading even or trading up, is the same as for Premium members? TGC
  9. Ok so let me get this right... Since my desire is to handle getting this 200+ caches either fixed or archived as quickly as possible in the most politically correct way possible. In regards to item #1 where the reviewer has allready give his 30 day notice but it has been 60 days and in some cases even longer Is to issue another NA log? As for the rest of the 200+ that relate to items #2 and #3 issue NA logs on them as well? One last question... What period of time should be given for a CO to "Tend" to his cache once a NA log has been issued? As in I issue an NA log today, Does a reviewer give the CO time to fix the cache before the reviewer issues the typical 30 day notice? How much time does a reviewer normally give after a NA log before a reviewer will issue a 30 day notice? Obviously alot depends on the reasoning behind the the NA log. So some I am sure the reviewer will issue the notice immediately... But is that the norm? TGC
  10. Hmmm I haven't heard that rumour. But I wouldn't be surprised. The Texas Triangle is known as the 2nd silicon valley. Triangle being Dallas, San Antonio, Houston. So I wouldn't be surprised if the reviewer worked for one of the Tech companies here and was probably doing other work for Groundspeak as well. I do find it hard to beleive that anyone would give someone an ultimatum like that though, & that Groundspeak would go along with it. In which case, wouldn't that make this reviewer a non-volunteer then???? TGC
  11. One thing that pretty much shoots some people down is comments like you have made in the past. I think I have dealt with those issues. & that comment was ages ago, If you will also note my attitude has also changed a great deal since then as well. My complaint wasn't that I wasn't accepted as a reviewer because like I said isn't a big deal to me, & I just wanted to help. Just the way it was handled, or responded too imho wasn't very professional. This thread wasn't suppose to be about why I wasn't accepted as a reviewer. This thread was suppose to be about getting more reviewers for our area &/or how to get the 200+ caches either fixed &/or archived. Most of my questions were about HOW reviewers handle things, and what is the best way to have something done with those 200+ caches. Especially on those caches that have allready had reviewer attention but are way overdue for the reviewer to archive. I didn't know what the correct, and politically correct method was to bring those caches back to reviewer attention. TGC
  12. A very good suggestion that I hope other geocachers who want to place a cache in the area do. I must admit I have done that myself on a few caches that I have placed & that is exactly what happened. I think because it puts that disabled cache, or even not disabled but abandoned cache in priority to be dealt with. ie... the reviewer either has to get the CO to fix his cache, or it will be archived allowing the new cache placement. TGC
  13. LOL your probably right about being a reviewer. If you want to be your insane and they don't want insane reviewers. Although I am sure some are! (j/k) Did you read points #1 & #2? an NA log has allready been issued. Should I reissue another NA log? I don't have a problem with that if thats what you and others suggest. TGC
  14. Hmmmm I wonder if your being sarcastic, or if there really is something you don't like about the stats tab & the return of virtuals. You didn't even mention the soon to be released NANO size cache option. As far as souvenirs go. I don't think they will kill geocaching. But I have yet to see the point in them (Currently). Maybe if they took in account our stats and gave us souvenir for most found in a day. Most consecutive days geocaching etc... Yes ONE (not the only) reason I like to geocache is it IS about the numbers for me. TGC
  15. In regards to ammo cans... They do eventually rust. Albeit it takes a while. Ammo cans do leak I have come across my fair share that have wet logs inside them. Now for regular sized and large sized containers I can't deny that overall they are a very good container. But they aren't that cheap. Especially if you have to have them send them to you. UPS charges are outrages. More than the cost of the cans in the first place. Second is... At least here in the Dallas - Fort Worth area, if your ammo can isn't secured to something unmovable with a chain/cable & padlock. Then your ammo can WILL eventually get muggled! With all that adding up & the economy. MOST non-premium geocachers can't afford ammo cans. If they could, they probably would have spent the $30 to become a PREMIUM member FIRST. THere are ALOT of great containers that are very inexpensive and most of the time even "FREE", & with a little modification & work can become GREAT containers. Big problem is, there are alot of LAZY CO's who don't want to take the time to make needed modifications to these containers. This applies to all size types of caches as well. I have obtained quite a few Pelican cases from bankruptcy sales that would make great geocaches. However, I personaly use them for other purposes. Pelican cases of all sizes tend to be a little on the expensive side when purchased new. Nice thing about Pelican cases is that you can always order replacement gaskets for them. The other thing I think people forget too, is what is a BAD container in one location, can be a GREAT container in another. Sadly though I would say their are alot of CO's who don't think about the placement of their containers and location as if they go together. Some containers are great containers, but when geocachers don't properly screw the lid on tight, then it will leak! Example the water bottle cache. I went to one water bottle cache where the lid wasn't even on it! Thank god it hadn't rained yet, so the log was still dry! (yes I replaced the lid) Here is what kills containers in the outdoors. 1. UV light (Sunlight) will destroy 98% of all plastics over time. The few plastics that won't deterioate (sp) over time are those that have been designed to resist UV. So if your container will be exposed to direct sunlight & its plastic. It won't last long. Most paint will aslo deterioate from UV sunlight. Sit a ammo can out in direct sunlight for a year or two. Watch the paint bubble. So the main trick here is... Keep your container whatever it is OUT OF DIRECT SUNLIGHT! 2. Material Fatigue. This applies to metal and plastic. The more it's bent, pushed, prodded and played with, the weaker it will become. One other thing that creates material fatigue. Temp changes. If your in an area where at nights its 50 degrees and during hte day its 100. Your container will experiance massice material fatigue very quickly. Cheap containers in general don't do well with this type of issue. Those items using plastics made for the outdoors will do much better. Matchstick holders for example, Hidden Key containers. 3. Moisture. Very few places in the USA don't get any percipitation during the year (Snow, rain). Even those places that don't get any rain a year, will have issues with condensation. So simply put your cache needs to be waterproof & even if it is. You should have your log in a plastic bag as well if possible. Wet logs can be allivated by simply using waterproof paper logs. But those aren't very inexpensive. In some cases even cost more than the cost of the container. There are many other factors that can impact the viability of a cache container. Animals, other enviromental items, even some man made causes. Suffice it to say that I hope all of us who have read and responded to the thread won't use bad containers. Sadly though... MOST geocachers don't read the forums, A larger percentage of NON-premium members don't read the forums either. I wonder though... If you were to compare bad containers placed by PREMIUM members to bad containers placed by NON-PRemium members whioch group would have the MOST bad containers? My bet... the NON-Premium members. TGC
  16. Guess I should stop leaving my peanut hulls around the geocaches I visit from all the peanuts I eat when I go geocaching. TGC
  17. I could be wrong on all of this... You won't hurt my feelings if you correct me. To all of the current reviewers if you read this. Thank you for all the hard work that you do put into geocaching as a reviewer. I can only imagine it's not always an easy task. As I understand it reviewers are volunteer. They aren't paid. I think they maybe get premium level membership but for the most part are unpaid. I also understand it that reviewers have an area that they are so called responsible for, or area that they cover. Looking through all of geocaching.com's website and information I didn't find much if anything on what geocaching.com wants of it's reviewers or what qualifications you need to have to become a reviewer. So I do contact geocaching.com for further information. All I got back IMHO was a very vague email. It listed some things, as need for reviewers in an area, how many caches I have found, placed etc... I may not qualify to be reviewer and if don't I am actually fine with that, I thought I was, but obviously I wasn't. No big deal, really. The thing was they didn't really say why I didn't qualify, or if it was because they didn't have a need in the area that I am in for reviewers. It would have been nice if they simply said I didn't qualify, or if they didn't have a need for more reviewers in our area. But so is life, I can deal. However... now on to the real issue at hand. One of the main reasons why I sought out information on what it takes to become a reviewer. The need in the Dallas - Fort Worth (North Texas) area for MORE reviewers. In this area there are about 200+ caches that NEED reviewer intervention/attention. Because volunteer reviewers have a life (as well as they should) outside of geocaching, many of these caches haven't received the attention they so desperately need! Why do these caches need reviewer intervention/attention? I will list these here. 1. Caches that they have given the typical reviewer "30 day notice" or be archived... but that noticed was posted 60 days or more ago. All have been disabled though. 2. Caches that the CO hasn't logged onto geocaching.com in 90 days or more, AND the cache has obvious issues that require CO intervention of some sort. Maybe because cache is MIA, or broken, or log missing etc. 98% of these caches will have multiple DNF's, as well "Need Maint" logs &/or even "Needs Archived" logs. Some of these caches are disabled, some haven't even been disabled yet. 3. Same as #2... yet the CO DOES log in regularly, is still finding caches and logging them, & even placing NEW caches, yet is ignoring caches they he/she has allready placed that are in need of desperate intervention/attention. I would say roughly 75% of these HAVEN'T even been disabled. But again those caches that have been disabled have been for more than 90 days WITHOUT even a note from the CO. Those that haven't been disabled, have had issues for 90 days or more as well. AS a whole I am refering to those caches that have obvious and major issues for at least the last 90 days, if not longer. Some of these are obviously IMHO abandoned. There is one cache that the CO hasn't logged into geocaching.com in over a year! The cache hasn't been disabeld & their are numerous DNF's, with the last time it was found was about 9 months ago. I will admit that I have a cache that has been disabled for more than 90 days. But I have posted monthly notes as to it's status. To let people & reviewers know that I haven't abandoned or forgot about this cache. The reason the cache has been disabled is because of contruction going on at & near the location. So again to the reviewers... On average how many reviewers are in an area? Do any of you know how many of you review the Dallas - Fort Worth area? Whats the best way to convey to geocaching.com that they may need more reviewers in our area? Or is this something I should shoot off an email to geocaching.com to request more reviewers for our area, or even to give them a list of the 200+ caches that need reviewer attention? How often do the reivewers randomly review disabled caches to even see if reviewer attention is required? What about caches that haven't been disabled? Does the "need Maint" logs, &/or the "needs Archived" logs send a flag, or flag the cache somehow alerting a reviewer that reviewer attention maybe needed? Honestly though... while some goecachers have a pet peeve about virtuals, or micros, or nano's, etc... my biggest pet peeve is caches that go way to long without any type of owner intervention/attention & haven't even been disabled yet! Followed by those that are disabled for way to long, WITHOUT any decent valid reasoning. How long is way to long for me? 90 days. IMHO one of the following should take place. Archive the cache, fix the cache, or leave a "note log" explaining any circumstances that are causing this cache to be disabled for longer than 90 days. Seriously... A simple "note log" should be the least that is required! How do the rest of you feel about caches that are abondoned, disabled for way to long or even caches disabled or not that obviously have needed some type of owner intervention/attention in the last 90 days or longer? TGC
  18. WOW.... Thanks for all the wonderfull responses... Keep them coming. I noticed that everyone who made a response in this thread was a PREMIUM member. One was even a moderator. Now I could be wrong here... but I am going to make a hypothisis (sp?) being that: Premium members take geocaching more seriously, partly because they paid $30 for a membership, & possibly even the additional money for their smartphone app as well. From my POV, one has to be pretty serious about geocaching to shell out that much money. Premium members though don't make up the majority of geocachers though, the non-paid members make up the majority. Since so far... I would be willing to guess that as a general rule of thumb (Exceptions do apply I am sure), that premium members do take more effort and pride in trading even or trading up for swag. As far as non-premium members go, I would be willing to guess that they as a general rule (with some exceptions of course) aren't the ones that generally will trade even or trade up. Like I said... my hypothis could be wrong. Now ADDING a question to my allready numerous list of questions that I started this thread with... Comparing caches with swag for PREMIUM MEMBERS only caches, with those caches that are available to everyone with swag. In your opinion do you think the swag in a premium cache is better than a cache that is available to everyone? (As a general rule, obviously exceptions will apply sometimes) I ask because I am wondering that if I place any more caches capable of holding swag, publishing those caches as "For premium members only". TGC
  19. Frankly I don't think so and I will say why. I geocache for the following reasons... no one reason is as important at the other. 1. The "Search" factor. I like a good hunt. I loved hide & seek when I was a kid and was good at it. So a well placed micro or nano that makes you hunt for it. I like. Although I don't really like needle in a haystack hides. 2. The "Numbers" factor.... Yes I am in it for the numbers. So LPC's etc are very nice for those BAD WEATHER days when you need that cache to keep your daily streak going. (Currently I am up to 132 days straight of a cache everyday) 3. The "Where it takes me" Factor. There are some VERY VERY Good micros out there that take you to some very nice places. Let you discover things & places you might not ever have noticed. One micro took me to a park that was only a few miles from my home. I never knew it existed until THAT micro took me there. It also had a good "Search" factor involved too. I DON'T have the "KID" Factor. So that factor of geocaching isn't of any concern to me. I DON'T care about SWAG so I DON'T have the "Swag" factor involved. 98% of the caches that I have come across that have swag, are crappy swag, even by a kids standard. It's rare when I see decent swag. While "PREMIUM" level cachers as a majority trade even or trade up. The MAJORITY of geocachers AREN'T premium members & I would be willing to be the majority of them aren't the ones that trade even or trade up. (As a general rule, exceptions do apply) As far as ammo cans go? I have seen ammo cans leak, I have seen ammo cans placed in a horrible fashion. For me... Most ammo cans are way to EASY to find. Although a few that I have found were easy to find, but HARD to retrieve. (They were hanging from a tree limb) Ammo cans are just way to big to be able to hide them easily & STILL be a challenge to find. I am very much an outdoor person. I go hiking & camping all the time. I have found several dozen ammo cans hidden in the wilds of forests etc., NONE of them were a challenge to find. Although a few were a challenge to retrieve. So you may NOT like micros.... but many of us do. Some are great for those of us that have the "Numbers" factor, and some have that great "Search" factor, & even some that DO have the "Where it takes me" factor. There are CRAPY hides for ALL sizes of containers. There are CRAPY containers in ALL sizes as well. I have placed micro's in my area. I will tell you this. NONE of my micros are 35mm film cans. I have 4 types of micros that I use: 1. A waterproofed, Plastic, magnetic key holder that has been painted to be "Camoed" with it's location. 2. A "Fake" garden sprinkler head. Made of plastic, waterproofed. No camo paint needed. 3. A waterproof matchstick holder. Again painted to match the surroundings that it is placed in. If it's going in a natural setting it will always be textured, and multi-colour painted to match the surroundings. Example... One I placed in an area of Texas that is tan. So the container is tan & has a sandy textured look and feel to it. So it blends in quite well with its surroundings. Actually even better then I thought it would, as I have been told. I have placed micros that are in good locations & still have that "Search" factor, even though I mainly placed those for those with the "Numbers" factor. I also have some that are placed for the "Where it takes me" factor. At local parks, on a trail system around a lake, etc... A few of my micros' even have the "Retrieve" factor. As in they are easy to find... a challenge to retrieve. Check out my fishing series. Which btw have been favorited by a few. So Micros/nano's being the scurge... I would have to say... WRONG...... The nice thing about geocaching. IS that there are geocaches for EVERY TYPE of geocacher around. No matter what geocaching "Factors" you have, or geocache for. You don't wanna do micros... then don't do them... Micro's aren't going anywhere anytime soon. TGC
  20. Says you. I still enjoy finding GRCs Depends on the hide. A cool bridge with a scenic view is one thing and a bland country road or dead end is another. I don't mind them at all.... While I do love the "Where it Takes me Factor" and the "Seach Factor" I am also in it for the "Numbers Factor" too.... So those are nice hides when I need to find that 1 cache for the day and the weather is horrible (Raining or snowing). Currently I am up to 132 straight days of at least 1 cache found a day! TGC
  21. Why? What makes them special? Yeah I would like to know too! LOL.... Honestly, some of my micro hides are specifically made for those who want to make "numbers" runs. Most however are not. In any event, I would like to think I take great care in producing quality & well camoed Micros. Most are all painted with multi-tone paint to match the location it is being hidden in. I don't currently have any nano's, and the micros I do hide are all very clever containers. Or so I have been told many times. Some of my hides are MORE about the RETRIEVAL factor then they are about finding it. Eash to find, but you have to use your brain on how to succesfully retrieve it. (Check out my fishing series) Except for one micro I have hidden none of them are needle in a haystack type hide. I will soon be making adjustments and turning that current needle in a haystack hide into a night cache where a UV (Black Light) will be required. The whole reason for this thread, is that I can make changes to any current micro hide to make it better, and any micros in the future will be quality hides. Since for me, I am partly about the numbers when I go geocaching sometimes. I will always have some caches for those numbers hunters. But just cause your a numbers hunter doesn't mean that they will be easy! TGC P.S. As a whole.... here is my take on micro's/nano's.... I too hate having to pull the log out and put the log back into nano's. Thank god for my "Pocket Leatherman" on being able to pull the log out. I have yet to come across a nano that wasn't placed on something man made. ie no nano's in the bushes etc... Most were well hidden and a nice challenge to find. Although some were hidden in a lame manner which made it good for those who want the "numbers". I do remember one nano, searced for 10 min, before I realized it was right in front of my face! I haven't seen a problem (yet) with nano's leaking. Thats one nice thing. Micro's... I for the most part like them. Just like with any other size cache though (Other than maybe nano's currently) there are some very bad containers. Sadly though, I do think that in general Micro sized containers hold the record for having the most "BAD" containers. ie 35mm film canisters as an example. I will say though, that I do not and will never use a 35mm film canister as a container for any cache I have allready hidden or will hide in the future. Other than the occasional BAD container, most micros that I have come across have always met one of my 4 geocaching factors. I geocache for the "Numbers" factor, the "Search" factor & the "Where it takes me" factor, & the "Retrieve" factor. I love all the feedback and the reponses that have been given in the thread. Thank you... keep it up. I want to hear more. I do enjoy placing a cache as much as I do finding one. Even when I place a cache for the "numbers" factor, I still try to make it at least a little challenging. I am also always looking for better ways to improve the caches. So thanks!
  22. Depending on the box, you could also secure it with a cable/chain & padlock. I have all my ammo can hides secured to something nearby with an appropriate chain or cable & a padlock (Both made for outdoor use). I have thought about doing this with one of those "Store a key vaults" they are made for outdoor use, and require a combination. They are the ones realators use to hang around door knobs for homes they are selling. They run around $30. The part that goes around the door knob could easily fit around a smaller branch. Or you could use a chain/cable and use the "LOOP" as the padlock. As they would have to open the "Vault" to remove the chain/cable as well. As far as I know, there are no GC rules or regulations that prevent you from doing this. So long as all geocachers are able to figure out the combination to retrieve the log. TGC
  23. For me, a cleverly concealed cache adds to the enjoyment. Naturally, this requires that I utilize my definition of "clever". If I take a fake rock, and toss it into a pile of rocks, to me, that's not clever, though it would certainly be challenging. The needle in the haystack analogy you cited works well in defining my distaste. I also enjoy caches that require a bit of brain power to retrieve. Typically, the folks who expend the time/energy to create custom hides won't place them in areas I avoid, such as Burger King shrubbery and Wally World parking lots, so I get the thrill of finding a clever cache, combined with the joy I get from simply being in a beautiful location. Do you like garden hides? What I mean by gardens. Here in the DFW area, there are alot of gardens ranging in size from just a few square feet, to being as large as one can imagine. (Well almost that large... lol) There are couple of very nice garden seclusions with picnic tables at a few of our Wally Worlds here in DFW. Of course those Wally Worlds are in the obviously more upscale areas of DFW too! lol TGC
  24. I started another thread about "Why do you hate Nano/Micro caches".... So far I am very pleased with the results I am getting back. It did bring up a new topic of discussion that I didn't think was appropriate to discuss in that thread as it is off topic from what I want the thread to really be about. The reason for this thread, and the other thread is simply this. I have been geocaching a little over a year & half. I currently have almost 1800 caches. Will have way over that by the end of January. (I hope.. LOL). I also currently have 150 caches hidden. I want to place some more caches in the next year. Sadly, one of the things that lacks in MOST peoples logs (Not all though)is any comment on the cache itself, other than if it needs maintnance. I am one who likes to place caches to cover a wide assortment of different groups of geocachers. This includes those who do it for the "numbers", or like the "Search Factor" or the "Where it takes me factor", At one time even the "Swag Factor". Therefore I have started these two threads to hear what YOU the geocacher who search for caches have an opinion about. This thread though relates to the "Swag Factor" My deffinition of the "Swag Factor". Those caches that have swag, or could contain swag (Other then a TB or GC), the quality of SWAG found in a cache, as well as the TYPE of swag that is in the geocache. The "Swag factor" is those who like to find geocaches that have swag. Of the 150 caches I have placed, a good number of them are able to have swag. To date, when I placed them. I spent over $250 in SWAG material to put in these caches when they were published. Now, when I recently made my rounds of those caches... All the original swag is obviously gone, and what it was traded with is what I would otherwise call "crap". Even from a kids POV. Even the TYPE of Swag found in a few of them were questionable. In one I even found a 12 gauge shotgun shell! Unused! (Obviously I removed that piece of swag. Thus because of "Crappy" swag & the cost involved, I can very easily understand and see why many CO's place geocaches that prevent, or even limit having swag! I had one cache, that I wanted to use to trade key chains. No key chains exist any longer in that cache. Another one I wanted to use for those who are "Coin Collectors" as well, and of course no more coins in that cache exist! So now I am asking YOU. How many of you come across "Crappy" swag? How many of you HONESTLY trade swag of EQUAL or better quality? How many of you HONESTLY keep with the SWAG theme of the cache? (Assuming the cache has a SWAG theme) If you don't why? How many of you feel that the CO should occasionaly go in and "Refill" their cache with new swag? How many of you have the "SWAG factor" because you ALSO have the "KID factor"? That is if it wasn't for the "Kid factor" you wouldn't have the "Swag factor". Again... this isn't meant to be a thread for people to be rude or agrumenative. I am just wishing to hear the opinions of geocachers that you don't always get in the logs. TGC
  25. The Swag reason is one of the reasons I don't mind finding micro's & nano's even some smalls. I have found almost 1800 caches in the last year & a half, and very rarely I have I come across any cache that had good swag in it. Even from a kids perspective. Since I have hidden 150 caches... I can say that one of the benefits I like about the smaller caches is that one doesn't have to deal with the swag. In those caches of mine that are big enough for SWAG, I had placed probably over $250 worth of nice swag. Today whats left that has been traded? Nothing but crap. That issue is a topic for a whole new thread I am sure. I currently don't have any nano's placed. I don't know if I will either. Those little nano containers are $4 a pop. I have & do create some very nice micro & small sized caches from my larger pill bottles for alot less money! Since you mention swag. Do you have a "kid factor" to deal with? I am assuming here that you have found some nano's and micro's, have their been any that you found to be interesting? Either where it was placed or how it was placed? TGC
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