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  1. I would also like to add this piece of extra information. In Texas, we have history that goes back even pre-revolutionary times, even before Europeans landed on the East coast. Even then European settlers started moving into Texas with Coronado back in the 16th & 17th century. Texas has well over a 1000+ cemeteries that are well over 150+ years old. Texas also has many cemeteries that have been abandonded. Because of this, there are several Texas orgnizations that help maintain, find & restore some of these unforgotten & lost cemeteries. Because we as geocachers scour the country sides looking for caches, as well as placing caches. One of these organizations used geocaching.com to find some of these lost & forgotten graveyards. Sadly though they haven't discovered the fun of geocaching. By having a cemetery attribute. It would help those who are looking for cemeteries, to find them easier. Even the lost & unforgotten ones. TGC
  2. This would not be a reliable means of proof since the EXIF data can be manually edited. True.... But keep in mind. Almost every type of proof that one could use as proof for a puzzle, Virtual, Earthcache etc... can be edited or "faked" if a cacher so chooses too. The trick is to use several measures of proof, so having EXIF data in a photo could just be one more piece to the puzzle. TGC
  3. I agree... Sometimes I see a cache that is in clear violation of Federal, state, &/or local laws, or even geocaching.com guidelines. And I really don't want to issue a N/A log as EVERYONE can see my log and what I am referencing. I much prefer the "Report" feature. This would allow me to remain anonymous and get the Reviewers attention. I do admit I have UNintentionally made a mistake before when it came to issuing a NA log on a cache that I THOUGHT was in violation. When in fact it wasn't. I got chastized really badly by the CO as well as a few other cachers because of this. I apologized of course. However, if the report feature was enabled. Then I would have only been chastized by the reviewer, and not the CO & other cachers. Issuing an NA log, can make the cache appear to be a "Bad" cache and can scare other cachers away from attempting to find that cache. When maybe it shouldn't. So I fully support the idea of EITHER anonomous NA logs, or a report button. Thanks TGC
  4. I as well as others understand privacy concerns. The answer to that is this: By default strip the EXIF data, hoever if we want to upload the EXIF data, let us do so. It would allow us to make even more interesting puzzle caches. As well as being able tuse the photos with EXIF data as "proof" for certain "Puzzle type Challenges" TGC
  5. IT runs very emotional here in Texas... FYI... You do know that Texas has a huge German heritage right? Being a Chef, many many of the "Souths" so called favorite stapes have huge german roots. Such as Chikend Fried Steak, with gravy and taters. Sauasages... & the list goeas on. TGC
  6. This I can totally agree with. I had a Greasemonkey script for the old maps that changed the gray background to a red X in front of the icon. Couldn't miss that. That said, I do think being able to completely hide the disabled caches could be useful in some situations. But it should default to off (showing) and not remember it's state. We should not be able to completely forget about them for all time. We need to be constantly bugged by them so we can bug the COs to fix or archive them. Oh now that I completely agree with. I absolutely want it to have toggle capability. It should act just like the cache types toggle that is currently being used. It never remembers its previous state, always defaults to show all caches, but can easily be turned off. TGC
  7. Lawsuits happen no matter what you do or don't do. At least here in the United States. Keep in mind, that in the USA. The majoirty of law suits are settled before ever going to "trial". Even if you are in the right, A law suit still costs you money to defend. EVEN IF YOU WIN! The family of the cacher in Germany won't ever be able to sue Groundspeak/geocaching.com simply because we are in the USA. Federal courts won't even accept a case from the family. Depending on German law (I have no clue what german law is) The family may or may not be able to sue the CO. They also may or may not be able to sue the property owner of where that cache was placed. If it was in the USA. The family could sue the property owner of where the cache was placed. Simply for allowing a cache to be placed on their property, as well as not posting signs informing anyone that the location is dangerous and to stay off. Here in Texas we have tons of "No Trespassing" signs as well as "Authorized Personell Only" signs in all sorts of places. Warnings or not. People will still do as they please. As I said in the other thread. Here in the USA, Warning appear on cigarrettes and all other toabacoo products as well as all alcohol products. It doesn't stop people from smoking or drinking. However, if the warnings WEREN"T there, Tabacoo & Alcohol could be sued. Wait... they were... And the Tabacoo industry had to pay out Billions! So extra warnings.. By all means yes. TGC
  8. I somewhat agree... But if that was the case with EVERYTHING in life... Then we would have no need for TRAFFIC laws, of any sort, or for that matter any other laws or rules of any type. Depending on your country, state, &/or locality many laws & regulations are put into effect for safety reasons. Not just for others, but for ones own well being as well. Here in the United States there has been a huge move to ban tabacco smoking in public establishments. Ban Cell Phone useage of anytime by drivers in automobiles. Alcohol use, Drug use. Some of us older folk will remember "3 Wheelers". After a bunch of people were killed on those, the USA quickly banned their use, their sale as well as their manufacture & importation. Here in the United States, All alcohol and tabacco products come with a "Surgeon General" warning on the label. Does the labels do any good? No... The thing here is, at least in the United States again. Can't speak for Germany. We have a basic requirment for notification of possible dangers. A Woman sued McDonalds 10+ years ago because SHE was the stupid one & spilled hot coffee in her crotch. McDonalds lost the lawsuit for multi millions of dollars simply BECAUSE they failed to inform her that the coffee was extremely hot. Now look at the drive through windows of ALL McDonalds. There is a sign that says "WARNING: COFFEE EXTREMLY HOT" I agree some caches are very dangerous. One could easily loose their life over trying to get that cache. There is a cache on the top of Mount Everest. MANY have died trying to get to the top of Mount Everest as well. So whats my point???? Simply this.... It does NOT matter what the cache's Terrain rating is, It could still be dangerous. IF their are additional risks that someone searching for this cache is unaware of, for whatever reason. Then the cache page SHOULD BE REQUIRED to inform potential cachers of any ADDITIONAL risks that may or may not be obvious when one is aproaching Ground Zero. Again here in the USA... we have TONS of potential warning signs on even simple roads & bridges. Signs that sometimes state the obvious. "There Maybe Ice on the Bridge", "Stop Sign Ahead", "Traffic Signal Ahead", "SLOW... School Zone Ahead" the list goes on. So I do agree... That IF there are additional risks in grabbing the cache that a potential cacher may or may not notice when aproaching the cache, then they should be made aware of those dangers. I can't remember the GC number, but one cache I did find once, had the decency to let us know that getting to the cache would mean crossing boulders that are extra slippery because of the moss & plant growth on the rocks/boulders. When you look at those boulders/rocks. They have NO CLUE that these boulders would be extra slippery. But trust me they are. I was glad that the cache description gave us that warning. Thats my opinion... What Groundspeak does with it is up to them. BTW> I do know of a cacher that was succesfully sued in Texas because of failure to provide proper warnings about his cache. It didn't go to Trial, Cacher settled out of court. But still cost him a chunk of change. Remember even if your in the right, a law suit against you can still cost you money to defend. TGC
  9. I would love this... In the monthly option we need to options... 1. Run on a specific day each month. Such as run on the 12th of the month every month. 2. Run on a specific day based on weekday each month. Example: Run on the 2nd Tuesday of every month. TGC
  10. Suggestion: Cemetery Attribute Simply. Many of us love caches in or near a cemetery. Many cachers do not. In Texas at least.... We probably have at least a 1000 caches if not more in cemeteries around the state. By having an attribute it would allow us cachers to FILTER IN/OUT those cemetery caches. So if you like them... Filter them in by using the attribute. Don't like them? Then it will allow you to filter them out. yes obviously a CO has to use / not use the attribute. Yes, some CO's abuse the attributes by not using the correct ones for their caches. Such as life. Having one would still help, because many CO's do use attributes correctly. TGC
  11. Are you aware that disabled caches have a gray background, instead of white, on the beta map? Are you not able to discern the gray background? No I am sorry I am not able to discern the gray background. Maybe this is due to my monitor, my eyes, or the gray background isn't big enough, or any combination of those. Is the gray background viewable from ALL levels of the map? or just when the actual true cache icon is viewable (at the most zoomed in levels). Are the gray backgrounds viewable at the most zoomed out view that still allows you to view the smileys & stars of the caches you own & have found? Toggleing would allow them to be removed totally from view at ALL map levls. Not just certain map levels. Just like toggling cache types. TGC P.S. maybe a suggestion that they could change the colour of the gray background to a light red or something.
  12. Suggestion: Time/date controled publishing of caches once approved by a reviewer. Back when we had a feedback forum. It was suggested, and received LOTS of votes. A suggestion that in the cache submission page, we can set an automatically controled DATE/TIME that the cache will publish, AFTER it has been "marked" aproved by a reveiwer. I know I would love to see this feature added to geocaching.com As good as the reviewers are, as much as we appreciate all the good hard work they do. Sometimes they aren't always able to publish our caches in or at a particular time frame that we desire. Sometimes these cacehes relate to a specific day or time, as well as a specific event. An event not always directly refering to a geocaching event either. I know that many reviewers try very hard to work to try and publish a cache at the requested time/date that the CO would like. But I do believe an automated system like this would make the work load alot easier on a reviewer. Simply... Cache submission page would have a spot to enter the Date & Time that the CO would like this cache published on. Once the cache has been marked aproved by a reviewer the system will automaticaly pusblish at that date & time. TGC
  13. Keep in mind, just because the wording is there. Doesn't mean that a cacher will actually do that. There will still be cachers who hit "Submit" then go out later to place the cache once it has been aproved. Soemtiems though... and it HAS happened to me. I actually did place a cache prior to hitting submit. Once I hit submit it took the reviewer about 4 days to publish. But in the 4 day interim the cache WAS MUGGLED! I have also had at least 4 caches publish that the first 3 or 4 people that went to grab a FTF couldn't find it and thought it was MIA or wasn't even placed yet. When in fact it was, they just couldn't find it. TGC
  14. Suggestion: Toggle Disabled Caches on/off on Beta Maps. The problem with viewing Beta maps, and trying to see what area you would like to cache in for the day, you can't easily tell WITHOUT clicking on the cache first, which caches are disabled, and which caches aren't. For people cachine in major metroplex's such as Dallas Fort Worth, where we have over a few hundred square miles of available caches to search for, as well as over 5,000 caches to look for as well. Many of us will go to an area of DFW and cache in that small location for the day. Therefore when we are looking at the map. It would be nice to be able to toggle on/off DISABLED caches so that they aren't viewable on the Beta Maps screen. This would make it much easier for us to decide which areas we might want to cache in for the day. Please don't suggest GSAK. As wonderfull as GSAK is. It isn't perfect, it isn't free, it doesn't run on a mac, it doesn't run on linux, & even with its live features, there are still limitations to GSAK. TGC
  15. Suggestion: On the Beta Maps, We can toggle on/off the viewing of cache types. Allow us to toggle on/off the viewing of premium caches on the Beta Maps. Sometimes I don't wish to go out searching for Premiums becasue the people I am going caching with, don't have premium accounts. Yes they can backdoor log them. However, the premiums are NOT viewable on their smartphones. So I then I am the only one with a GPS/smartphone that can see the coordinates. Plus, most don't like the pita issue with logging premiums through the backdoor. Thus it would be nice to be able to toggle viewing of premiums on/off. Thank You TGC
  16. Simple... Don't strip the EXIF data from uploaded photos. This will allow us to use the data from the photos, for those "Unknown" cache type Challenges. TGC
  17. ummm, Thank you for taking the time to make a response. However, I allready knew that! My question was, If these new restrictions are something that they are just flat out not going to allow under any circumstances. Or If they have options open for leasing/purchasing the licensing to allow download capability. My point being is that if they just closed it up, & aren't open for licensing agreements then its a closed case. At least until they decide otherwise. If it's a matter of obtaining licensing agreements by Groundspeak/geoaching.com with google/bing. Then thats a different story. EVEN if the financial requirments are beyond the financial capabilities for Groundspeak to pay to Google/Bing. Next question: I have noticed a couple of apps, as well as a couple of mapping software programs I use on my laptop that make use of maps. These are obviously maps that are offline. Is Groundspeak/geocaching.com looking into OTHER alternatives (besides opensource maps) for downloadable maps data? Such as from Delorme, NAVTEQ, & a few others? TGC P.S. I have finally received a few responses back from several Navigation apps used on the iPhone/iPad. These apps use Map datea from NAVTEQ. They all are allowed to download a certain amount of map data to keep in "cache" status. This is for when one is in an area with limited or no data connectivity. The apps in question have LICENSED the use & capability of NAVTEQ's map data to be stored/cached offline. Maybe Groundspeak/geocaching.com should look into the POSSIBILITY of licensing NAVTEQ's map data for use with the geocaching.com app. I do realize that the financial outlay to license the map data form NAVTEQ may possibly be beyond the financial capabilities of Groundspeak. However... They should at least look into the possibility and the cost factor.
  18. I would love to see better suppor for the iPad. The thing is Geocaching.com/Groundspeak can take two directions. 1. They can write & release TWO versions of their Geocaching.com app. One specifically for the iPhone & a app specifically for the iPad. This option has many advantges as well as disadvantages. a. Disadvantage... If you have a iPhone & a iPad. You would have to purchase the app twice. One for each device. On the other hand... an advantage is that each app would be written for each device and thus total app size for each device would be smaller & more efficient. 2. They can write ONE app. The app would be device aware & would recognize the device it is running on & provide the features needed for that device. Advantage: You buy one app, it would run on both your devices your iPhone & iPad. No need to buy two apps & pay twice. Disadvantage. App size would be greatly increased. As the app would be a single app that would have coding specifically for each device. Code for the iPhone, Code for the iPad. Thus the app takes more storage space on each of your devices. You can examples of both types of apps in the app store allready. The TiVo app for example. One app, runs on both iPhone & iPad. It recognizes which device it is currently running on & operates accordingly. One app for both. On the other hand. An app such as "Word with Friends". Is two apps... One for the iPhone & one for the iPad. If you want the paid version on both your iPhone & your iPad. You have to pay TWICE for it. Pay for the iPhone app, & pay for the iPad app. Assuming you want it to run on both devices. My Vote for Groundspeak/geocaching.com though... ONE APP... that supports BOTH the iPad & iPhone and recognizes which device it is running on & takes full advantage of each device. Notice geocaching.com: I DO NOT WANT TO PAY TWICE for the app! If you release an iPad version. I DO NOT WANT TO have to buy the app again! I allready paid 9.99 for my iPhone app. It should be upgraded to have full support of the ipad. Please do not release a iPad only app. Thanks TGC P.S.... When you do release an iPad version. It should support the use of EXTERNAL GPS devices. Either via Bluetooth, or those that connect through the 30pin dock connector. FYI... While the 3g does have some limited GPS capability, and the WiFi only has even more limited GPS capability. I would like for people to note. That the GPS units inside your iPad are NOT FAA aproved for using as a GPS device for in-Flight navigation. That is becaue the GPS inside the iPads is NOT accurate &/or reliable enough. 3rd party companies have released external 30pin & Bluetooth GPS receivers that work with the iPad AND ARE FAA aproved for in-flight navigation. (By Private/sport pilots) Yes, I will agree, 99% of cachers don't need this extra accuracy or reliability of GPS data on their iPads, even when they are in locations with limited Data connection. However for those of us who do have external GPS receivers & use them with our iPads even in our vehicles. It would be nice if the geocaching.com would support use of those external GPS receivers.
  19. I have noticed that the Google maps download is no longer available to download when your saving a cache. I do realize this has to do with licensing issues. My question is this, When is this going to be resolved? If it can't be resolved. Is Groundspeak/geocaching.com looking into other providers of Maps (Such as Bing) so that we can download the maps and save them? Doesnt the Map producers such as google realize that not everyone, nor does everywhere we want to go have access to the internet for viewing the maps "live". That people need to be able to download maps for viewing in areas that are not, & do not have internet access at all? I love my iPhone, I love my iPad. But as good as they are. When your in an area with no data/cell service. Cacheing becomes impossible to do using the Groundspeak app, or even web page. Sure there are other 3rd party alternatives. Yet as nice as those are, they still aren't perfect and even those aren't able to download maps when you don't have internet capability. TGC
  20. I agree 100%... simply because what is a favorite cache for me. Might not be for you. Even if a cache has been favorited 10 times, it might be for 10 different reasons. I have favorited a cache simply cause I liked it's container, or liked the location it took me too, or becasue I like how it was hidden in a very clever manner. I even favorited a cache, because if it's one of those so called "bad weather" days & you want a cache to get. This cache was a great cache for those so called "Bad weather" days. The Favorites features IS a good feature to have, but like you said. Is not the end all to everything. It's just one peice of a larger puzzle that one should use in determining if the cache you want to hunt will be one that you might like or not. Here's one other thing to note... I have almost 150+ favorites I haven't even used yet... I wonder how many others are out their like that as well? TGC
  21. As far as "lame caches" go... One should never forget. A cache that is lame to me, might not be lame to you & Vice versa. Example... one cache took me & my wife to this sculpture in the DFW metroplex. I thought it was a lame sculpture and a lame hide because the place it took me to was lame, and the "Search" factor of the cache was lame as well. On the other hand... My wife "LOVED" the sculpture and thought that the cache took her to a wonderfull spot, She liked the container, which I admit was quite clever. She didnt' care how it was hidden. Thus lame for me... Great for my wife. However, as lame as I thought it was, I did like the cache for making my wife happy though. I give it credit for doing that! LOL TGC
  22. Here is one other thing to note... or to add in... Number of finds each cache has. Example... A cache that has had only 10 finds may only have 1 favorite, or none at all. While a cache hide that has had 500 finds may only have 1 or 2 maybe even 3 favorites. A cache hide that has had 500 finds has also probably been published for a while, where a cache hide that has only 10 finds may have just been placed a month or two ago. So you could say... yeah I got 50 hides... and 60 favorites... Wooo hoo... but of your 50 hides you have had 2000 finds.. where someone else may have 100 hides... 1000 finds and 90 favorites... Thus WHO is the better cache hider? So maybe in your list... people should add total number of finds of all their caches (together) and give a ratio of Favorites to total number of finds. Example... 50 caches... 500 finds... AVerage of 10 finds per cache. 30 favorites.. So you have a ration of 30:500 or in this case a number of 3:50 TGC
  23. Nevermind, apparently the CO changed it to a 3/4.5. I have no idea what changed from yesterday to today. Nevermind, again. Now the CO has archived the cache. I'm not sure what the heck is going on. TV... PM me the GC number of that cache & let me know what part of DFW it's in. If it's the one I am thinking of. I may know why. BTW... I noticed you had trouble finding a couple of my caches... need a hint? TGC
  24. I thought he danced well around a Political Correctness landmine. I would suggest trying some clear spray paint on your homemade stickers. I use it on my log sheets and cache notes after I print them. The clear spray soaks in and seems to make the paper more water resistant, but remains pliable. You use the clear spray paint on the log sheets? Can they still sign them? What type clear paint do you use? Satin, or gloss ? Krylon, or Rust-o-leum? I have tried to spray paint the stickers with the clear gloss from Rust-o-leum. The clear paint seems to "Disolve" the glue and they curl up and fall off even before the clear paint has dried! LOL Not a problem if your spraying log sheets though. TGC
  25. Several of you have suggested some great ideas for making my own stickers as well. Like I said.. I do. They work well, they just don't last near as long. The problem my stickers/labels are having that I print with my laser. Is that after a while they start peeling off, as in no longer sticky. The glue doesn't last. Or the ink starts to fade. I don't know if this is due to the moisture washing the ink away, or if it's due to the UV Sun rays fading the ink, Or maybe both. I did try the Avery branded "Bumper Stickers" like I said before. The Sticker seems to last ALOT longer than the other Avery labels as far as the "Glue" part of the sticker goes. The ink though from the laser printer though doesn't last near as long though on the bumper sticker than does it on the other Avery stickers that I use. Ie... the Avery stickers that I use. last about 4-5 months (Glue & Ink). Bumper sticker's glue will last maybe 6 to 9 months, but the ink only lasts 2 to 4 months. I have a geocaching sticker on my first cache placed over a year ago, & except for the dirt. IT is still as nice as it was the first day I stuck it on! --- Using a stencil on a cache is great idea. Would be great for those Regular to larger sized caches. Doesn't work to well on Micro's and some smalls though. lol! TGC
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