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  1. Its all semantics. Change the name of NA to NR its still the same thing. A Rose is still a rose no matter what name you call it. A Sanatation Engineer is still the garbage man. But I do agree... a NR log does sound more apropriate than NA. TGC
  2. In which case... you can have a checkbox/radio button for "OTHER" which as on many surveys I take, activates a descriptive box to elaborate on the meaning of "other". When you don't "check" the other box. The descriptive box isn't activated. TGC
  3. I like this, but I do believe that what should be added to the list, is "Possible MIA" option. Yes, I will agree, there are many times cachers can't find a cache thinking it's MIA when in fact it is still there. In fact... I have even DISABLED one of my OWN caches thinking it was MIA, When I went back to replace with a new container, I found the old original container sill in it's original location. Why I couldn't find my own cache who knows... it wasn't even a D5 cache either! LOL But it happens.... Yet still.... Sometimes cachers do know for obviosu reasons that a cache is in fact MIA, without a doubt in some situations. When that IS the case... IT doesn't need a NA log, or a simple DNF log. All it really needs ia NM log saying its MIA. NA logs should only be issues, if a CO isn't doing maintnance of anytype on his/her cachs in a timely manner. NA logs should also of course be issued if it is noticed that the cache violates a geocaching guideline, or any Federal, State, or local law. NM logs should be used to give the CO notice that their is an issue with their cache. IF the CO DOESN'T make the needed the repairs/adjustments etc... THEN & only then should a NA log be issued. Another reason I like this idea as well is because I would prefer not to have to enter dual logs. However there are times where a Maintnance log is needed & where a cacher doesn't need to log a DNF log, or even a found log either. As much as I dont' want to enter a found log, & then a Maint. log. I think thats still the best way. However, If we DNF the cache, we should be given the option to put in a maint. issues with a DNF log. SO that it enables the "NM Attribute Flag" TGC
  4. I like this idea... I have always wanted to be able to see what the find count was for someone, or myself when I posted the log. You go back to when I first started caching and read my logs, and then see my find count at almost 5k (I will hit 5k within the week) and you will wonder why I had so many DNF's... Till you realize that those were some of my first caches. We need a way of knowing that... I think it would be nice! TGC
  5. I haven't seen any night traditional caches, but I've read discussions about possible designs. One approach is to make it a needle-in-a-haystack hide, with something that makes the cache much easier to find at night. Another approach is to use a timer, so the cache can only be accessed/opened at night (or at certain hours of the night). A related approach is to use a solar-powered mechanism to make the cache inaccessible, but in a way that it becomes accessible again once the solar cells are no longer providing power. All good idea, & in fact I have been working on several of those ideas for future night caches that I am going to place. But from my viewpoint... Those caches would then become puzzle caches with the attribute of "Field Puzzle" because the puzzle is in the field. It just so happens that the solution to the puzzle, is to come back at night to obtain the log to sign. I had thought of the Solar Powered idea, the problem with that, a cacher could easily cover the solar cells, making it believe it was at night & thus defeat the idea. Unless of course you put the solar cells somewhere that makes it almost impossible for a cacher to either find &/or cover. I do currently have a cache out this is a needle in the haystack kind of hide. Sort of.... In a location I placed 50+ 100% identical containers. All within easy view. However, each container isn't easy to "Grab", see yes, Grab no. To reduce ones effort in having to retrieve 50+ containers, one simply uses a UV flashlight (black light) and shines on the containers. The appropriate containers you need will glow. The rest of them do not. Using the UV light during the day time doesn't work so well unless you have a very very strong powerfull UV light. This cache though, I have marked as a puzzle cache. Even though all 50+ containers are all within 20' of the centeral posted coordinates. The containers can be found during the day. Retrieving the log to sign from the correct container during the day would be a strenuous task. (Although some did find it that way! LOL). TGC
  6. I would love this... But more so in a PQ form. If you add a cache to a watch list, it will notify you. Thing of it is... I don't really need to know if a cache has updated coordinates or not, until I go & search for it. In which case, I will download the new coordinates to my GPS, and the new coordinates automatcially come up when viewing with the iOS app. TGC
  7. You thnk 88 counties is hard... Try 254 in the state of Texas! I have a 149 of the 254 counties in Texas. Just this past holiday my wife & I took a trip. We found caches in a total of 30 counties. On our trip home. We found 32 caches, in 21 counties covering 585 miles in one day. Sadly Google maps and bing maps, even when your online and viewing them, have dropped county borders for whatever crazy reason. Just more a reason to hate them even more allready. OpenStreets maps which you can use on the iPhone does show county lines. I also use several other iPhone/iPad apps that have maps data that is downloadable, and you dont' always need a live internet connection. They show county lines as well. importing waypoints (geocaches) isn't the easiest thing to do with them. But it works for at least letting you know what caches are in what counties when your traveling. TGC
  8. 1. It would be viewable on maps. Just like premiums are. Except with the night cache. Maybe it would have a "N" overlay over the existing icon of Trad/Multi/Event/Mytery etc... 2. Unlike attributes which aren't always used, & even sometimes abused. The Night cache "type" just like the premium to some degree wouldn't be abused to the same level as attributes are. CO's who create Night Caches are usually proud of them & want everyone to know they are night caches. So they would use it. I have talked with several cachers here in Texas who have created Night caches & they were NOT even aware there even WAS a Night cache attribute till I told them about it. Having this as type, would also prevent to a certain degree (nothing is ever 100%) misuse of night caches. If a CO tried to call his cache a night cache & the reviewer who is reviewing it notices that it ISN'T a night cache prior to publishing. Then the reviewer wouldn't publish the cache unless the CO removed the night cache type option. Like I said nothign is 100% and I am sure there would be some cachers who could get a non-night cache through the system as marked as a night cache when it really wasn't. But those are why... TGC
  9. In terms of numbers Events are counted like caches. They count in your total number, fill in calender squares etc... So there are some of us who believe an event cache held at night is in fact a night cache. Because you do have to find it at night. You go to the event cache at night. It isn't something you can do in the day. Which is the basic idea behind a night cache. While yes, alot of night caches can be found in the day. The general idea behind a night cache is that it's suppose to be found at night. Same applies to a event cache held at night. Suppose to be "Found" attended at night. Thus a night cache. In regards to attributes... like I have always said. Attributes are nice... Problems with attributes are this. CO's abuse them. Either by NOT using them, or in some cases CO's who INTENTIONALY use attributes inapropriately. If we were in perfect world, where every CO used them, & there werent' CO's who abused the purpose of attributes. Then maybe that would be ok. But they don't and it isn't. The other problem with attributes. You can't view a caches attributes on a map, and easily tell when the map has 1000+ caches showing which caches are night caches & which caches aren't. You CAN however view a 1000 caches on a map & easily tell if its a Premium or not, or Trad, multi, Mystery etc.... TGC
  10. I fully agree with you here. As well as most of the cachers I know that are creating night caches in Texas. Minus a few exceptions. Here is what I have done... I have night caches that are multi's and some that are mysteries. My multis with the refelctors will take you on a path & having you travel at least 250' or more away from your starting coordinates. My mystery night caches, you go to the coordinates, your starting location. There you will look around for various different colour reflective dots, or items that ONLY show up when using a UV/black light. You basically don't do any traveling, as the cache is within 100' or less of your starting coordinates. You just need to use your flashlight or UV/Black flashlight. I could see an earthcache being a night cache under certain circumstances. Noone has created it yet, but here in Texas there is a spot alot of people love to go see. They are called the BAT caves. You go at NIGHT, or pretty close to night fall, and you can watch literly thousands upon thousands of bats leaving for the night to feed. It has been in National Geographic magazine as well as on a few of the Nat Geo shows. Been on the discovery channel etc.. One could create a earthcache in regards to these bat caves & the bats, This one would be a night cache. Another spot on the earth, has naturally glowing rocks. These rocks can only be noticed at night, & only when you have a good UV flashlight with you. The UV light from a flashlight is overpowered by the sun during the day. This place deffinately could be a night cache. In general though I do agree... Earth caches that are night caches too would be rare. Not always.... There are two attributes currently available. "Night Cache" and recomended at night. Just cause a cache is recomended at night doesn't mean it is a night cache. Same goes with a flashlight. I say that because I have a cache thats alot more fun at night, easier to do at night because of less muggles. However it still needs a flashlight during the day so you can see where the cache is hidden. Yet this cache doesn't have anything that really makes it a night cache. Attributes are nice... but the problem is you have CO's that abuse attributes by either not using them, or incorrectly using them. Either on purpose to intentionally mislead you, or accidently use one. Im NOT requesting/suggesting a new cache typer per se' as in additional to Trad/multi/mustery/virtual/earthcache/letterbox etc... But more a cache "Type" like premiums. In that your using the current cache type but it's a premium. Or in this cache it's a night cache. Premiums are limited to Trad/multi & mystery. I haven't ever seen a premium earthcache or letterbox yet. The Night cache could be limited to Mystery/Multi/Event/Letterbox & Earthcache (even though it would be rare) TGC
  11. Figured this out the hard way. I was setting up another puzzle cache with EXIF data to aid solution and realized I couldn't. Some previous caches of mine use EXIF data specifically for the solution. I would really appreciate the ability to keep EXIF data, even if it meant changing some default feature. I can understand not wanting EXIF by default, but it would be nice to be able to keep data if desired. I know of several caches that use EXIF data (not just geotags) for puzzle purposes. Why I suggested that instead of being default on, it be default off, but that we as a cacher can choose ourselvs if we want to upload a pic with or without the EXIF data intact. Therefore if we are concernced about privacy issues. We let gc.com strip the EXIF data. If we aren't concerned about it. Then gc.com lets the EXIF data upload. Let us the cacher choose when we upload the photo to keep the exif data, or remove it. tgc
  12. Night caches are a fun great way to cache at night. There are some fantastic night caches out there to find, and I enjoy creating night caches as well. Locally at least here in the Great State of Texas. There is somewhat a debate going on regarding Night caches. Should they be "Multi's"? or "Mysteries"? Or "Traditionals"? Can Virtuals, Earthcaches & be night caches as well? Definition of a night cache: A cache which has been specifically designed to be found at night, that uses some form of clues that make use of flashlights, &/or UV lights, or some other night time specific way of finding that cache in the dark. WHich is totally different than a cache which CAN be found at night, but wasn't specifically designed to be a night time cache. Some have suggested a true "Night Cache" type. The problem with that is. We here at least locally in Texas have agreed that Event caches CAN be Night caches, when the event is held at night. So can the rest of the cache types. Although some say that Traditionals can't really truly be a night cache. Mysuggestion is this though..... Premium caches are in a way a type. However, there are Premium Traditionals, Premium Multi's, & Premium Mysteries. So why don't we create a "NIGHT Cache" type similar to the "Premium" type. Just as we can specify our Trad/Multi/Mystery cache as being a "Premium" cache or not. We can also choose to mark our Trad/Multi/Mystery cache as being a night cache as well. DIFFERENT than using the NIGHT cache attribute. Which some cachers fail to use, or use on caches that aren't really night caches either. As far as the icons go. We could use a little transparent gray "N" as an overlay to the existing cache type icons when they are night caches. TGC ooops sorry... I meant to put [suggestion] in the title. Sorry.
  13. I cant say that I am not concerned about battery drain. Excesive Battery drain isn't a good thing. Not all the battery problems though are entirely the fault of apps though. Some if it just the way the iPhone/iOS opperates sadly. However, for me it isn't my major concern. As I have several very portable external batteries for my iPhone/iPad etc... I do accept the fact that battery drain is a concern for alot of cachers, and because of that I do support trying to keep battery drain on the geocaching.com app to an absolute minimum. That is why this feature should be able to be turned on or off. Allowing a cacher to decide how much battery drain they can afford to live with. TGC
  14. Suggestion... Sorting the "Saved Lists". Currently your saved lists are listed in the order that they were either downloaded, or created. Allow Sort needs to allow for sorts from 0-Z as well as from Z-0. Sort feature to be sorted on: Date list was downloaded or created AlphNumerically Last accessed TGC
  15. I would like to see this feature. PRoviding that we can turn on WHICH cache types we want the alert to be shown. Ie... Alert for a nearby cache no matter what type of cache it is, or only if its a Traditional, or only Multi, Or only mystery. Or any combination of cache types. If it was an All or nothing type alert for geocaches, then I would NEVER use the feature. Simply... if this feature is enabled. Allow us to choose which cache types get the alert and which cache types don't. TGC
  16. Now... with that statement.... How many lawyers in america try and take advantage of any situation they can to earn a few fees from unspecting people that have been injured? How many take advantage of someones stupidity, either as a plantif, or a defendant. If your a person who has little to no knowledge of the legal system how it works, or what your rights are, how would you know that your getting solid legal advice? I am surprised that the defendant didn't have a better lawyer. I am also suprised that the plantif even found a lawyer that took their case.... Then again... Think about this... How often do you see a commercial on TV advertising services for "Injury Lawyers", How many of them are actually honest? TGC
  17. No argument there. Anyone can be sued for anything, at anytime. However, I would like to believe that we do rely on the judges in our legal system to throw out & dismiss cases that are deemed "frivolous". To a certain extent even lawyers filter out a certain amount of "Frivolous" cases themselves by not even taking certain cases on. Yet as we all know from time to time, where here about cases where millions of dollars have been awareded to someone and yet on the surface there are lots of people who claim the case was frivolous. Such as the lady who won a multi-million dollar case against McDonalds for spilling coffee in her lap. Come on Coffee is hot... Duh! Based on what I have heard. (I admit what I have heard could be wrong) is that the majority of law suits filed, are settled out of court. How a Plantiff or Defendant views success of their case that is settled out of court is subjective. I have been involved in several auto accidents. One case settled out of court. In my favor. Yet I didn't recieve near the money I wanted. Did I view that as a success. No. Another time where I was rearended, the case was settled out of court as well. I was able to get way more than expected. Was it successful. I felt like it was. Again... No argument. I just reread my post. No where in my post did I ever claim that a precendent was made by this case, nor did I mean to infer that a precendent was made. Ouch... no I am not being deliverately misleading. The 8 statements that I stated in my OP, were the facts as I witnessed them, &/or was informed by the officers of the court. (Judge, Court Clerks, Atty's) Just like in a court of law. The only testimony I can give, is that to which I personally witnessed. That is what I am doing here. I was told by the officers of the court that they were not able to sue the land owner, and that if the land owner had been a private owner they could have. That was what they told me. Did they lie to me? Who knows. Not my place to say. Were they wrong? Maybe... But god for bid. Lets hope not. #7... I witnessed what the settlement was and aproved by the judge. As far as the Defendant paying if he had won the case. Again the officers of the court told me he would have to pay his/her atty. I asked becasue (See previous post) There was an incident where I was a defendant and I had to pay my Atty even though I WON my case in a Trial. Maybe those laws have changed. I wouldn't know. #8... The defendant was being sued not because of where the cache was placed, but because the CO didn't give satisfactor notice of any possible unforseen danger. That was the reason given by the plantiff. I am not an officer of the court. I am not a lawyer. It isn't my place to decide if what happend in this case is right or wrong. If this case was frivolous or not. If the judge acted properly or not. As well if the atty's acted properly as well. I would like to believe that the officers of the court all acted legally & apropriately. What I do know is that the case was filed, the case was settled out of court, the Defendant had to pay out a huge chunk of change to all the parties (the plantif, plantif's atty, defendants atty, as well as pay the court costs) I personally have over 240+ caches. I don't have any "Special" out of the ordinary "Warnings" on any of my caches that pertain to "Safety" issues. Other than maybe if you really want to get picky, my "Frogger" style caches. Then again I don't really go place caches that would be unusually dangerous. TGC
  18. To your first comment... Just telling you what I know based on what I saw, heard & was told. All I can say, is come to Texas & ask a judge. Whatever it was. The Judge in question held it over for Trial and did not dimiss the case. All I know is I received the supena to appear at several hearings, as well as the final for the Trial. During the last hearing, is when I found out the case was settled out of court. The judge informed me that a "Gag" order was being issued and was not allowed to reveal any identifying information in regards to the lawsuit, or what the settlement was. In Texas... A defendant isn't always entitled to recoup atty fees if they win. It all depends on the case, & the judge. In a different case several years ago I was sued for an issue not related to cacheing. I won, yet I was not awarded or allowed to recoup any money to cover my atty fees. I had to pay those fees out of pocket. It took me 8 months to pay off my lawyer & at a discounted rate. I am sure that if he could have gotten the other party who sued me to pay him, he would have. He probably would have received more money! In regards to this case. I had asked that as well. All I was told is that they couldn't be sued. I didn't have time and didn't remember to ask about why they couldn't. Becaues I was neither the party sueing or being sued. At that time I didn't really care. I was only a "Witness". The land was army corp of engineers. What I do know from "Life Experiances" is this. When it comes to sueing the US Federal Goverment certain branches of the federal goverment are in fact exempt from certain types of lawsuits. Im not a federal atty. So I wouldn't know what branches are excempt from what. I just know that some are exempt from certain types of lawsuits. This was something I learned a long time ago. The laws could have been changed in the last few years too. I honestly wouldn't know. This happend about a little more than a year ago. My question is though. It only takes a few seconds to put a warning on a cache page. Is it really so bad to put that in a cache description just in case? I personally don't have any caches that are dangerous in ways that aren't obviously noticeable. The only caches I have that are close to be dangerous are ones that you have to play the game of Frogger. Those I use the "Dangerous" attribute. Some of those caches even have "Frogger" in their names. Either way. Believe my what I have to say or not, its just an FYI. Take it or leave it. TGC
  19. Yes, Thank you very much. I am using OpenStreetMap currently. The quality is ok, but sadly not what I would call spectacular. It also isn't capable of showing satalite images as far as I know. Topo is fine. but personally not really fond of topo maps from anyone electronic or paper. LOL It is very nice to know Groundspeak is looking at other alternatives. Thank you for that update. Thank you for acknowledging our concerns as well. I appreciate it. TGC
  20. ANT+ is an open source device. That is. As long as your making & releasing software that makes use of the device then there are NO licensing fees. If you were to make ANT+ hardware there WOULD be licensing fees. As an example. (Assuming I had the skills) I could write an iOS 5.0 compatible app that could make use of reading & using Chirp devices. Heart Monitors, Foot Pods, Bicycle Pods, Pulse Ox Pods, etc... I can write all the APPS I want for Andoriod, or iOS, WITHOUT having to pay ANY licensing fees. Someone out there COULD if they had the skills and desire. Write an app for iOS devices, as well as Android, or even Windows Phone that would make use of ANT+ device for finding "Chirps". Currently there are at least 50+ apps that are available for iOS devices that make use of the ANT+ devices. All except the Chirp device. There are many different companies that make use of ANT+ devices. A ANT+ device from one company will work with another companies ANT+ device. Other GPS units from other companies that support ANT+ tech to read heart monitors etc... can be hacked to read the chirp. The Chirp owner would still have to use a garmin device to program his chirp unit. But a cacher would be able to use any ANT+ device properly programmed to find chirps. Here is another example. My wife & I have have ANT+ Heart monitors. One is made by Garmin, the other by Motorolla, Even have an older unit (that wasn't very sweat proof & died) by another company. All were ANT+ devices. All worked with the Timex Sports GPS watch, The Garmin Sports GPS Watch, as well as a few other GPS devices from several different companies that suppored the ANT+ capability. Think of it like Blu-tooth. If you make blu-tooth hardware you have to pay a license fee. If you write software that makes use of blu-tooth devices you don't have to pay a license fee. In most cases you don't even have to write seperate sub-routines because of who made the device. (This of course depends on the device). Same thing applies to ANT+ Sadly, You are probably correct. It will be a very long time before geocaching.com supports this capability in it's apps. Groundspeak only has limited resources, finances & capabilities. There are ALOT more "Features" that would and SHOULD take priority over this feature. There aren't enough chirp caches placed yet and enough chirp devices sold yet for other companies to start making the devices. While I love to find these. I probably would NEVER place one of these type caches. I allready have over 250 cache hides. Why? Because garmin Chirps are $20+ and little to expensive for my blood to possibly be muggled and lost! Not a risk I want to take. I am sure there are others the same way. Way different than spending $600 on a handheld GPS. That isn't something that is going to get muggled very easily. My point of the thread & the suggstion. Is two fold. To bring this concept to the minds of cachers as well as Groundspeak that IT IS/WOULD be possible to find "Chirp" caches with an iOS, Android, Windows phone. I went to a caching event tonight. I mentioned the possibility of these capability. All but one had no clue that this was even possible. One thing I do know... You can't want or desire something that you don't know exists. A demand has to be created for it. I am trying to create the demand. 20 years ago no one wanted GPS except the military. Now everyone wants GPS everywhere. In their cars, their phones, & even their Tablet PCs. TGC P.S. I have been using GPS in my vehicle as a private citizen for the last 20 years.
  21. An FYI: I would like to point out something that many cachers as well as cache owners may or may not know about. A cache owner CAN be successfully sued for SAFETY reasons. At least here in Texas. I was a participant in this law suit. Because of court orders. I am NOT allowed to reveal any information that would be personally identifying to who was being sued &/or by whom, or to the exact amount of the case settlement. Here are the facts that one needs to know to maybe be concerned about. 1. The CO did not issue any warnings about the possible dangers of finding this cache. The only warning was the generic geocaching.com warning. 2. The land was on public land and the goverment entity was not allowed to be sued in regards to this case. Had it been a private entity they would have been sued as well. 3. The cacher who was hunting this cache, was injured, but did not loose his/her life. 4. The cache in question is now archived. The cache in question also had 50+ finds without any injury being reported in regards to finding or even atempting to find the cache in question. 5. Several miles away is an area with the same issue that was near GZ of the cache. At that location was & still are many warning signs about the dangers of the locations in this geographical area. 6. Access to get to GZ of the cache in question does not/did not require any potential cacher to go to this other location where the warning signs were visable. Therefore, someone attempting this cache who wasn't from the area, would not have known about the signs, or the possible dangers. 7. The CO settled out of court. He/she could have taken it to trial. Even if he had WON the case, the CO would have still had to pay the multi-thousand dollar fee to his lawyer. 8. If the CO had simply put a warning about the additional dangers of attempting to find this cache, he might have been spared the financial loss of paying the victim, as well as having to pay his lawyer. My suggestion would be, that if your a CO with a cache that has some form of danger involved, and your at least in United States. I would put warnings in my cache description informing any potential cacher of any unforseen dangers that atempting to find your cache may or may not have. This is just an FYI. It is NOT meant to be directed at any individual, cacher, cache owner, or anyone directly or indirectly related to Groundspeak, geocaching.com or any of it's subsideraries, employees, volunteers &/or business associates
  22. Besides Google Maps, Bing Maps that have basically licensed themselves out of the offline market. There are at least 5 or 6 other companies that license Map Data (for streets, topo & satalite) for use offline. Obviously licensing fees are involved, & would have to be paid by geocaching.com. What Groundspeak can afford to license should be taken into consideration by us cachers. However... Currently. With no STREETS, or SATALITE maps offline use capable with the geocaching.com iPhone app. It makes it totally unsuable when your in areas with no Data/internet connection. Grounspeak... Please understand. We as cachers NEED some form of offline downloadable Streets & satalite maps for the geocaching.com app. I personally understand that licensing fees by some map data suppliers could be financially unreasable. However... we do need to find SOME form of solution! SERIOUSLY! TGC
  23. Hi, first time I was trying to find a developer... thread was closed because I was trying to communicate to other iOS developers. No problem. I understand. So now... I am communicating to Groundspeak/geocaching.com the desire for the iPhone & the future iPad app to support ANT+ modules to allow us to find Chirp Devices. The following is my original message. Although now edited. A while back, when we had our "Voting" suggestions Feedback forum. Someone had suggested adding a feature to the iPhone that would alow us to find geocaches that use the Garmin "Chirp" device. That was quickly declined. I knew it wouldx be when I first read it. Simply because the iPhone does not have the hardward that will allow it to find "Chirp" devices. HOWEVER... The Garmin "Chirp" devices uses the the "ANT+" wireless communication standard. This wireless communication standard is what is currently being used with "Heart Monitors", "Foot pods", Bicycle Pods, etc.. that connect with sports type GPS watches & other sports type consumer electronics. Many of these devices such as the "Heart Monitors", "Foot pots", Bicycle pods etc.. Now work with the iPhone using a 30pin ANT+ module. This device plugs into the 30pin port of the iPhone/iPad and allows it to communicate with ANY "ANT+" device. I know. I have one and use an app to monitor my heart rate, Blood Pressure etc... ANT+ is a standard being used by many different hardware companies such as Garmin, Timex, Nike, Motorolla, etc... Is anyone interested in having the geocaching.com app for our iPhone/iPad with this kind of functionality to find "Wirless Beacon" caches? TGC
  24. After some carefull consideration & desires. I have changed my point of view on desiers in regards to an iPad App. At first I wanted 1 app, for both the iPhone & the iPad, but be more like the TiVo app. Very aware of which device it was running on. Save me the extra $10. However. I have changed my desires to haveing 2 seperate apps, & am willing to pay another $10 for the iPad app. The capabilities of having 2 apps, generating MORE revenue for Groundspeak will help them as well. It will allow each app to be specific to the device that they are going to run on, without including extra coding that won't be needed on whichever device. So I too have changed.. and now want 2 apps. One iPad Specific, and one iPhone specific. TGC
  25. I agree... I too used to be on several safety boards, back in the day when I was a paramedic & worked for Search & Rescue. That was in the days before Geocaching was even around. I wonder how busy I would be now because of geocaching! Especially where I used to work in Search & Rescue. Having a Safety forum would be nice. What about it Groundspeak? It couldn't be that hard to add another "Forum" group called "Caching Safety". I can't speak for the OP. But I would be glad to volunteer & serve as moderator for that forum. TGC
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