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  1. This isn't geocaching.com/groundspeaks fault about how Mapping companies are taking advantage of us consumers no matter what device or use of maps you need. I wanted to update my Alpine reciever for it's maps. It would cost $800! more than the cost of the head unit. A freind of mine wanted to update the GPS data for his Toyota Prius.... $375 Bing & Google... neither allow downloading maps... Even then their are THOUSANDS of errors. Time to write our congress to start possibly regulating the map industry. Sadly of course even this might not help! To those who say vote with your dollars... Hard to do, when there isn't anyone acceptable to vote for, and its hard to do without maps all together. So I am not suprised by geocaching.com's move to the use of certain maps. Not much we can really do about that. Unless we want to pay more money. Even then we might not get the maps that we truly want or need. Just remember it ISN'T geocaching.com's fault. What they (Groundspeak) DO need to do, though is make sure the maps load much faster & efficiently, and that the viewing options WORK! TGC
  2. One other thing I noticed. When you click on the cache icons on the left side, to turn on/off viewing of thsoe caches. It shows that it is being "Toggled", however THOSE caches are still being viewed on the map, even when you have toggled them OFF! TGC P.S. After further testing, trying different things. The problem is intermitant. If you "reload" the web page (which of course takes you back to your home coordinates) & THEN turn off the cache types you DON'T want to view, before aligning the map to the location you wish to view. Then it will work. The other way around it won't. By area that you wish to view... is an area that is it aleast 2 to 3 miles from home coordinates, and is NOT shown when you reload the web page of the map. If you change map view type. It also resets the viewing of cache types to ALL, yet the toggles on the left side of the screen don't reset. Geocaching.com do you test these updates before you release them?
  3. After the new update today. The caches are now showing in the map. Strange thing..... The caches are loading & showing on my iPhone & iPad in Safari about twice as fast as they are on any of my computers. TGC
  4. After the new update... MY MAPS DO LOAD... Just with ISSUES! The Map takes forever to load. About 10-15 times longer than it used to load. Before when I zoomed out to view Dallas-Fort Worth... from edge to edge. It took abotu 10 seconds to show the several thousand caches. Now it is taking almost 4-5 minutes to load. (This happens on 10+ computers I have, on 3 different broadband internet connections I have access too.. Cable modem, 4GLTE hotspot, Work T3 line) 2nd... Where is the Satalite Image map???? Is it gone, or am I just not seeing it? TGC P.S. Nevermind. I found the icon that you click on (Upper right part of the map screen) that you click on to change maps. However "Maquest Aerial" is taking about 2 minutes to load the images. The other problem... is their is NO HYBRID mode. So some of those hard to see roads, because they are dirt roads, or covered by Tree cover are impossible to see. We NEED a hybrid Satalite image mode!
  5. The PQ system currently is very usefull, However as good as it is now. It could be better. By being better with more filtering capabilities as well as with other improvements it would help allieviate many other issues with geocaching.com and finding those caches you wish to attempt to find. Here is my list of improvements. I am sure there are more. When I think of more. I will edit this post and add them. (Rather than just adding an additional post). Maybe some on of you will like some of these, maybe some of you won't. Maybe some of these suggestions of you would not use, but please remember there are some of us other cachers would use them. 1. Monthly Timer - Instead of setting the PQ on a weekly "timer" run on a certain day each week. We need a monthly "timer". The monthly timer should have 2 options. Example: To set a PQ to run on the "5th" of every month. Or to run on the "Second Tuesday" of every month. It should also allow us to run the PQ more than once a month as well. So we can run it daily, or we can run it weekly, or bi-weekly as well. The 3 options of "Uncheck the day after query runs", "Run this query every week on the days checked" & run this query once then delete it should still remain as well. 2. Allow more than 1000 caches per PQ. We do understand about "server load", and if the servers can handle it, we would like this to be increased to at least 1500. 3. Event cache needs to be subdivided into Event, Mega, & CiTo. 4. In the "That & AND" section... a. We need the option of "Updated in the last 7 days" changed to a user configurable date. so that we can select "Updated in the last 14 days", or "Updated in the last 9 days". The number of days should be user configurable. b. Just like suggestion "A" above, the "Found in last 7 days" option should have a user configurable time frame as well. c. Coordinates updated in last "X number" of days. This would show caches that have had their coordinates updated only. Yes "Updated in last 7 days" would show coordinate updates, but it also shows all other caches that have had OTHER updates as well. This option would show ONLY those caches that have had thier coordinates updated in the last "X number" of days. d. Caches that have changed status in the last "X number" of days. This would return only those caches that have changed status from Disabled to Enabled, Enabled to Disabled, Archived to Enabled, Archived to Disabled, as well as Disabled to Archived, & Enabled to Archived. e. Where the last log is: This would then have a sublist that could be checked for the various log types, & then would return those caches where the last log, is the log(s) that were checked in the sublist. 5. for the "Within" box. Add for the United States, Counties as an option. 6. Increase the radius from 500 to at least 1000 miles. 1500 miles would be better. While there are only 3 states in the United States that you can fly 500 miles or more without ever leaving the state, those of us in those states could use at least a 1000 miles for a radius. Alaska could easily use 1500 miles or even more! California & Texas both could very easily use more than 500 miles radius. 7. For placed during, Allow the option for Placed in the future. Currently you have "The last week", "The Last month" & the "last Year", Include "Next Week", "Next Month", & "Next 90 days". Why the future? To allow us to easily find EVENTS that we can consider attending. Yes we can choose the option below that, & manually put in a date range. However, addint this option would make it quicker. One could easily put in a date range for "last week", "Last month" & "last year" as well. But those options make it quicker & easier. Therefore... we need it for the FUTURE as well for those of us who are creating PQ's for EVENTS. 8. Caches from One or several CO's. This option would allow us to create a PQ of caches from a certain CO or CO's. The reverse of this option should be able to select as an option as well. That is, it would eliminate caches from a certain CO or CO's from the PQ we are creating. 9. Just like for routes... allow us to create a polygon box, rather than a circule, or a straight line route with a varrying border. 10. Instead of running 5 PQ's per day. Change the max from a daily schedule to a weekly schedule, or even better a monthly schedule. For a weekly this would allow us to run 35 PQ's per week, same as 5 per day. Yet on those days when we need/want to run more than 5 in a day, & other days none at all the option as well as the flexiabilty to adjust our PQ downloads to what we need. Sometimes, I really need to run 8-10 PQ's in a day, yet on other days I don't need to run any at all. Having 35 per week, would be better flexiability, where one day we could run 10, the next 20, & the following day 5, but then the next 4 days none at all. However if weekly schedules were to be implemented. It should run from Sunday to Saturday resetting Saturday night at midnight. So that if we wished, we could run 35 PQ's on Saturday (providing we didn't run any PQ's from Sunday to Friday previously) and then another 35 on Sunday, & thus preventing us from downloading any PQ's until the following Sunday. I don't believe this would put to much stress on the servers, as once someone runs 35 PQ's they won't be able to run anymore until the week resets. I believe the server load will remain the same on a daily basis. 11. Add an option for "KEYWORDS". This database field would have to be added to our cache pages. But then we could create KEYWORDS and then create PQ's based on those KEYWORDS. 12. Add an option to create PQ's based on Cache name containing or not containing certain words. As an example we could do a PQ creation for all caches that have the word "Challenge" in the cache name, or caches that DON'T contain the word "Challenge" Thats all for now... but like I said, as I think of more I will add them to this post. To those of you who say these aren't needed, just use GSAK. I say this: 1. GSAK doesn't run on an iPad, Linux, or MAC (Unless you use a windows option capability) 2. GPX files (as created by GSAK) CAN NOT BE UPLOADED or IMPORTED to iOS/Android Apps! (without using major work arounds, if they still work at all, from what I have read so far, this capability no longer works????) Adding these options plus more to the PQ system, would provide better caching capabilities to our smartphone/tablet devices that use the iOS/Android geocaching.com apps, as well as provide those cachers who don't have GSAK, or the capability to run GSAK with better capabilities as well. TGC
  6. The problem with this is the POOR filtering capabilities of the PQ system. The reason I liked this feature request is so that I could create my OWN GPX lists in GSAK that can't be created with a PQ, then download them to my iOS app. Main reason why in the iPhone forum I suggested the feature of importing GPX files to our iOS apps. So it ISN'T just about getting corrected coordinates. It's about being able to create custom GPX files/lists of several hundred (up to 1000 caches) of various caches that can't currently be created by PQ's currently. TGC
  7. Swipe is a two step process... Step 1 swipe Step 2 tap the delete button & in some cases there s even a pop up box that comes up with "are you sure?" Tgc
  8. texasgrillchef


    Yes it does. But because of how he so called "gps" works it can't be used reliable at GZ to find a cache. I use mine in a car mount system with my 4g hotspot. I use it to log my caches once I found them, as well as to search for caches that I wish to go out and find. I then use my Garmin GPS and IPhone 4s to find the actual cache at GZ. When I fly, I use the Dual Bluetooth GPS receiver with the iPad, as it's the only FAA aproved mapping method. Even if you have a iPad 3G unit. The dual Bluetooth gps receiver is only $89-99 depending on where u find it. Using the app on the iPad is still usefull, even though you still need another gps unit, and even though the app still runs in compatibility mode. Hope that helps you. BTW.... I use a griffin survivor case on my iPad. It protects the iPad against more sever drops and moisture. Although not waterproof. If you want to use your iPad in "nature" then I would recommend a tougher more devnturous type case. The survivor case has kept me from. Using my iPad drops on more than one occasion. Tgc
  9. I think I have this suggestion in my suggestion list for improvements we need to make to the Saved lists feature. Such as Renaming of saved lists, Sorting of Saved lists, Importing GPX files as a Saved list. Swipe to Delete a list. TGC
  10. Sorting needs to "Stick" no matter what area of the app your in and sort! TGC
  11. +1 on this... will ad this request to my list of requests for improvments to the Saved Lists capability of the app. We need SORTING of the saved lists, We need the capability to RENAME a saved list. As well as importing GPX files to the Saved List area... TGC
  12. As of this posting I am still not able to view caches in MAP view on my iPad or iPhone. Doesn't matter if we use the Beta Maps, or the Non-Beta Maps. TGC
  13. Logbooks are NOT required for Virtuals & Earthcaches... They are virtual in nature. Proof of being there etc.. is acomplished via special requirments setup by the CO of those types of caches. Some require answering questions, others require photos to be uploaded showing certain items in the photo, etc and a few other means. As far as copyright info goes, if someone who owns the copyright to that photo is so worried about it being used elsewhere, then use a watermark, or simply don't upload that pic. Watermarks can be made to be visiable or invisible. TGC
  14. I support this as well. This christmas I was willing to give about 5 geocachers I know a gift of premium membership. I was willing to spent about $12 a pop, and was hopeing to buy them a 3 months subscription. I was not willing to spend $30 a pop on them either. I would hae done so at $12 each though. They would probably have continued the membership themselvs. They like the thought of having a premium membership, but are to much a "scrooge" to take a premium test drive for a entire year at $30 though. Second thing... Events.... I have had several, I would have been willing to buy a few month long, or 90 day long premium memberships to give away as door prizes, or even awards at $5 for a month, $15 for 3 months. I however am not willing to shell out $30 each though. If you look at MOST online services that have subscription fees. 98% of them offer Month long, 90 day, & even 6 month membership plans besides the entire year plan. Look at most dating sites, hulu+, Netflix, Adult Sites, etc... I do remember at one time you did offer 3 month membership plans. Maybe you didn't have many takers, but maybe what you need is a way to sell those 3 months plans, along with one month plans. And then provide us a way to PRINT out a "Gift Certificate" with a code on it. So that we can give it away at events to winners & they can use it either to extend their premium memberships by 3 months, or for those basic members to get 3 months. TGC P.S. I don't mind paying $30 for a years membership for myself. Just its a little to much for my pocketbook to shell out as a "Gift" for awards, or even as gifts for all my friends.
  15. Cool I just tried that as well. If you want it to do from "today to 90 days in the future" it works well if you run it manually. It doesn't do to well though if you have it set to autorun weekly. Maybe as one of the selections that they can add to the time function where it lists "last week", "Last month", "Last year", they can add to that list... "Next week", "Next Month" and "Next 90days" (As events as a general rule are never published more than 90 days in advance.) This isn't bad if your doing it on the computer. It however though isn't part of the iOS app. Nor does it work very well in Safari on the iPad. Hmmm never noticed that before. Thank you for bringing that to my attention. They have all the major players except for APPLE's iCloud/iOS devices. So I guess maybe I should suggest adding iOS/iCloud to that list of "Add to Calendar". I can get it to my iOS devices default apps, by importing into one of the supported calendars, then exporting and importing into the iOS devices. Still kind of a PITA though. Thanks for your suggestions of work arounds. They are step forward in the right direction. However, there are still the other parts of that, and I bet you can't deny that they could still use some more work on making it easier to manage event caches. Especially within the iOS app. I do use GSAK, and that helps some in some areas. But at this point in time you can't import GPX files into the iOS app, and as far as I know (I admit I could be wrong) I don't think GSAK has a way of importing Event info into any calendar format that I am aware of. I do admit though I could be wrong here as well. TGC
  16. Thank you for that info. I will remember that from now on. Sorry but I just posted another suggestion in another thread using suggestion instead of feature. I did that before reading this post. My apologies TGC
  17. Most GPS devices use map data that is vector based. Most smartphone apps, use tile based mapping. All GPS mapping that is done with Satalite images is Tile based mapping. Think of it like this. Tile based mapping is nothing more than an image, with basic GPS info about that tile. The software then plots the waypoint dots, and your current location point, on that image. It doesn't require much processor time or power. Vector based mapping, doesn't include any images. It requires alot more processing power. Because it doesn't use images, it can't be used for imaged based maps, such as satalite images. Most all handheld GPS units, as well as those that are factory installed in vehicles use Vector based mapping. Although some new vehicles have started to use tile based mapping, as well as SOME NEWER handhelds. Especially on those GPS units that give you the capability of using Satalite images. Most all (there are a few exceptions) smartphone apps are using tile based map data. This allows the app to be "faster" as well as save battery power. Sadly after doing much research on map data over the last few years. The 3 main sources of Tiled map data are with Google, Bing & Opensource. I don't know why there aren't more, as the Satalite images are all coming from just 4 different satalites, all owned & operated by our own US Goverment. So the images themselvs don't have any copyright. However, its the additional info added by google, bing etc that cause thsoe to be copyrighted. Sadly, the issue with maps, downloading, and having available when your "offline" isn't just with geocaching & it's smartphone apps, but applies to everyone else too. Whats sad, is that with most wireless dataplans being limeted with some form of caps, and still vast areas of the world that don't have wireless internet available, it surprises me that google & bing both no longer allow downloading of map data for viewing when your in those ares with no wireless access. IMHO it's time for us to have our federal government start regulating GPS companies, as well as those providing map data. a GPS is only as good as the data we give it, and most have really bad data! TGC
  18. My suggestion for Better Event Management is NOT in regards to management of the actual event by the Cache owner. It is for the web site, and how Events are managed on the web site, in regards to PQ's, & mapping, as well as to the event cache page itself, & even includeing management of the events on your smartphone. In my case on the iOS devices (iPhone/iPad). 1. When you download a PQ for events. You can include the area that you wish to search, as well as when the cache was published. What you CAN NOT do, is search for events in a PQ that take place between two different dates, or on a specific day, or in a specific month. 2. The other thing, is when you do a PQ for Events, you can NOT tell the PQ, to elminate (not include) events that have allready taken place. So the PQ includes those events which have not been disabled, or archived yet, but have allready taken place. 3. We need another "status" for Events that we can place events in after they occurr. Most CO's after a specified period of time will "archive" the event. However, we are NOT allowed or able to search for archived caches. (For obvious reasons) The thing is, unlike true regular caches (Virtual or otherwise) There isn't any real legal reason that we shouldn't be able to search for previous events cache pages. Yes, there are times when a event is archived PRIOR to the event takeing place. This happens because for many reasons the event has been cancelled. So archiving events should still be avaiable. Just there is no reason that we should archive Events (When the event has allready ocurred). A new status for Events after they have occurred should be available. This will allow caches to search for those events, to check out the photo's, Video links, & Logs that people have posted. This will also allow us to do PQ searchs for Events that have either allready happend, or allow us to elminate those events from PQ's as well. Maybe we could call the status "Ocurred" or "Over". 4. In our smartphone (iOS) apps, when we download a PQ, we can sort on various aspects. Sort by "Date" should be available for sorting the Events by date. 5. When we are viewing the MAP, on our iOS devices, and we see the icons for events. When the little "Popup" comes up for that cache. It should include the Event date as well. When viewing the popup online on the web page. Date hidden should be changed to "Event Date". 6. We need a calender view (online & in iOS app) that shows us events for a given area, in a Calender view. Such as when viewing by the month. It will show all of those events to take place in that month, for the distance from your home coordinates that you pre-set. 7. Export of the Calender view to various different calender programs & apps available to smartphone calender apps, as well as online calenders and Microsoft Outlook. The reason I am making this suggestion. Is that here in the DFW metroplex. Between the months of Jan 2012, & March 2012, In a 50 mile radius. (Which many many DFW cachers do drive to go to an event) there are/have been/will be over 25 events taking place, with even more to come that have yet to be published. Manually typing &/or cut-n-pasting this information in to my iCloud &/or Microsoft outlook has been a royal PITA. And trying to figure out which events I can make and which I can't because of when/where they are located/taking place. Honestly, I have to admit, I do NOT know what the best solution would be, or what methods, we can use to make management of Events easier to handle. I just know that we need something. One thing I do know for certain. Things could be made much better with improvements to the PQ system in regards to using a PQ to find & download Events in regards to when those events will be taking place, or have taken place. TGC
  19. Not always... On 11-11-11 this year. I went to a 11-11-11 Flash Mob event at 11:11am. It was during the day, no night cache there. However on 11-11-11 at 11:11pm I held a Flash Mob event as well. That was deffinately a night cache! You should see the video on You Tube. Search for 11-11-11 Flash Mob Event, Geocaching in The Colony, TX True this time of the year, most events held after normal work hours (in the northern hemisphere) would be night time events and thus night caches. But why not? It is at night, you have to find the event at night, An event IS counted like a cache in your total cache finds count. Since you do have to find the event at night, why can't it be called a night cache? Truthfylly, any night cache can be found during the day. It just might take more effort during the day. Also... It might not be as much "Fun" to find it during the day, depending on how the night cache was designed. Finding it during the day may "ruin" some aspect of finding it at night. I have just placed (not published yet) a new night cache. Its a 2 stage, with a dummy. Stage 1, has a wireless remote. The coordinates posted will be for the remote. To find the remote takes a UV Black light. When a UV black light hits the remote, it will flash. THEN... You have to push the button on the remote. This will cause 2 other containers to flash an LED for 5 seconds. One container is the decoy. No log. Just a box with the LED, The other is the container that has the LED, as well as the log. Once you push the button on the remote you have 5 seconds to look for the flashing lights. And give you an idea where to search. Can't find it. Go back and push the button on the remote and give you another 5 seconds. Haveing a cacheing buddy on this would help too! TGC
  20. While there's nothing wrong with listing caches like that as mystery/puzzle caches (since that's the "catch-all" type), I don't think they're necessarily mystery/puzzle caches. Lots of traditional caches are accessible only during certain hours. Does it matter whether they are inaccessible because of a locked gate or because of a time-sensitive or light-sensitive mechanism that blocks access during the day? Lots of traditional caches are easier to find during certain hours. Does it matter whether they are easier to find because daylight helps or hinders spotting the cache? You do make a very good point there. I can't argue that. I personally though have never been of the belief though that traditional caches should be night caches. That they are in some form or another a type of "puzzle". Even if they are at the posted coordinates, it would still be possible to find them during the day, it just might take longer to find. My personal opinion though, is that the only caches that can be "TRUE" night caches, are Mulit's, Mystery/P/U, Earthcaches, Event Caches, Virtual Caches, Letterbox's & Wherigo. I don't know of any Wherigo Night caches, although I see it as possible, Same goes for Letterbox's. Virtuals could be a night cache, I don't know of any Virtual Night Caches, but since NEW virtuals are no longer it's really a moot point. Earthcaches yes, depending on whats involved, it's possible. Event caches most deffinately if the Event is held during the night, it is a cache after all. TGC
  21. Suggestion: Import GPX files. By having this feature. We could tranfer via iTunes, GPX files to the app. The GPX files transfered and imported into the iPhone app would be considered a "Saved" list and would go into that area. This would allow us better control, and easier control over creating, & editing saved lists, as well as viewing them in our iPhone app. Yes, one can create a PQ, and download to the iPhone. Yet CURRENTLY, there are MASSIVE limitations to what kinds of lists we can create with a PQ. What can or can't be included in a PQ list etc... By allowing us to import our own GPX files into the "Saved" list section. It would allow us more as well as better control. Surely I am not the only cacher that would find this usefull and a nice feature to have???? TGC
  22. Oh I would love this as well. AS it would make it SO much easier to edit then on the iPhone or iPad. The other suggestions I would like to add are: 1. Sorting Saved lists. Currently, the lists on the iPhone/iPad are in the order we created or downloaded them. It would be nice to be able to SORT the saved lists by date created, up or down, as well as Alpha-Numerically up or down. Also allow us to sort in our own "Crazy" order by using "Drag n Drop". So that I can put a few lists that don't meet any specific normal sorting methods at the top of my list. Such as a list that I name "Today - To find", "Today - Found", "Today - DNF". Even though T doesn't come before A or 1. 2. Saved List Syncing over the "cloud". I run the app, on both my iPhone & iPad. It would be nice if these lists were also saved on the server (In the cloud) as well as on the device (for offline use) So that they would SNYC over the "Cloud". Just like my contacts, music, photos, notepad notes do on the iOS devices allready. They all snyc over the cloud, but are all available even when offline. Same thing should go with our saved lists. Especially when using multiple iOS devices, such as having the iPhone & iPad. 3. Saved list "REFRESH" button. Refresh the entire (single) list in the saved list. I have noticed that in your saved lists, aver about 24 hours or so after they have been added to your saved list and downloaded. That the "Refresh" option appears for each cache. This is VERY nice as it allows you to refresh and redownload the information for that cache. However... This has to be done on a cache by cache basis for each & every cache in your saved list. I have a saved list with oever 500+ caches in the list. That takes forever to refresh manually, by each cache. So the suggestion is to have a button that we could tap on that would REFRESH every single cache in that one saved list. So that we wouldn't have to do it manually one by one. 4. Allow us to RENAME a saved list. Currently if you wish to rename the list, you have to add each of those caches to a new saved list with a new name that you want. Then delete the older saved list with the name you didn't want. If you only have a few caches in the list. This isn't a major ordeal. If you have alot in a list. This is a major ordeal. Allowing us to RENAME the saved list would be Extremely nice! Thanks TGC
  23. Ok.... My apologies for not communicating clearly my request. In my original post. I was trying to communicate two things. 1. I was trying to communicate that I do fully understand about licensing agreements and all the issues of what can or can't be done based on those licensing agreements. I understand that in regards to some issues of those agreements that Google & Bing aren't going to budge no matter what you do or how much money you throw at them. They are the so called "gods" (Or they want to think so LOL!) So with regards to Bing & Google. I KNOW we can't do anything about them. They set the rules. So we move on, & find someone else. Maybe eventually Bing & Google will change their minds about their "issues" when they see less & less users using them for maps. I have allready made my complaints to google and bing about their maps & even their OWN iOS map progams directly. I no longer even use Googles &/or Bings own iOS maps apps. 2. My suggestion... which was & still is, to find ANOTHER company that can provide us the map information that we want & need for our iOS apps, & even online on the webpage. A company that has map data that we can actually download and use when we no longer have "Data" connection via our iOS devices. As well as map data that is accurate and has other information on the map data as well. Such as Parks, Cemeteries, County/state/international borders, Date lines, Time Zone Lines, Water featurs (Rivers, Lakes, etc..), Train tracks, etc.. as well as the roads of course. This was simply the suggestion that I was trying to make. Simply to find a company that can provide us the map data that we need & want even when "offline". My suggestion wasn't about trying to get different licensing arrangments with google or bing. Now in regards to mapping... OpenStreets isn't bad... The one thing I absolutely HATE about OpenStreets maps, is the colour. The Interstate roadways here in the USA don't have a distinctive colour that stands out from other roads. The light blue background is VERY hard to read and see!!!!! I don't know how much control if any at all that your developers have on changing the colours of openstreetmaps... but if they DO, it would be nice to change the colours to something easier to see, read & understand. Especially with the interstate roadways. I was aware there were different types of mapping data. Vector & Tiles, I honestly had totally forgotten about that and didn't realize that the geocaching.com app, was using tile data rather than vector. Each have their advantages thats for sure. Each have their disadvantages as well. Because of this I don't expect nor do I have any desire for geocaching.com to take the time or expense in changing the type of map data thats required for the gc app. One additional question, if you can answer. If your not able too, then I understand. Is it possible to do map overlays on the map tile data? TGC
  24. Im not for sure if I can use this thread to make suggestions about the features the iPad version has... but... To the Developers... 1. When you design the iPad app keep 2 things in mind. a. Some of us have iPad mounts in our vehicles, & use them in our vehicles. Then use our GPS &/or iPhones to find the cache "on scene". So when used in the car, we need a UI that makes it easy to see, & opperate safely. Big Text, Big buttons. The one nice thing about using the CURRENT version of the iOS app, is the big text, and big buttons that are on the iPad when you hit the "X2" button. Much easier to see & read etc... than your iPhone. Yet, when we aren't in our vehicles... The smaller txt, and smaller buttons would be ok to use. b. Some cachers wouldn't use this in their vehicles as much as they would use it "on scene" to find caches. Or use it for other purposes, even replacing their laptops. As the iPad is easier to log a cache than the iPhone. 2. Work in both landscape, and portrait modes. 3. In landscape mode have the OPTION, of viewing the entire map in full screen (when in map mode) or be like the iPad "Notepad" app when in landscape mode. Show a list of caches on the left, and a smaller map on the right. The list of caches can be the list of caches pulled by the app doing a "Search" or can be a SAVED list. If I think of some more that would be iPad specific I will add them to the list. Thanks TGC
  25. TWT... LOL I agree that their are ALOT of other issues & features that should be worked on & initiated, or in other words take a higher priority, than this feature suggestion. I was just wanting to add it to the list. Because I do think it should be added at some point. I tried searching for this app for the iOS devices, with no luck. Do you remember the name of it? I would be willing to spend $2 for it as well. TGC Well for "My" area... being the state of Texas for the most part. There aren't that many. But enough to make me want to find them.
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