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  1. It just started happening to mine as of today. I am going to call Garmin later today about the issue. I haven't found anything on the issue yet. TGC
  2. My wife & I fully understand the need and reason that geocaching.com has a rule against placing cache/hides on or near school property. The reasons being obvious on so many levels. HOWEVER.... we feel that their should be a few EXCEPTIONS to the rule. 1. If the CO is an employee &/or preferably a faculty member of that school, or a Student group of that school. Such as a technology class, or technology club, or for that matter any other student club. A faculty member such as the principal of the school in question. (At least in the school district that my wife is employed at). The principal is the top person in charge of that school. (Whose office is at that school). Obviously the ISD Superintendant is in charge of all the principals for thier school district. Thus some of the reasons that one wouldn't want a cache/hide on or near school property would be alleviated because the cache/hide would be owned & maintained by the school employee, school, or student group. 2. The cache/hide container would be required to have all the "Documentation" listed in & on it. Therefore Nano/Micro caches would probably not be viable in MOST situations. 3. If the cache was school sponserd, being from the School employee, classroom, or student group. There would be additional rules that the school &/or ISD would impose as well. 4. My wife is on the faculty staff of a elementary school. A classroom & student group have asked her & the principal for information on placing a geocache/hide on the school property. The Principal is all for it. My wife is the considered the "Tech Guru" of the school. Although not in official capacity, & is the reason why they contacted her for help with geocaching as well as placing a cache/hide on school property. She will be "teaching" the class / student group about geocaching as well as gps devices. She will be teaching them all the different ways GPSr's are being used and can be used. Off campus field trips require so much "paperwork" and financial resources as well as creates undue liability that the school doesn't wish to partake off campus field trips except in absolutely required situations, because of this they want to have a cache/hide on school property. This way that can easily monitor and maintain the cache/hide during school hours, without having to make it a field trip. In addition the school just finished a major renovation. During this renovation, video monitoring of all outside school property was installed. So the cache/hide will also be under video survielance 24/7, simply because it's on school property and all school property is now under video survielance. We just mention this to see what others reactions are or would be. If they heard the school that their daughter &/or son were attending was going to have a cache/hide location placed at the school. This cache/hide would be placed by an employee, classroom, or student group of that school. (Where your daughter &/or son might be a member of that classroom &/or student group), how would you feel about this? (assume your daughter/son were going to my wife's school) TGC/WNT
  3. Not true! I know plenty of rich folks who have badly-behaved dogs, too! I know plenty of rich folks who are badly behaved.... Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley.... the list goes on. TGC Sure those two don't take commands, but I wouldn't call them 'badly behaved'. Oh you don't call molesting a child, hanging a baby over the balcony, doing drugs as bad behaviour? Then you have a bunch of rich celebs, including some sports figures that seem to get DUI's, DWI's and even a few convicted of murder & buglary. Not even to mention all the other drug convictions. Heck there is even a TV show called "Girls behaving badly" some of which are quite rich. Then again the definition or rich is all depending on ones POV as well TGC
  4. Not true! I know plenty of rich folks who have badly-behaved dogs, too! I know plenty of rich folks who are badly behaved.... Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley.... the list goes on. TGC Sure those two don't take commands, but I wouldn't call them 'badly behaved'. Oh you don't call molesting a child, hanging a baby over the balcony, doing drugs as bad behaviour? TGC
  5. Actually terrain 5 is the need for special equipment. A cache on an Island that requires a boat would be an example of a terrain 5. Or a cache that requires you to repel up a cliff with climbing gear. A difficulty five is a really hard cache to find or a really difficult puzzle. So if you had a very difficult puzzle with the actual cache on an island that can only be reached by boat you can get a 5/5. Jim Exactly what I was thinking... Terrain 5 would deffinately be given to a cache on top of K2. I figured there would be lots of Puzzle / Muliti's that would have a difficulty of 5. Just can't imagine a TRADITIONAL cache with a difficulty of 5. Although someone mentioned the ole needle in the haystack requiring a metal detector, but to me that would seem easy. Get a good strong electro-magnet and pull that needle right out of that haystack! LOL TGC
  6. Good idea.... I bet I could pull out my old Search & Rescue vest, put my utility belt back on & go look as well! Then again I wonder if the Vest and utility belt still fit. It's been a few years. I haven't ever even seen a Newspaper rack cache yet. Wonder how they even keep from being muggled! TGC
  7. Enough to pick out fashionable hair bows!! Ummmm brings to mind some scary thoughts.... man, woman, baldness.... Wheres that bow being tied? TGC
  8. Don't know about that.. but I do know there is a smokey the bear blog... And for 10 points... can you name the place that the ORIGINAL Smokey the Bear is burried? TGC
  9. Addicts. To caching of course. I wonder how long until a Geocachers Anonymous is established. Alot of geocachers love to be anonymous. TGC
  10. LOTS of GREAT places in Shreveport, LA.... as that is where they are filming HBO's "TRUE BLOOD". Although they did come to Dallas for a few days of filming a few months ago. TGC
  11. My excuse? Ummmmmmmmmmm full moons are when the Werewolvs come out. Don't you know that? If you been watching "TRUE BLOOD" on HBO.... You would be carefull in these neck of the woods too with all the vamps, & other creatures running around Dallas & Shreveport. Which BTW are only 2 hours from each other. TGC
  12. What happend to your handy dandy can of raid? TGC
  13. Being a chef I don't have that problem with cookies. If I run out... I just make more! For me... I personal goal is to actually find a 5/5. However, for me at least that would have to end up on the top of K2 or something similar as far as the Terrain goes. I don't really know what to expect out of a difficulty rating of 5 though. I would almost have to be a puzzle cache or a multi. I can't even begin to imagine what a traditional cache would be like with a difficulty rating of 5. TGC
  14. Exactly the point I was trying to make, but alas you did it in a more elagant way with alot fewer words. It takes a RESPONSIBLE pet owner to accept the fact that their dog is untrained &/or untrainable & therefore should make adjustments accordingly. TGC
  15. Exactly why it SHOULD be called "OWNER Obedience school" and NOT dog obedience school TGC
  16. Not true! I know plenty of rich folks who have badly-behaved dogs, too! I know plenty of rich folks who are badly behaved.... Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley.... the list goes on. TGC
  17. Un-Muggle Or Unmuggled. A geocacher who has been demuggled. TGC
  18. Here!, Here! I fully agree. Ill behaved dogs are NOT the fault of the dog, but of the owner. A WELL TRAINED dog will is a dog who is HAPPY and WELL behaved. My Beagle... (See previous post) Sara, loves people, is very quiet and is a very happy dog. When I took her to view the stars at an OBSERVATORY we were both happy and content. I & my wife were able to view the stars through the telescopes. Sara enjoys having people around, anyone. She was BETTER behaved than 90% of the children that were there that night. Sara NEVER leaves my side. She is always on a leash, but only to make others more comfortable. She doesn't need a leash. She won't ever leave my side for any reason unless I tell her it's ok. She can easily handle being away from me, such as if I need to go potty myself & will stay where I tell her too until I come back. Although I do realize that most people don't put the time & effort into having a dog or even any other pet that they SHOULD. For me... those that have complaints about dogs... isn't about the dog, but the OWNERS of those dogs. Heres another example of my Sara.... Every year our city pool has a POOL party for Dogs. It's at the end of the pool season every year, After the pool has closed for the year. A good percentage of the dogs seem to always take a dump everywhere around the pool area and in some cases even in the pool. (They have a crew running around picking up SH*T, litterly). Yet my SARA... will get out the pool & communicate she needs to go potty. Where I promptly take her to the DESIGNATED potty area where she promptly goes, when done she goes back to the pool. BTW.... this trait of hers is something we DID NOT TRAIN HER TO DO! So..... I take major offense when people blame dogs for their behaviour. It isn't the dog, its the owner that needs to take responsibility. A properly cared for Dog IS "Mans Best Friend", a dog that is properly care for will do MORE for their "master" then MOST spouses will! Even though my Sara is very well behaved & I take her alot of places that other people don't take their dogs. I am also respectful of where I am going when I consider taking my beagle. I know for instance a certain friend & relative that don't like dogs. So when I go visit I don't take her. Other places I go where I know it's against the law I don't take her either. Such as Big Bend National Park. They don't allow pets. So I had a close friend to take care of her while we were gone. TGC
  19. I bring my dog everywhere.... I have a very well behaved Beagle named Sara. She is SO well behaved that she has gladly gone & been accepted IN & AT Observatory and viewed the high heavens. She goes camping with us, she goes to Lowes & Home Depot with us, She has even gone to the MOVIES with us. (yes at a movie theater). Although I have to be honest here... I have had dogs in the PAST that I would NOT have taken anywhere. Sara is very well behaved, very cute, very loving, & is always quiet and will do as asked, She always communicates to me when she needs to potty & will potty on command. So she NEVER "Goes" where she shouldn't. So depending on where the event was, then yes I would probably take her. TGC P.S. She has even found a few cache/hides before even me or my wife actually found them! In a couple of cases we ignored her "FIND" for about 10 or 15 min before we both realized that SARA had found it FIRST and we should have listened to her in the first place.
  20. I am shocked and offended by your use of the phrase "falling on the floor and tearing at their clothes". I can't decide which half I find more offensive (the falling or the tearing), but I assure you that I am at this moment about to partake of a rapid vertical profile reduction and violent apparel non-usage rending in support of both my balance/equilibrium-challenged brothers and my Fashion Industry sisters. How much fashion does a nudist/naturist really have though? TGC
  21. Well being a gringo, I don't really care. I was taught sticks & stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me! LOL TGC
  22. What I would like to see is the pictures of the so called "No Trespassing" signs and WHERE they are located in relation to the road. TGC
  23. Great idea.... IF I spoke spanish.... If they spoke english.... All they ever say is.... "No Hablo English".... I respond "No hablo espanol" TGC
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