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  1. Even though it isn't on "Best Buy" property. I am honest enough to say that it is very close to "Best Buy". However, I would still like to point out that many other caches with commercial names in them such as walmart are IN FACT on walmart property, or very close to walmart. While you might want to claim "No presedence" I take issue with that rule as causing more problems than it solves. However this IS NOT the thread I wish to debate the "No presedence" issue. I fully understand the NEED for this policy of "No Commercial" cache hides. I believe that is a policy that is very desperately needed with geocaching.com otherwise the cache hides would get alot worse! However... groudspeak.com STILL has ALOT of work in refining this policy. At least Groundspeak.com DOES have an apeal process, & I am taking full advantage of that pathway to the extent that I can. Yes, mine was turned down and yes I do feel as though I have been treated unfairly. If I used a name like "Walmart" or "Pepsi" or something along those lines, in actual TRUE reference to the commercial business, even though my cache may not be for commercial purposes. I HONESTLY wouldn't have as much problem with it as I am having with the name I originally CHOSE. What if my neice whose name is "SAM" and placed a cache NEAR a "Sam's" and called it "SAM's Corner". With the cache being on the OPPOSITE of corner of the "SAM's". Or even if it WASN"T near a "Sam's Store". See the issues that can arise by allowing the "Reviewers" To much discretion? Now... I am thinking of new names to name it that won't cause such a fuss with THIS reviewer. In case my APEAL is denied. Because I have a SERIES of caches at "DEADENDS" the words "DEAD END" are very important in being a part of the cache name. So I agree... You are probably right. My ORIGINAL name was probably not a good name anyways. Maybe "Don't Buy this deadend" or "An Electronic Deadend" But even if I DO name it something else... it still doesn't negate the issue at hand. The issue being that this policy and how the reviewers put it into action needs to be reviewed and UPDATED again. Reviewers should NOT be given the discretion. Simply NO commercial TRADEMARKED names as part of a geocache name. I say TRADEMARKED... as Best Buy has NOT been able to TRADEMARK their name. No other buisness may use "Best Buy" as their company name. But other buisness's CAN use the words "Best Buy" as part of their name, or in their name, or even in their slogans. Think of Home Depot, Office Depot, etc... Depot can't be trademarked... "Mc" can't be trademarked. McDonalds LOST their trademark law suit against "McCurry" So Groundspeak.com should update thier policy to allow NO geocaching names with COMMERCIAL TRADEMARKED names. Of which "Best Buy" isn't trademarked. "Best Buy" has "LIMITED" trademarking rights. TGC
  2. A Pony? What the heck am I suppose to do with a pony? TGC Sorry I don't know how this got "posted" twice....?????? Although my comptuer did have a hiccup at the time I hit the "Submit" button
  3. So then what everyone is saying is that I should let it go... and then go issue SBA's on all those that are using commercial names in their cache name. You can't have it both ways. Sorry thats not the drummer I march too. Either you allow them all, or you don't. (grandfathering aside). So no presdence for placing caches... means NO presedence for issuing SBA's as well. TGC P.S. BTW the geocaching/Groundspeak policy is in regards to caches being commercial and NOT solicting the business. Since I have no affiliation with "Best Buy" and it ISN't on "Best Buy" property. I still fail to see how the use of the two words "best" and "buy" make it a commercial cache.
  4. There isn't any more to the story than I told you. You can look at the cache and see for yourself the reviewers notes. I fully understand "Grandfathering". Not a problem if a cache was placed before a rule was added or changed. HOWEVER.... I would like to point out... That with OVER 1000+ caches USING commercial names. I would DOUBT that ALL 1,000+ were placed BEFORE the rule was added. Some of these 1,000+ caches are placed within the last 60 days. WAY AFTER the rule was in place. I am encouraged to report it? Well First I will see wait and see what happens with my "Apeal". Then if my apeal is denied.. I WILL be reporting those caches that ARE using obvious commercial names in them. I would like to point out though... that I again am NOT using the name "Best Buy" to represent the commercial enterprise of "Best Buy" but as a TERM/PHRASE. As far as precedence goes. I won't go into the problems not allowing for precedence and what issues that could raise with bias, unfairness and the issues that go with being biased. Legal and otherwise. Simply put... Grandfathering aside... what you allow for one, you have to allow for all, what you ban from one, you should ban from all. Otherwise you have biasing. TGC P.S. I would like to point out the following as well... In the Rule of no commerical caches... "principal or substantial intent of soliciting customers or generating commercial gain. The geocache is presumed to be commercial if the finder is required to go inside a business, interact with employees, and/or purchase a product or service, or if the cache listing has overtones of advertising, marketing, or promotion." I have no desire, no intent of my cache soliciting for "Best Buy" nor am I being paid by "Best Buy" NOR is the cache on "Best Buy" property. Nor is my cache designed or placed to provide commercial gain to "Best Buy". "Best Buy" has no affliation with my cache or it's placement. The "Finder" of my cache is NOT required to go "Best Buy" nor is the finder required to interact with "Best Buy" or any of it's employees.
  5. Nothing and I mean NOTHING is 100% waterproof. I say this because you take anything DEEP enough underwater and it will eventually leak. In the real world though waterproofing is rated on what is known as an IP scale. For instance my Garmin GPS is rated as an IPX7. The X stands for its rating against drops etc... the 7 represents it's rating for waterproofing. The IPX7 rating means it can handle 3 feet of water for 30 min before leaking. Or Hard rainfall indeffinately. What you have to determine FIRST is what kind of "Water Proofing" do you need? Do you want to put the cache underwater? Or do you just want it to handle hard rains and temporary flooding? You can get pelican & otter boxes that can handle being underwater up to 60' for over 24 hours. And anything less as well. If you want the BEST.... get a Pelican or Otter box. They aren't cheap. But they are among the best. I worked Search & Rescue for many years. A Pelican or Otter box is the ONLY thing that we would buy because it's the ONLY thing that could handle EMS/Fire/S&R without failing on us in times of need. TGC
  6. This is in reference to a cache that I am trying to get published. GC1YDYT currently named "This deadend is a best buy." I am using the WORDS "best buy" as a TERM/PHRASE... NOT as a commercial business name refereing to the business of "BEST BUY". The reviewer came back and denied my cache saying commercial names can't be used in cache names. I fully understand this policy. I DON"T have a problem with this. So I renamed my cache to the above cache name using the TERM/PHRASE. He/she came back and said if I didn't correct the problem, he would permantely archive said cache. I then pointed out that their ARE other geocache sites out there that USE the name BEST BUY, WALMART, etc... out their in their cache names. I also then WROTE an appeal to Groundspeak.com claiming my reasons that MY cache name should be allowed.... The letter/email is as follows... "I would like to appeal the reviewers current decesion on the following cache. GC1YDYT currently named "This deadend is a best buy." Please check the current logs as to the reviewers notes and my notes posted for the reviewer. I am "NOT" using the NAME best buy as the commercial business, but only as a TERM/phrase. Such as this car is your best buy. If you still feel that this is in violation of your TOS. Then I would like to refer you to the following CURRENT cache hides that ARE using a commercial name in them. This name commercial name is a name that you CAN'T even argue as being a phrase name. All of the following use the name "WALMART" in them. These are 5 examples. There are 25 MORE geocaches that use the name "WALMART" in them. "Better than Walmart" http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...c2-97ba09606d79 A Regular at Walmart?!? http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...21-2683c27666dc A Relic of the Pre-WalMart Era http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...cf-fb54706c1a3f Behind the WalMart http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...7b-0cdc7da4eaea Cache Renewal at WalMart 72E http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...ff41ace7f\ All of the following use the name "COKE" in them. These are 2 examples. There are 102 MORE geocaches that use the name "COKE" in them. "Coke" is a registered TRADEMARK owned by the Coca-Cola Company. 1 Ounce Coke http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...ad-15897baaaeb5 4 Fried Chickens and a Coke http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...e5-eb950817b9e3 All of the following use the name "Burger King" in them. These are 2 examples. Burger King Reigned Here! http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...1e-19a2b03dc435 You might want to eat at Burger King Gas Saver http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...19-25a28b34ff3a AI can list at least 250 MORE caches that use a commercial business name in them. That use the following COMMERCIAL buisness names in them such as... McDonalds, Taco Bell, KFC, Pepsi, Best Buy. Yet this reviewer is NOT publishing my cache simply because I want to use the TERM/PHRASE best buy. Not the commercial name of it! Please see to this matter ASAP. Thank you TGC" If you do a search on various COMMERCIAL business names you WILL easily find that there are OVER 1,000+ geocache names out there that use a COMMERCIAL name in them to some point. Commercial names that ARE trademarked (Such as Coke, & Pepsi) as well as others. Commercial names that have NO OTHER possible meanings or USES to them. The WORDS "BEST" and "BUY" are NOT words that can be trademarked by themselvs. They are words that can be used for other meanings and purposes. Even when used together. Pepsi, Taco Bell, WALMART are commercial names that have NO OTHER meaning other than to represent the COMMERCIAL business that they are. Tell me... should mine be allowed or not? And if NOT why? And if NOT... then WHY should the other geocache sites be allowed that ARE using commercial names? Thank you TGC P.S. This cache has now been published with the current name of "This deadend is a....", However it has been "Disabled" by myself until resolution from my "Apeal" process has been negotiated with Groundspeak.com. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...5a-b0db835090ff
  7. In which case.. I will start issuing SBA's on ALL caches that have an agenda of pushing state/national parks, or being enviromental, or businesses, or govermentment lands, historical sites or anything else that would otherwise have an agenda of getting you to visit some place or see something, or change your ways of the enviroment. Either we allow agendas.. or we allow NO agendas of any form. Period... Black or white... No gray lines... No fence resting. However, I am not really going to do that, even though I should to start making a point of how hypocritical the system is. We as people have agenda's it's all a part of who we are. Oh and lets give the guy back his money for his geocoin as well. Since the geocoin is in "memorium" to the fallin solidier. Let's ban those geocoins. I only say that the CACHE in question is where THAT geocoin started it's life being in caches. Therefore if the geocoin is APPROPRIATE.. then it should be APPROPRIATE to post that note in the ORIGINATING cache of the geocoin in question. I just find it very hypocritcal that we will ALLOW a geocoin with a so called "Agenda" but not allow anyone to post anything in the logs or cache page ABOUT the geocoin itself! Crazy Oh... and what about those who leave their business cards behind in cache's? Or other buisness related junk. Hmmm maybe we should start going around to everyone's cache hides and start elminating anything in it that mentions any form of business. All buisness cards, coupons, even pens & pencils with business related logo's on them. Oh & lets get rid of all the geocoins/travelbugs that have agenda's too. Like all the military geocoins, The jeep geocoins & TB's. Sounds like to me the only "AGENDAS" that are those that Groundspeak.com can make a few bucks off... HEY Groundspeak.COM.... I have an agenda I would like to have you approved... willing to pay a $10,000 fee for my agenda... interested? Hmmmm sounds good to me! Now.. I know what I said all sounds stupid and riduculas. Thats how I feel about this thread. Cache's that are in memorium of someone should be allowed. Thats all the original OP was suggesting. Not that someone be Pro-Military or anything else. Just simple supporting of our troops who lost their lives so we can have the freedom we all so crave to have.. TGC
  8. I don't assume. Because it's obvious! Anyone who supported our Military as well as our FORM of government IS in fact ANTI-American AND ANTI-Military. Being from a military family & haveing several current & retired military personal read the comment left by the reviewer, we were ALL APPALED! AND VERY INSULTED! WE Feel that the REVIEWER is obviously to us ANTI-Military. Sorry but you LOSE that argument. While it may not have anything to do with the cache... IT DOES have something to do with the GEOCOIN that made its DEBUT AT THAT CACHE... The geocoin is in memorium to the fallen HERO. I am sorry but I am sure anyone in the sevice would take offense to your comments as well. TGC
  9. It's no agenda... No different than honoring a park, or honoring being enviromental. EVERY CACHE has SOME sort of Agenda to it. Either honoring a park, a peice of land, or natural monument, being enviromental, or even some form or history, or even some government item. This is no different than that. There are MANY cache/hides started in MEMORIUM for someone who has died. This is deffinately "Family Friendly" I take Major insult on your view of this... and view you as a BIGOT. Get a Life! TGC FREEDOM ISN"T FREE!
  10. The Reviewer isn't just anit-military, he is ANTI AMERICAN and a BIGOT! FREEDOM ISN"T FREE If it was for the DOD (Department of Defense) we wouldn't have GPS in the first place. TGC
  11. One reason I would like to see a new classification for Nano's is that I like looking for Micro's. Film sized cansisters, Pharmacuticals canisters etc... are NOT that hard to find depending on ones hiding spot. They are perfect for some locations that you just can't place a small or regular size cache. While nanon will techically fit into the catagor of Micro... because it says film sized canister or smaller. There are times I would LOVE to know if I am looking for something that is Micro in size, or NANO in size. Not all CO's will TELL you on the cache page. That is why it would be NICE to know if your looking for a micro or if your looking for a Nano. TGC P.S. Large is anything like a 5 gallon bucket or bigger.... So obviously a 40' shipping container would fall into the large catagory. Now if we had 30,000+ cache hides that used 40' shipping containers, then I would say we would need a bigger than Large catagory. So one would know if they are looking for a 5 gallon bucket, or if they are looking for a shipping container that could hold 2,000 5 gallon buckets! However, since there aren't 30,000 or more 40' shipping containers being used for geocaching, haveing a bigger than large catagory is a moot point. There is however I am sure, probably at least 30,000 or more NANO caches! So yes we need a nano catagory so we can know &/or filter out the different caches between NANO & Micro.
  12. I agree sometimes real life gets in the way of fun. But the cache hiders real life shouldn't get in the way our fun, or anyone elses fun. Sometimes looking for a cache and logging a DNF can be fun, but it doesn't get fun after a while. Since the Cache owner hasn't logged on since Nov as the OP suggested. I doubt the CO would even answer his email even if you sent him an email. Since these caches are getting DNF's it is time for them to be archived. If the CO wishes to UN-Archive them when his life has more time for fun. Then he can do that. Personally, coming from a military background. If I knew I was going "TDY" (Tour of Duty) for an extended period of time, I would either find someone to ADOPT my cache hides, or I would ARCHIVE them until I returned. THAT is the RESPONSIBLE thing to do. In addition to that.... My wife has a list of "Important things TO-DO" if something should happen to me and I am in Coma or other incapcitated state in the hospital. ONE of those TO-DO things is to DISABLE my personal cache hides &/or ARCHIVE them depending on my health status. So frankly... I don't care what the CO's problem is about why he hasn't taken care of his cache hides. I am honestly truly sorry if the CO has had any misfortune of any kind in his life. But even if that is so... It's still time to ARCHIVE the cache hides until the CO gets back into the "Game". This may sound cruel and harsh, but so is life. You have to pay your taxes too, Tax man doesn't care what life "issues" you have. You still have to pay the tax man. I do seriously honestly hope the CO hasn't had any horrible life misfortunes... either way.. lets help him out and archive his caches until which time he can return to the game. BTW.... I would NOT have a problem with anyone requesting my cache hides be archived if for some reason they were abandoned for any unreasonable length of time, espeically if they are suspected to have gone MIA. TGC
  13. So you don't do micros at all? I wouldn't always go on a BYOP as an indicator to the size. Some cache hiders don't want to supply the whole world pens/pencils especially when some caches have a problem with them disapearing in the first place!
  14. While I do fully understand ALOT of people are getting BORED of LPC's, I have set a goal for myself. To make an LPC alot more interesting and even more DIFFICULT to find. My goal is to actually find a way to get a Difficulty 5 on a LPC. I have one LPC mult-cache that I beleive is quite different than most other LPC's. I also have 3 more on the way that are NOT going to be your typical LPC either. I am getting ready to publish a difficulty 2 LPC here pretty soon. With a terrain of 2 as well. My current multi-cache LPC is GC1W1GN "Musical Lamposts". See what you think. Some like it anyways. LOL I like some LPC's as they provide a quite entertainment value when I have a few extra minutes to spare. It gives me soemthing to fill up those extra minutes. TGC
  15. +1 I agree it should be added. We need a... Nano, Micro, Small, Regular, & Large TGC
  16. I look for caches anywhere & everywhere I go, that I of course have the time & capability to hunt. Just all depends on the weather, what I am wearing, how much time I have available and of course who I am with. But to put it simply, yes I will look for just about any cache. Even one with lots of DNF's. I find it a big thrill to find a cache that no one else has found in a while & thus has many DNF's. This weekend I am heading out on a 3 day camping trip. I have allready plotted my course and loaded all the geocaches that fall within .5 miles of my designated route. As well as the ones at my location. All in all a total of 126 caches. 2 of them haven't been found in a year. One of them doesn't have any DNF's and the other has about 6 DNF's. I am still going to hunt for them both. Good hunting! TGC
  17. Hmmm I did win a contest in my college physics class once for making a container that would keep an egg from breaking after a 12 story fall. The egg survived, but the container didn't. As far as break-proof. Well I have to go along the lines of NOTHING is break proof. Just like NOTHING is really truly techically water proof. You get enough water pressure and anything will leak water eventually. Even an Ammo can will succomb to my 15lb sledge hammer. TGC
  18. By all means... I wouldn't even begin to recomend placing ANY previous food type container of ANY type in locations that contain the wildlife of Alaska. I have seen what bears can do to cars that people have stored food in. Not a pretty site. To everyone.... All I was trying to do is provide ONE alternative means to recycling a household product. If you don't believe it will work in your area, or in places that you wish to hide a cache, then by all means feel free to find some other container that you will be happy using. My original post was never meant to say that EVERYONE should you use these type of containers, or that these modifications would work in every situation. Nor did I even intend to imply that this method was the GREENEST and MOST enviromental way of reducing ones carbon footprint. Example... Flourescent lights are fantastic, they reduce electrical consumption in most cases (not all) by more than 50%. YET the DRAWBACK to flourescent lighting (at least for use in the home) is that flourescent lighting contains MERCURY & we are NOT recycling flourescent lights made to be used in our homes. Now many business's such as Walmart, Target, Sams, Cosco, & other major corporations ARE recycling flourecents.... but we are still putting more MERCURY into our envirment. So in one way flourescents are helping in another way they are hurting. I am just providing ONE alternative solution for those who wish to use this method. I also include cans that weren't food containers either. Dishwasher "Tabs" come in those cans as well, So do many other NON-food products as well. To those who mentioned the "lid" factor: I agree. Currently I don't have a solution for the lids. I am currently working on a solution for the lids. To that I will say this. What causes ANY plastic lid from ANY container to start cracking is a combination of direct sunlight (UV) as well as daily temperature swings. Some plastic products last longer than others, this has to do with the quality of plastic being used as well as that plastics resistance to UV light as well as temperature swings. I am working on a solution though. I might not find one, then again I might. Even Pelican/Otter boxes will eventually fail in extreme weather or after time. In regards to Ammo cans. I love them. I give the DOD big kudos for doing a very good job recycling these items. Although I have YET to see a MICRO ammo can. Do they even exist? The cardboard cans that can be modified come in ranges that would be considered micro, to as big as some ammo cans. I will close in saying this.... which I have said before. If you don't think this solution will work for you in your part of the world, or in the ways you like to hide caches, then by all means don't. You won't hurt my feelings. If you think it might work for you in your part of the world for a paticular hide your thinking about, then give it a try. I look at it like this. It's like a vehicle. (A container on 4 wheels with a motor). Some of us want hybrids (Cars or SUV's), some of us want gas guzzling hummers, Some of us want sports cars & some of us love our bikes. (human powered, or motorized) TGC
  19. You sure it's the PI giving you the rash on your naked body? LOL TGC
  20. Just wait for the new & improved full & life size human condoms TGC
  21. There is contreversy on this in the AMA medical journal. You are correct in that warm water will open the poor theoretically letting more PI oils into your skin. Yet, it has also been shown that the PI oils become easier to remove in warmer water than in cold. Think of greese. When it's solidified it can be harder to remove then when it's "melted". So the jury is still out on that one. My personal proffesional opinion is still use warm water. I never said anything about speed. But I do think it's obvious from the way I made my suggestions. That speed is very important. The quicker you remove the PI oils the better off you will be. FELS NAPTHA will work. It has also been shown that MOST of the new DISH soaps available now will work very well, because the new dish soaps are now formuated to handle disolving greese & oils very well from cooking. All oils edible and other wise have very similar chemical structures and elements. Thats why they are called oils! I think I said that in not so many words. TGC
  22. Epi is short for Epinephrine. Which is a naturally occuring drug that is used when someone is in severe anaphalaxis (Having a severe allergic reaction). Epi pens are Autoinjectors. but not all autoinjectors are epi pens. Epi pens DO require a medical doctors perscription. The severity of your alergic reactions to PI and the use of an epi pen should be discussed with your doctor. You may or may not need one. I do know people who do. However, Bynadryl is available OTC (Over the counter) at any walmart or target in the pharmacy area. TGC
  23. I can't even remember where I saw it. But one time I saw a waterproof key lock hider. It was meant to hide your keys in it, then submerse it into I guess your "water" feature that you have around your house. It looked like an underwater reptile of some sort. Wish I could find it. I think it would make for a great cache in some areas. It claimed to be completely waterproof. That was about a year or two ago. I have seen good match locks and bad match locks. I think alot is dependant on the o-ring seal to be honest. Painting anything will almost always help prevent UV damage as well as provide some additional water protection. At least from any good quality paint. Most all good quality paint has been enhanced to have some UV protection. At least all of the OUTDOOR paint. Film cans are used alot down here in Texas. They work fine for a while, but the heat &/or UV gets to them eventually and they start getting brittle and cracking. I have tons of them around my home, but won't use any as a GC. Mainly cause they are all in use in my garage holding nuts, bolts, screws etc! lol IMHO though, no container will last forever in our enviroment without some maintnance along the way. Even ammo cans need to be repainted & have their rubber seals replaced sometimes. TGC
  24. Being that in my younger days I was an active paramedic & worked many hours of search & rescue I have this to say about that. These are JUST my EDUCATED & TRAINED PROFFESIONAL opinions. Take it or leave it. 1. The human physiology of getting a rash from PI comes from the "oils" found on the leaves of the plant. When these oils get on your skin, your skin reacts. This is why you get the rash. You body then reacts with histamines. This release of histamines by your body is the actual cause of a persons ALERGIC symptoms. That is why we take ANTI-Histamines to help cure ourselvs of the symptoms of allergies. Of any type. 2. These oils can easily be washed off using a good DISH soap & WARM water. The quicker you wash your skin of these oils, the less likely you are to get a rash from the PI oils. These oils can also be deposited on your clothing, as well as your hands. The reason MOST people don't get a rash from PI on the palms of our hands is because OUR body oils are stronger than the PI's oils. However, the PI's oils are still there and thus when we TOUCH other parts of our body we spread these PI oils to the parts of our body that WILL react. 3. There are MANY hand wipe products out there that work just fine in removing these PI oils from your body once they have gotten on your body. They are a GOOD replacement when your in an area that you CAN'T easily wash yourself with DISH soap and WARM water. When I am out in the woods & return to my car I use hand wipes from LYSOL to clean my hands, arms, and legs (if I am wearing shorts) of any PI oils that I might have gotten on me. There are many other brands that work just fine. What you DO NOT want is ANY handwipe that contains ALOE, or ANY other skin moisturizer in them. As the Aloe & other moistureizers will just spread the PI oils around on your body. They WON'T clean the PI oils OFF your body. If you wanted, & in your case becasue of your severe reactions to PI. I would recomend you carry a box of these with you and clean EXPOSED body parts regularly. 4. There are many products out there that "CLAIM" to be a preventive measure against getting the rash from getting the PI "Oils" on you. Some work, some do not. Each person is different and what works for one does not work for the other. I personally don't have any that I can recomend that will work 100% of the time. 5. I would seriously recomend that if you want to go into areas with PI that you do the following. a. wear long pants & long sleaved shirts b. Clean your hand often with soap and water &/or cleaning wipes. WITHOUT any moistureizers in them. c. Carry an epi pen as well as an anti-histamine, such as benydrl. d. when you get done & home with being out in the woods. Take a shower with soap & water, & immediately have your wife put your clothes into the washer & wash them, as you shouldn't touch them until they are clean again! Good luck, & sure hope you don't give up GC in the woods! TGC
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