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  1. Absolutely... Here in Texas everything is BIG So our micros are probably your Regulars! TGC
  2. Then people will just start listing all their caches as Regular & Large so they won't get filtered, even when they are a small, or a micro, or a nano. But I will agree. I have some some micro's that were listed as small... I have also seen some smalls that were listed as regulars as well. Maybe geocaching.com should re-define the catagories based on the actual volume a container will hold. Example... A 35mm Film canister will hold about 2 oz of water by volume. So a Micro would could say would be any container with a volume of less than 1 cup. (8 fluid oz). A Small would be anything with a volume over 1 cup (8 fl.oz.) and less than 1 gallon. A .30 cal ammo can holds about 1.25 gallons. Regular caches are anything with a volume between 1 gallon & less than 5 gallons. Large is a volume of 5 gallons or more. The reason I make this suggestion... is I have seen some caches with containers that hold 2 cups (8 oz) volume being listed as regular, and the same container listed by others as being small. An exmaple of the 2 cup (8 oz) container is the smaller Ziplock Twist Top food containers. (They work very well as containers depending on the location & how they are hidden.) Do you consider this micro, or small? TGC P.S. What do you do when they are listed as "Other ?" ?
  3. Here is one thing... I can't speak for other states.. but in TEXAS.... If a cache is on a Texas State Park a permit is required. If the CO goes MIA. Then getting the cache to be archived is VERY simple & can be quick. All it takes is issuing an SBA on the cache site informing geocaching.com of that fact, & letting them know that the permit on the cache has expired, OR is even in violation of the Texas State Parks permit. The Texas State Parks permit for geocaching lists the owndes phone number, name & address. So if you make a complaint to the State Park HQ for that particular park. They will contact the CO. If they can't get a hold of the CO in a reasonable length of time. The State Park will remove the cache container. Once the cache container is removed by the Texas State Park in question. Getting it archived is a very simply process. Thus freeing that spot for a NEW cache. When caches are on private property though, Then different rules apply. TGC
  4. Since officially you can't adopt them without owner input. I suggest this: 1. Go find the cache & make sure it's still there. If it isn't make note of that too. 2. Put the cache (Found or not) on your watch list. If not found & you know you put in an honest sincere search for it & therefore think it has gone missing. Then initiate an SBA for the cache. 3. Put the cache on your watchlist. Prepare to take over that cache site/cache container when the cache site gets archived. 4. Once the site has been archived. Submit a new cache for that area, If you found the original container, then use it. No need to throw it away. The BIG drawback I see to doing it this way, is that it generates a whole new Geocache number & has no reference back to the original logs. TGC
  5. I absolutely agree. Multi's & Puzzle caches are done alot less often then traditionals. Thats for sure. I don't do any puzzles as of yet. I have looked at about a dozen or so & none have really interested me much in doing them. I do like puzzles of alot of different types in the real world. Just I haven't seen any related to geocaching YET. Now multi's I love. Depending on the multi of course. I wish more Co's would give more details about their multi's without giving hints. Especially about distance covered. Some multi's (Like a few I have) all the waypoints are within 5 min (or less) walk of each other. On the other hand I have done a few multi's that I ended up driving about 20 miles to complete. Some multi's really act like traditionals are are really easy. I have a few that way. I also have a couple that aren't easy either. As a responsible CO, & since I live within 5 miles of all my current caches. I keep an eye on them with the travel bugs. If a TB has been sitting in one of my caches for what I would consider to long. Then I will go pick it up and move it on it's way. Give it "Parole" However, Not all cache owners do that. That of course leads to a whole new topic of discussion for a later day in a new thread about CO's that don't take an active role in their cache hides. One thing I will say is this. It's much better to be locked in a TB Prison cache... then to be held "Hostage" by a geocacher for an unreasonable length of time. In this case. I would much rather have the geocacher place the TB in a cache that was a multi, puzzle, or 5* that have it sitting on the geocachers kitchen table for 6 months. TGC
  6. You are correct. I have not. I Googled it, in the hopes of seeing one, or maybe even buying one, but the closest I got was a comparison of film strip size, showing various mediums from 8mm to IMAX. No container pictures were included. Got pix? No I don't. I will see what I can do about getting some pics of a few & posting them here. Give me a week to get them. I will post the "Post - Proscessing" cans before I can get the "Pre-Processed" cans. Stay Tuned. TGC
  7. That last sentence you wrote doesn't sound right. I would have never mentioned it if you had not used an insult geared towards intelligence. I would have never mentioned it if you did not use an insult geared towards intelligence. Either one of those would work. Just sayin.......Mr. Pot At least my spelling error is a word, I also should have used a comma between it and if. I wasn't trying to insult somebodies smarts, just if you are going to do it you should be more careful, so to me my errors don't matter. My skills are with numbers. Thats the opposite of the brain than language skills. Can't remember if thats left or right brained. Whichever... I am the one that breezes through math & numbers, not words! Don't know if thats a good thing or bad. Might be good since Lat/Long are numbers. TGC
  8. Obviously you have never seen an IMAX Film can either pre-processed or post-processing. TGC
  9. I reckon THAT depends ON your DEFINITION of DEEP enough. WOULD being AS deep AS physically POSSIBLE count? I seem TO recall A certain VESSEL travelling TO the DEEPEST spot ON the PLANET, and IT didn't LEAK. Maybe IF they HAD brought A shovel THEY could've ESCAVATED down A bit FARTHER till THEY reached YOUR magical LEAK point? Actually if your refering to the deepest part of the ocean which is the "Marianas Trench" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mariana_Trench If you do further research though, you will find that the 3 submersibles that went that deep were only rated to be able to go another 200 meters down before they would have reached what is known as "Crush" depth. So yes, if they brought along a "pointy thing" and dug deeper. They could reach that magical point. The point I was trying to make is that in theory, true waterproofing doesn't exist. As the word would imply that it does. It's water resistance that we are after. But I will give you points for at least being smart enough to know that we have at least on this planet so far, have been succesful in getting to the deepest part of the ocean without imploding. TGC Bad form!You also dropped one r and one s. Im lost what are you refering too? The Trench is known as..."Marianas Trench" &/or/both "Mariana Trench" TGC
  10. You know I have come to the conclusion, that geocaching has different goals for everybody. Some it's litterly just about the numbers. For others it's being taken to a new & interesting spot, or being taken on adventure. Some it's the challenge of finding the cache. So just out of curiosity. What is you enjoy most about geocaching? Is it the thrill of the challenge of finding a cache? Being taken somewhere new that you havent' been before, or have totally forgotten about? I like to be taken to new places that I haven't been before. LPC's can do that as well. Take you to a new mall, new stores or whatever. I also love the challenge, of trying to find the cache. Not much into the needle in a haystack thing. However I don't like caches either that have a big red flashing light and siren attached to them either that say... "HEY STUPID IM OVER HERE!" TGC
  11. It would crack me right up to see someone caching in Armani. I'm not sure why, but it would! Please don't ask my wife for any photos then! LOL I think me & her were probably caught on a security surveilance camera once picking up an LPC cache near the Dallas Music Hall for a symphony we were attending once. She was in her little black cocktail dress, I was in my Armani, & we made the limo driver stop near this lamp post on our way downtown to the symphony. Now I ask... is that caching with style? TGC
  12. I hope you did notice in the logs. That in this parking lot, that isn't very big. One person & his kids, did manage to look at all 13 light posts to finanly find the container. (In the last lamp post) and he claimed that it was his first time he drove 4 miles in a parking lot! TGC
  13. Which is? I did top put a light coating of a non stick oil based on the metal. So if your thinking along the lines of something sticky. It won't adheer (sp?) very well if at all. TGC Non-stick oil doesn't float my boat. I can think of a way to make this cache so alternate retrieval methods wont come bobbing up. So can I... problem with that, is when the area floods (& it does in bad rains) it would come bobbing up anyways. One of the several reasons for the 6' pipe. Never floods more than about 4'-5'. Although 4" pipe, 6' long, figure the volume on that one! TGC
  14. Yeah, but you're from Texas. Everything's bigger in Texas. Heck, the average film can over there could probably hold an ammo can... Just sayin'... Speaking of film canisters. I can't remember what cache it was. But I did see one of the IMAX film canisters being used as a cache. Yes, they are waterproof big time. TGC
  15. That my friend you would have to ask the reviewer. I originally had it as a puzzle cache, but since each 11 of the 13 light posts actually have laminated cards on them stating the lamp post number. They (The reviewer) thought it was best as a multi. Did you catch though... that as a hunter if you find the cache container, you then become the hider and hide it at a new lamp post. (One of the other 10 lamp posts). TGC
  16. If you ever come to Texas you might like this micro... BTW read the logs too. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...da-45124ae94820 TGC
  17. Here ya go... I have purple vinyl tape wrapped around the bottle where the perscription sticker would be. The top has a white silicon/rubber type gasket. TGC
  18. No... because in this case, removing food from someones plate legally can't be served to another person. That would be a violation of law. However, if that person gave the other person a portion of his food, that woudln't be against the law. So because it's against the law to remove the food from the other person and give it to another. I would not demand that from the restaurant or the soup kitchen. However, I would demand that they give me more so that my portion is equivalent to the other person. As far as somewhere else. Sometimes you can't do that. If your the only soup kitchen in town its my free food, or no food at all. My grandfather many many years ago in a land far far away ran a gas station. The only gas station in town. Thats why monopolies are discouraged as well as certain companies that are so large that a monopoly exists by the sure nature of the size of the main business. Thats one of the mean reasons why some people have taken issue with Wally world. (As well as a few others) Speaking of food as well. Beverages do go along with food. When the drinking age was raised to 21 many years ago. Many & most states did NOT grandfather legal consumption of alcohol. One day a 18 year old was legally buying alcohol, the next day he/she couldn't. But your logic, we should have grandfathered those people as well, but again I remind you. Most states did not grandfather the raising of the drinking age. TGC
  19. Oh man I love old peanut plastic jars! I love new ones too! TGC
  20. I can't stand film canisters because everyone of them leaks. I have never come across a true dry log in a film canister. They are horrible for containers in GC'ing. I do however LOVE Micros... Why? Because alot of the time in my life I have about 30 min to an hour to spare while I am waiting on something else. Alot of this time I am in my vehicle sitting in my Armani suit. So I pull up geocaching.com on my netbook & see what PNG & LPC type caches are near me that WON'T mess up my suit & I can find in the time that I have available to me. For this... I love micros and PNG/LPC type caches. Something quick & easy without the worry of messing up my Armani. I also love Micros when I am out in the wilderness of nature, dressed & prepared for some major bushwacking, jungle type excursions. Micros make it a little more challenging to find. Micros allow caches to be hidden in spots that you CAN'T hide an ammo can. Ammo cans make great containers. I have a good dozen or so around my house that I use for various things around my house & when I go camping as well. Alot of them, if not most of them date back to the Korean / Vietnam war error. I even have 3 from the WW2 error that my grandfather brought back with him. For grins those 3 containers are also where I keep the 3 german lugars he brought back with him stored as well. However one of the problems with ammo cans is the limited spots that you can hide such a large beast. Even out in the "Jungles" of our parks or forrests. This is one of the reasons that it also makes it alot tougher (but not impossible) to make an ammo can a higher difficulty. Depending on how you want to rate that based on finding, or retrieving as another thread there is a debate going on if retrieving a cache should be part of the terrain or difficulty. What I will say about containers is that I have come across a quite a few that the CO really didn't choose the appropriate container for the location that he/she wanted to place their cache. A container that is great for one location won't be in another. Enviromental reasons alone can make or break a container. If you place a cache in Death Valley you aren't going to have to worry to much about water or freezing. On the other hand if you place a cache in Seward Alaska, you need to worry about freezing, and water! TGC
  21. I love micro's. With a few exceptions. Micros are alot harder to find. I love the extra challenge. Now I will admit. There are alot of easy micro's especially those that have become LPC's as an example. But then again I like LPC's & similar sometimes. Why? Because alot of the time I have 30 min to kill, maybe an hour, but I am also dressed up in my Armani suit. What I DON'T want to do is go anywhere into the "Jungle" to mess up my appearance. This is where LPC's are nice to waste away a few extra minutes that I have to spare without messing up my Armani! Other times... I am ready to go bushwacking into the jungles of our enviroment to get a cache. In those cases I don't mind getting dirty, I will have taken the time to find those caches & have prepared myself wearing the proper shoes and outfit for such an expidition. There is a place for urban caches as well as those out in the jungle. Not everyone who geocaches wants to go geocaching out in the middle of nowhere all the time. TGC
  22. Since you raise the fact of grandfathering. I don't know your age, so therefore you may or may not remember this. But at one time in our country the legal drinking age in the majority of the states was either 18 or 19. Then the federal government said that any state that didnt' raise their legal drinking age to 21 would stop receiving federal funds for transportation. (Highways, etc...). So all the states raised the drinking age to 21 before the deadline. Some states offered grandfathering. MOST did NOT!. Therefore one day a person was drinking legally, the next day they weren't! So.... You could say those people submitted thier life for drinking & it was legal, then had it taken away because they weren't yet 21. Not everything has to be grandfathered... Even in geocaching. You & a few others have totally missed the point that I was trying to bring light on. The issue that I feel so strongly about, ISN'T the actual NAME of my cache. The issue I have, is with the review process & how the reviewers interpret the "No Commercial Cache" policy. The reviewers are inconsistant with this policy on a whole, as well as I believe that the the direction that the policy has taken is morally wrong and objectionable, on so many levels. Maybe HOW I went about it wasn't the best way possible to bring light on this issue. I was trying to give an example of how this policy & this reviewer had an effect on me with my cache. If my cache had not been denied I would not have known that this was an issue. But frankly if you don't care that their are inconsitancies with reviewers then you know what... neither do I any more. TGC
  23. I have no idea how my same post #143 got posted again to become post #144 as well???? Therefore I edited #144 and erased it & put this comment in....It wouldn't just let me delete. Oh well... TGC
  24. IMHO yes.... Just like in real legal criminal/cival law that is passed by the congress's of our states as well as our federal government. Not all laws allow for grandfathering. Sometimes a law will have grandfathering stipulations. Sometimes it won't & everybody has to change. Like it or not. In regards to nameing caches, instead of grandfathering, they could have been given a time limit to change their name. It's honestly a moot point. My honest opinion I feel there is a issue with the core basis to the system. Obviously others don't feel this way. Obviously I have come to the conclusion I won't be able to change this unless I just buy out Groundspeak.com/geocaching.com from the owners & become sole owner. So be it. Now to my food example. Yes of course I would reduce to portion servings to allow us to feed as many people as possible. When more donations & funds come in so that we can feed more people larger portions again, then of course portion sizes would increase as well. Maybe even allowing 2nd's and thirds again. HOWEVER... That doesn't speak on consistancy. Things change over time. What I would have a problem with, in my soup kitchen & in my restaurant (Before I sold out to retire) is that ALL severs would server EVERYONE the same portion size. Example Becky a server, & Jessica another server would both be required & taught to serve the same portion size to everyone. Becky wouldn't have one portion size & Jessica wouldn't be serving a different portion size. In addition to that... Everyone coming through the line would get the exact same portion size as well. Someone coming through the line wouldn't get a bigger or smaller portion than the next person in line. I believe this is what is happening with the reviewers... Each reviewer is giving a different portion size than other reviwers. The reviewers aren't all on the same page giving everyone the same equal portion. IMHO...THATS THE PROBLEM! But like I said in a previous post. I have washed my hands of this matter. As well as any other "issues" that I may or may not have with geocaching.com/Groundspeak.com & the reviewers. It no longer really matters to me. Like I said in a previous post, I will no longer make any complaints in regards to any policies or guidlines. I will no longer make comments on suggestions for geocaching.com/Groundspeak.com. I will also no longer involve myself with the policies &/or how geocaching.com/Groundspeak.com does their business. Obviously my opinions on these matters aren't something that anyone (But a few) agree with. I will just wait for government regulation to step in where & when needed & thats where my efforts will have the greatest impact. (Or at least has in the past). What I have found interesting in reading all the posts in this thread is the following: A few wondered why such a fuss was being made over something so "little". To that I say. Whats little to you, is big to others. Thats the life with issues. Most issues have people who could care less about them, where as others consider that issue something major. Again whats small to you is big to others and vice versa. Others cited basic policy, rules, guidlines that are in place with geocaching.com. They never said if they agreed with, or disagreed with those policies, rules, guidlines. Not one to assume, but from my POV it appeared to me as though they were sheep. (People who don't question the law but just follow it blindly just because) The only reason I responded to your post, is it appeared that it required an reply.
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