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  1. check to see if you've misinterpreted an 8 for a B, or a O for a 0, 1 for an I...I think we've all done that! I've double checked backwards, forwards, upside down, sideways haha...NOTHING! I still haven't heard anything back from them either. I'm very discouraged.
  2. I purchased a geocoin from USAgeocoins.com and when I went to the website they provided to activate it...it says my tracking number couldn't be found? I've emailed them several times and haven't gotten a reply back. Has anyone had this issue?
  3. Thank you all so much! I'm starting to kinda get the hang of it. But I think I'm going to do a couple solo in the next week because my boyfriend and my friend keep stealing my caches. I find the coords and put us right at it and then before I can actually look they jet past me! Not too fair! Hope to meet other cachers soon!
  4. Hello...My name is Racheal. I'm brand new to Caching as you probably already know. And I've noticed today that I've managed to possibly pass by 2 other Cachers this morning on my adventures. But the reason I'm posting this is I don't know anyone who caches. And I was wondering if I could find someone who can teach me so that maybe one day I can cache on my own. Kinda like a mentor as you would say. Is there anyone interested?
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