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  1. Very sorry to hear of his passing. I noticed his last caches all had death in the name and were in Cemeteries. Im a lil superstitious but does anyone else think its a little creepy? Again I offer my condolences to his friends and family
  2. DUH figured it out Quick question maybe someone can point me in the right direction. Im a premium member I set it up so I get emails of new cache listings i moved last year updated my profile page with my new address and cords but for some reason they are still basing the search off of my old address and cords. So im getting alerts for caches that arent close at all. Why and who do i see about this? Thanks
  3. Just a curiosity question do you know what the difference between the vista and legend are? they look to almost twins but have a big price difference
  4. Now sure where to put this but.. When i get an email of a newly published cache once I click on the link I get the option to choose how Id like to see it either geocaching.com or the app. It has worked great the past few months I never chose one as a default as i sometimes like viewing it on both. But the last few days when i get that pop up asking me to choose neither one seems to be clickable. I have shut off the phone and closed all apps and the browser to see if maybe that was it but nothing. Any other suggestions. PS its an Iphone 4
  5. I have had the same old neon blue Legend since 2004 I love this thing but maybe its time to retire her. So whats everyones thoughts on a new unit. I don't need something to plug into the computer i dont need any fancy geocaching tools etc. i use my iphone as of now to get my info then would either use the app or plug the cords in on my legend. What i want is better reception! So who has a no frills unit out there that is better then my etrex?
  6. This may sound strange or sick neither of which I am. But today while caching I had a strange thought. Many times while caching I have put myself in some sticky situations. I was talking with a friend any we wondered if there has been any deaths while geocaching. Im sorry if there has and hope no one ever does but has anyone heard of such a thing happening. I sorry if this offends anyone
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